5 Fashion & Makeup Trends That I Don’t UnderStand

trends hard to digest

Not every makeup or fashion trend is for every body. We should adapt only those trends which suit our body type, face shape & complexion. Otherwise things can go wrong. There are some trends, be it makeup or fashion, that I could never digest no matter how popular they are among other beauty bloggers or fashionistas. So let me take you on a walk through those trends.

Graphic EyeLiners

graphic eyeliner

On models, they look really cool, they are just so techie & sophisticated. But can we really pull off a graphic eyeliner in real life? I don’t think so. You are most probably to attract few giggles at the bus stop while waiting for your bus to arrive or while caught off guard on a shopping spree. It requires a lot of practice too, to master the perfect lines. You also just can’t go with any graphic design, you must try to figure out the best design for your type of eyes, face type and complexion.



I know sometimes, makeup brushes are not enough to get a flawless coverage. Makeup sponges & beauty blenders goes an extra mile to deliver air brushed finish. But what is the deal with the new tool in town, a SiliSponge. It’s basically a piece of silicon that acts as a sponge, an applicator. I believe things are getting really weird now. I saw a video where a renowned makeup artist used a Silisponge to test it out, but he was not amazed with the results, neither was I. I have not personally used a silisponge yet, I do not even plan to purchase any in near future, since it did not raise my heart beat.

Crocs With Everything?

sneakers with dress

Let me admit here, I might be the last one to buy them. I just never really like wearing closed shoes after all. They make my feet very sweaty. I like to wear girlish footwear, even beneath a denim bottom. I don’t think it calls for a fashion police.

But wearing your favorite sneakers on an eventful night, does call for fashion police. Crocs can go well with a skater dress on a casual day out, but going for a night out definitely calls for something more elegant footwear, like pumps.

Shoulder Pads

shoulder pads

I understand rugby players in a playground needs them. But why does a girl need them? I think, a woman’s shoulders, are beautiful, the way they are. I just don’t understand the aim of shoulder pads for a girl. Can anyone please explain it to me?

Bushy Eyebrows

bushy eyebrows

I have thin & light eyebrows. I like to use eyebrow pencils. But definitely not up for bushy eye brows. The look is just not natural. Not an every day look. Perfectly groomed eye brows enhances your beauty & I can’t stress enough to have say no to bushy eyebrows.

Do you too feel something against these trends. The trends that are already popular but you just can’t relate to them.

Let me know. Voice your opinion.


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