Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub : Review

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub (3)

A facial scrub is something that is an essential part of weekly skin care rituals. An effective facial scrub makes sure that skin is well cleared off dirt, oil & dead skin cells without feeling harsh or drying out the skin. Products penetrate easily if your skin is clear off dead skin cells.  A scrub made of natural ingredients such as oats, sugar, gram flour etc becomes more tempting. It should not leave skin oily or stretchy. I kind of don’t feel clean without using a scrub. It is always a nice approach if you use a gentle scrub such as Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub which is new addition to my vanity. It is free of parabenes, chemical , artificial colors & fragrance. Read more to know more.

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

It is a herbal & all natural facial scrub containing Oats, Tulsi, Manjhishtha, Liquorice, Bitter Orange and many more exotic ingredients. This daily scrub nourishes, soothes & softens while exfoliating dead cells & pollutants and leaving skin radiant.

♥No Parabenes ♥No Silicons ♥No Artificial Aroma ♥No Artificial Colors ♥No Chemicals ♥100% Natural


Oscimum Sanctum 2 % (Tulsi), Rubia Cardifolia 2% (Manjishtha) , Glycyrrhizaglabra 4 % (Liquorice), Citrus Aurantium 10% (Bitter Orange), Sesamum Indicum 5% (Sesame), Cinnemomum Camphora 1% (Camphor), Avena Sativa (Oats) Q.S.

Price & Availability

One sachet of this scrub comes at Rs. 40 for 5g, which gives at least 2 uses. The scrub is available at Vedantika’s website.


Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub - ingredients

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

The sachet facial scrub comes in a light brown colored sachet which is to be cut at the top to take out the product. The sachet has labels describing the product, ingredients and usage directions. The sachet is not reusable hence the product must be transferred to an air tight container to avoid any moisture.

How To Use?

Cut the sachet from the top, take out some powder in a clean glass bowl. Add milk, curd, rose water or water to make a spreadable paste. Apply a thin layer over your face and neck. Rub gently over skin. Rinse with water. In case you have dry skin add few drops of honey.

Fragrance & Texture

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub - Texture

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub – Texture

It has quite herbal smell and mostly smell of grains & pulses. I can’t exactly put my finger on the specific ingredients though. It is a fine powder, so I was bit skeptic if it would be able to give a scrubbing effect. I leave it on my face for 2-3 minutes and start scrubbing gently. That way it works as a regular scrub.

My Experience

As I mentioned above, it is very fine powder, not much grainy as you would rather want a scrub to be. The reason behind this fact is that this scrub from Vedantika is a daily scrub and hence gives mild exfoliation. You can actually use it as a cleanser cum exfoliater.

I mix it with rose water or water since I have oily skin. And then apply it in a light layer over my face and neck. I let it stay for about a minute or two so that I can get some nice scrubbing effect form this daily scrub. It does not feel harsh, drying or uneven while rubbing the still moist paste. It actually feels like a homemade ubtan.

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub (4)

Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub

Post rinse, my face is all smooth & soft. No dry flakes or dead skin cells to be noticed. Also it does not dry out skin.

I like there is not even a single chemical used in the scrub. It’s totally natural & safe for every skin type. But make sure to patch test before using any organic or natural product, since natural ingredients can too sometime create trouble for sensitive skin.

Do I Recommend Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub?

Yes, I do. This is an all natural facial scrub which is also mild yet effective for daily use. Even though I do not use it daily since I am on medication right now, I used it last week twice before Karwa Chauth. It definitely helped giving a naturally soft & supple skin. Skin did not feel stretchy or dry afterwords.


Vedantika Herbals Natural Spa Facial Scrub, contains all natural ingredients while being affordable. It works for every skin type and does not irritate sensitive or acne prone skin because it is gentle enough.  It gives a feeling of homemade ubtan. Above all it is free of parabenes, chemicals, silicons, artificial fragrance or color. All these things make it quite an exotic scrub. I hope the brand comes up with the bottled version of the same.

Have you used this scrub? How many times in a week do you use a scrub? Do you like to use cleanser cum scrub? Leave your comments below.

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