Why I am In Love With Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask ?

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Hola Girls,

Do you remember few days back I talked about my first meeting with Botanic Love? What’s so interesting about the brand? Well, for the starters, it’s cruelty free , parabene free, chemical free & sulphate free brand, good enough for you? Cool. Before I tell you about the product- Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask, let me take you few days back when my skin was in very bad phase due to viral fever & it’s medication. It was breaking out like hell. If you remember I was not even posting any selfies over my Instagram account. My skin was really stressed out. All the good bacteria was dead because of the antibiotics I took. And it took a toll on my skin. Meanwhile, I got an invite to visit Botanic Love. So I was all clad in L’Oreal Infallible Foundation, which was not behaving well that day. I was looking really orange-ish, maybe, the foundation oxidized which it was not supposed to.

Tina, the brand owner, listened to me carefully and removed the heavy layer of foundation I was having over my skin. I was kind of uneasy, but I caved in. She wanted to do her bit to relive my skin. She used galvanic machine to penetrate Botanic Love Rosemary Facial Gel into my skin, and later she applied a thin layer of Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask. The result was instant when she removed the mask after 10 minutes. My skin was calm, cool and settled in. The redness was gone. So while leaving the store, I did not forget to pick up the duo. I really thank my self for that decision.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

  • Unclogs pores & releases oil & dirt from pores.
  • Skin soothing clay based.
  • Heals blemishes, keeps skin matte and prevents breakouts.
  • Non drying formula.
  • Contains anti-oxidants such as Green Tea & Willow Bark
  • Fuss Free application & rinse


Rs. 572 for 200 gm. You can buy it from Ihaat.in or via the brand’s Facebook page.


Willow Bark, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Kaolin Clay, Symplocos, Racemosa, Acorus Calamus.

If you are wondering what are the last 3 ingredients, these are scientific names for the plants & herbs that are used in Indian Auyrveda. You can Google the names and find out more about them.


The mask comes in a glass jar with an aluminum lid over it. Botanic Love, mostly packages, it’s products in glass jar so that the products stays fresh and efficient for long time, since glass does not interfere with the product composition. I really appreciate her concern to maintain the efficacy of the product even after it has been sold.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask (3)

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Though It is not that convenient to carry a mask packed in 200gm glass packaging while travelling, but I think I can ignore that fact for the results the mask has been giving me. The packaging is otherwise leak proof.

Fragrance & Texture

It has quite a fresh & cooling herbal smell since it contains essential oils such as Teatree oil & Peppermint oil. You can also smell clay since it’s an off white clay based mask. I really like the cooling smell it has. The essential oils has a calming effect on my senses.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask (4)

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask – Texture & Consistency

Even though it is a clay based mask, it is easy to spread. I sometimes feel bit of granuals in the texture, but they do not irritate the skin. I apply some generous amount of the mask over my face  covering the acne prone areas effectively.

My Experience

When I was leaving the store, Tina advised me to use the mask every day at night before going to sleep until my skin clears up. She also advised to stop using AHAGlow S. I was actually using AHAGlow S at least once a day, till the day I met Tina. She told me, my skin was not able to regenerate and it was a lot of exfoliation happening resulting into large/open pores. She was so right. My facial skin really wanted something mild and soothing rather than a strong chemical agent like salicylic acid every single day in the name of regular exfoliation.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask - Facts

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask – Facts

I have stopped using AHAGlow S on regular basis. Maybe, I shall use it once/twice a week since I have an unused bottle lying in my bathroom. I have been using the Rosemary Gel & Acne Mask from Botanic Love every day. The mask dries up within 10-15 minutes of application. Tina advised to take off the mask while it’s still damp. Hence I take off the mask after 10 minutes. Rinsing off the mask is as fuss free as applying it. It washes away quickly in few splashes of water with a little of massaging.

This clay mask does not leave my skin dry afterward. I don’t know what ingredient does this hydration, but there is not even a bit of stretchy feeling after using this mask, given that I have been using it once a day.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask (2)

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

The effect? Within a week, it changed my skin a lot. It really calmed down the angry acne & blemishes I was having on my skin. I still have few zits left but they are not that red or irritated one. I hope it will take away the scars too. My pore size also look minimized. Hence my skin texture is refined. Makeup goes well over it and there are very less number of blocked pores. Skin stays matte & calm. No irritation , redness or allergy noted given that it contains a lot of natural ingredients.

Even my sister used this mask along with me. She too liked the way her skin reacted to the mask. It brightened her skin tone & refined her skin texture.

Initially the product looked costly to me, I was bit hesitant. But after Tina gave me a session with the products, I thought, let’s give them a shot. I would say, the mask is economical in long term, since a bit of the formula is required for each application.

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask

Summary : ❤❤❤❤❤

Botanic Love Anti Acne & Blemish Mask is a total game changer for me. I wish I had found it earlier. It works on existing acne, plus fight the occurrence too. It refines skin textures. Keeps skin fresh & matte. The mask acts gently on skin without leaving it dry or irritated. For some people the price may look bit high, but,  trust me it is worth the results. Above all the brand is ecofriendly & vegan and it’s products are chemical free, parabene free, sulphates free, synthetic dye free.

I just wish the brand is more widely available. Good things should be available to all the needy souls around.

Thanks Botanic Love for bringing out such a wonderful product. I hope to try out more from you.

So girls, have you used any product form the brand – Botanic Love? Isn’t the brand name really lovely? Leave your comments below.

Much Love.

Disclaimer: Even though the brand invited me over to have a look and feel of the products, I bought the Acne Mask & Rosemary Gel for myself to try it out. The review posted above it 100% honest.

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