VAMI Leggings & Blouse : Review

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review

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Leggings are today’s woman’s necessity, if you ask me. Leggings have been around for about a decade now & they have become indispensable. They have become our daily comfort wear. We see so many lifestyle brands coming with quality product and with a shade card so that we do not have to worry about getting a perfect match to our kurti or tunic. It’s time that brands take it to the another level of comfort & functionality. Oh wait, actually, VAMI has got that aspect covered.

About 2 weeks back, I attended a blogger’s meet at Delhi held by VAMI – a lifestyle brand by Bonjour Group. I also receievd some goodies from the brand – three leggings in different colors & styles and a blouse. I have been wearing them all since so that  I could write my experience here.

VAMI – Leggings & Blouse

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review

VAMI is a lifestyle brand started in 2012, by Bonjour Group, which is again the first Indian multinational socks around. Vami deals in a wide range of churidar, ankle length leggings, capri and blouses. Vami has 15 exclusive brand outlets plus the entire product line is -also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

VAMI Leggings Shade

VAMI Leggings Shade

Price Slabs

Churidar – Rs. 379, Ankle Length 0 Rs. 349, Capri – Rs. 329.

Blouse  (Sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL) – Introductory Price – Rs. 199 (Super wow deal).

You can buy all of them  on Amazon.

My Experience

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review (3)

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review

I received one churidar in black (it has a lot of churis I tell you…), one ankle length in red (my favorite style these days) and one capri in blue(will cover up only your knees). The blouse (received in white) is made of the same fabric as of the leggings which ensures free movement of hands too.

I am very impressed by the quality of the product. If you are not already aware then let me walk you through the reason behind the superb quality of the product. VAMI has collaborated with Lycra to come up with a product which is comfortable as cotton could be,  stretchable to give you free movement & easy on pocket too.

VAMI Leggings - Churidar , Ankle Length

VAMI Leggings – Churidar , Ankle Length

The basic factor that drew me towards the leggings & the blouse was the fabric itself. It is not thick as LUX leggings and does not go transparent with usual stretches & pulls as the cheap leggings go. The fabric is breathable & soft, because it is cotton after all, there are no nylons or polysters used which can feel bit harsh on skin.

Have you experience a thread pull with your leggings? I think we all have. The reason is very simple, the legging may have stretchable fabric but the thread used in the stitching process, is non stretchable hence it breaks easily upon pull. VAMI has addressed this problem too. They have used a polyster feeling in the thread which makes the thread stretchable too. How cool is that? Now you can do Yoga in your leggings without fearing about thread pull. I have been going on my morning walks & doing stretching exercises wearing the black churidar & the red ankle length alternatively. They are as good as new.

If you have read this post about VAMI, you must be already aware that the brand has introduced 3 styles of leggings in 100 shades & blouses in 5 sizes and 30 shades. I think getting a perfect match is not a tension any more.

Regarding the fitting of the leggings, The ankle length & the capri are perfect fit, but I found the churidar a bit (just little bit) loose at the hips, nothing like extra baggy, just that it does not hug me tight, hope you know what I meant. I just like my leggings to be that way.

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review - VAMI Blouse Stretch Test

VAMI Leggings & Blouse Review – VAMI Blouse Stretch Test

The best thing about VAMI blouse is the fact that it is readymade. Just put it on while on move. I have worn the blouse once & it fitted well too since it is stretchable. Though the blouse may seem simple but I think it’s easy to style a blouse in different ways. I have been planning to do a video on how to style a VAMI blouse? How to pair it up with different attires? Stay tuned.

I also got a discount coupon from VAMI that is redeemable at any Bonjour Group. I am planning to get few more ankle lengths for me to pair up few kurtis & tunics.

Hope you get an idea of the brand and the quality of the product that it offers. Try these pieces some time soon. You won’t be disappointed.

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