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Why You Must Use Panty Liners ft. Everteen Daily Panty Liners

You require two intimate hygiene products daily when you are not on your periods, a pH balancing intimate wash and panty liners. Panty liners are not considered a must have for daily hygiene, but you might be really missing on some vital information about panty liners. After reading this article, you will be more inclined towards using one daily.

What is a Panty Liner?

A panty liner is a thin absorbent piece of material used to maintain feminine hygiene. These thin pads are able to soak vaginal discharge, mild menstrual flow, and even can be used to back up menstrual cup or tampon during periods. The panty liner is worn in the gusset of woman’s panty just like a sanitary pad.  Do not confuse them with sanitary pads. Panty liner is thinner than a sanitary pad and can be worn on a daily basis with no loss of comfort.

Why you should use a Panty Liner daily?

Why Panty Liners Are Important For Feminine Intimate Hygiene

A panty liner might be overlooked as an extra step towards feminine hygiene, but they offer great advantage if you look closely.

Protection Against Vaginal Discharge

We all face it and feel it. It could happen at any point of time. We can’t control it. Some face it constantly multiple times during day and night. This discharge could be normal and abnormal. You might be suffering from UTI or you might be ovulating. That wet feeling is not very pleasant. Panty liner is what you need to absorb the discharge as soon as it appears.

Even mild flow of menstrual blood could be absorbed by a panty liner. Like on the 4-5 or 6th day of your periods you can ditch a sanitary pad for a panty liner. It works for me.

Protection Against unpleasant smell

The vaginal white discharge or menstrual blood drops also bring unwanted smell. Even sweat drops around your vagina may give out that unpleasant smell. A panty liner absorbs all these discharges, along with the smell. So you can move around with confidence.

Beautify Your Crotch Area

That camel toe is something, you always wish to avoid while wearing tight pants or leggings. It’s very embarrassing to fall a victim to camel toe. A panty liner is your hope to avoid such embarrassing situation.

Make Your Panty Last Longer

When your panty is protected against menstrual blood, vaginal discharges and fluids, it definitely lasts longer.

Everteen Daily Panty Liner

everteen Daily Panty Liners

Feel fresh and clean all day long with everteen feminine hygiene products. Everteen daily panty liners, are very effective and safe way to be used everyday. The panty liners from everteen are thin yet super absorbent to give you a dry feeling every minute for all day long. These panty liners has a cotton surface to give you a comfortable feeling and a gel base to absorb the fluids.

USP of Everteen Daily Panty Liners

  • 100% cotton top sheet
  • Antibacterial anion strip.
  • ultra thin, extra absorbent material
  • Protection against vaginal discharge & mild menstrual blood
  • Backup for tampons and menstrual cups
  • Keeps you smelling fresh
  • Breathable and skin friendly material
  • Individually wrapped
  • Unscented


Everteen Daily Panty Liner – Ultra Thin Super Absorbent

The panty liners from everteen are individually packed so that you can carry one on your handbag for emergencies. One panty liner is 180 mm long which means it covers the crotch area efficiently without any leakage. The panty liners are made of ultra thin but quick and super absorbent material.

Price one box of 30 liners is priced at 166 available at everteen.

How to use Everteen Daily Panty Liners?

Panty liners are really easy to use if you have already used sanitary napkins. Everteen panty liner comes with a stick on side, that should be supposed to go on your panty’s gusset  where you are likely to receive vaginal discharge. Once pasted, it will not move around even though you will be using the washroom several times a day. At the end of the day, you can take it off and dispose it in a dustbin.


Why I recommend Everteen Daily Panty Liner?

When to use everteen daily panty liner

I use everteen panty liners during summer when I sweat like crazy. It never feels good to feel sweat down there. These panty liners are great in absorbing the sweat as well as vaginal discharge. I do not face any heavy white discharge but while I am ovulating, I feel sudden rush of white discharge and that is handled well by these panty liners.

The panty liners are lined with anion strip which is a strip of negatively charged ions to keep bacteria count down. It protects me from UTI’s and other bacterial infections while I am using public wash rooms.

The lightweight material with cotton top sheet, is another plus point for me. My skin is highly sensitive, and harsh material gives me rashes. But I have never received any rashes since I started using these panty liners. They are so lightweight, you will forget you are even wearing any.

The panty liners are affordable. One month supply costs you 166 bucks, which is quite affordable, but quality is not compensated.

Panty Liners could be a bliss for a woman who constantly suffer from abnormal and constant vaginal discharge, a woman who is conscious how she smells, a woman who needs to feel dry down there, a woman who does not like to use a sanitary pad during the last days of her periods or a woman who loves wearing tights but hates camel toe. Everteen daily panty liners are a great choice for such women. They are efficient, lightweight, antibacterial and affordable.

Hope I was able to clear your mind and now you can opt for panty liners with an open mind. They are actually a necessity rather than a splurge. Do think about it.

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