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TAF - Reverse Your fat

About two weeks back, I got a chance to visit a wellness center, TAF – Reverse Your Fat M.B. Road, New Delhi, founded & directed by Manisha Arora. The place is very close to Saket Metro Station. I was greeted by the cheerful staff along with faint lemongrass scent that was floating in the air. Then Manisha, along with Tina & Swati , #BotanicLove fame, came to greet me. The trio were looking very charming & welcoming in their beautiful attires. The ambiance was very peaceful and welcoming.

I was mesmerized  by the reception area of TAF. The tasteful decoration really needs a mention here. I was also quite intrigued by the brand name that Manisha had chosen for her center. She explained, “TAF is reverse of FAT. We, here, aim to reverse your FAT, hence the name.” Wow, Manisha had been quite innovative about her brand name, how much innovation has she brought up in her center? I mean, there are numerous health & wellness centers? What is so unique about TAF? I was taking it as any other wellness center.

TAF - Reception Area

TAF – Reception Area

TAF ft. Botanic Love

TAF ft. Botanic Love – From Left to Right – Tina, Swati & Manisha

After exchanging pleasantries, she took me for a round of the center. She wanted me to visit each area of the center. She talked about the fat burning machines that are one of their kind present in India. No other center in India has got them yet. These machines, one of them, I remember was named as “Cool Sculpt” was to sculpt your body in a way, you want it to be. For example, you might not be fat but you might have love handles or arm bulges that you want to get rid of, these machines can really do some on-target sculpting.

TAF - Cool Sculpt MAchine

TAF – Cool Sculpt Machine

TAF - Get Fit By Improving Your Blood Circulation

TAF – Get Fit By Improving Your Blood Circulation

What I liked the most, was a bed type machine which improves blood circulation in body. You just have to lie on the bed and drift off to sleep or just feel the magic happening. When your body receives a good blood circulation, Oxygen & other nutrients are transported to every organ of your body, which means a healthier you. Your body is rejuvenated & relaxed. You are relived of most of the aches and toxins are expled out of your body effectively. Most of the minor health problems can be gotten rid away by stimulating blood circulation.

A wellness Center is not complete until it has a nice workout place. TAF has in-house gym & required equipment. The place really attracted me with it’s floor length mirrors, screaming that I needed a workout right away.

Manisha, looks after the main program of the center’s clients by herself. She prepares a perfect regimen to suit her client’s needs. She knows what is required to give you the perfect shape & body. She takes holistic approach to get you fitter.

TAF Chef

TAF Chef – Fresh & Organic Meal Options

TAF also has an in house kitchen & chef, known as TAF Chef, catchy no? The chef prepares and serves freshly cooked meals on demand. You must have healthy & fat free meals along with exercise & other fat burning regimen. TAF has taken care of the diet aspect too. The food is fresh, organic & natural. So your body receives just the perfect amount of nutrition form the food. The natural herbs used in preparing the meals, helps your body shed those extra kilos from your desired part.

I also got to taste their cookies, cake & cinnamon-green tea. Oh my… I still have that taste in my mind. Every thing was ultra delicious. I loved the freshness & flavor of the snacks as well as the green tea. It was heavenly.

Later I went to have a facial session with Botanic Love. I was attended by Deepika their who herself was a beauty & makeup enthusiast. She pampered me with Botanic Love products such as Rose facial cream, Tea Tree & Berry scrub, & at last Acne Mask.

I liked to listen to Manisha, her vision, her experience & her practical approach to help people gain the lost confidence about their body. Who does not want that? But lack of guidance, equipment & healthy diet can really do some bad instead of good to your health. If you feel, you are not as fit as you would rather be, you should try out TAF. I am sure you would love to have her guidance on loosing weight the right way, the holistic way.

Ultra Delicious Cinnamon Green Tea At TAF

Ultra Delicious Cinnamon Green Tea At TAF

TAF- Massage Rooms With See Through Roofs

TAF- Massage Rooms With See Through Roofs

TAF - Massage Rooms

TAF – Pleasant Massage Rooms

TAF - Get Groomed

TAF – The Grooming Area

TAF - Shower Room

TAF – Shower Room

Disclaimer: I was invited by TAF & Botanic Love to visit TAF located at Sheesham Courtyard, 28 Saidulajab, M.B. Road, New Delhi. I spent few hours there to understand the vision behind the center. Above are my honest views about the wellness center. This article is for informational purpose only.

Thanks for your time.

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