Top 10 Things To Bring Fun Home This Children’s Day : #ChildrensDay

Happy Children's Day

Children’s Day… A day dedicated to celebrate pure innocence, selfless acts & unconditional love.

Children are the purest souls on earth. Their eyes reflect their emotions and their smiles are like blessings showering on human kind. As parents, we make sure to get healthy food, nice clothes and good education. We take care of them the best way possible. In this cycle of life we generally forget they are children. And this one day at least we should let them be that

Why should Children’s day be celebrated only at schools? We too should celebrate this day at home. We should put some efforts to make them feel special. Even though they are easy to please but if we do something extra, they would surely love it. After all, we make sure to do every thing under the sun to make them happy.

Here are top 10 ways you can bring fun home this children’s day:

Art & Craft

Fun With Colors

Fun With Colors

Kids love art & craft, specially when you are involved in such projects. You can undertake a painting project or create castles out of card box boxes. Best thing about kids is that they enjoy things even if it is of little interest. They give 100% to every thing. Your involvement matters to them.

Paint Ball – The Home Version

One of the most loved game by kids. Even we enjoy it to the core. This children’s day get ready to bring home some real fun with colors.

What you will need?

  • Sponges cut in beautiful shapes
  • Food color/ organic colors in red, green, yellow ( as many as you want)
  • Old (preferably white or light colored) clothes.
  • Water.

Get Started: Mix the colors in separate buckets/pans. Decide the consistency of the solution by your choice. Drop the sponges into the water. Throw on some old clothes. Divide the members into teams and divide the water buckets accordingly. And start throwing the color soaked sponges on the rival team members. Run, hide & attack. Can you sense how much fun it is going to be when children & adults get involved in this color game.

Chef Of The Day

Some kids really love to mock mommy while she is making food, like my son does. Let’s play a pretend game. Settle down at a nice sofa, and ask your kid to pretend your chef. Order your favorite food and your kid will will happily (pretend to) make it and serve it to you. Get amazed how seriously your kid make your food. You might even ask him to  narrate the ingredients & the process while preparing the food.

Activity Boxes

Kids Activity Box

Kids Activity Box

Market is full of activity boxes for kids. Some activity boxes really call parents to participate with their kids. If you feel lazy setting up the activities, make use of these activity sets. The activity boxes are curated based on age groups & interests. It is easy to find one & get the fun flow in.

Fashion Parade

Your princess, your queen of our house, loves dressing up in her mommy’s stylish dresses. She loves mum’s high heels. This day, let her create her own looks with your stuff, like clothes, accessories & makeup. Let her raid into your closet and decide what clothes she wants to put on. Let her accessorize. You might wonder on how beautiful new looks she creates with her sense of style. Plus all the giggles & smiles will be priceless.

Beauty Queen

Mommy-Daughter Love Makeup

Mommy-Daughter Love Makeup

Children not only love to dress up themselves but also like to make mommy feel special. Like my son does. He would love to comb my hair and put a lipstick on my lips (of course in zigzag order) . If you apple pie too likes to do it, let him/her do it. Place all your makeup & accessories in front of him and ask him to get you hair fixed and makeup done for the day. Such moments are priceless. You would notice superb enthusiasm , concentration & happiness on his face. It’s a blessing to have your kids so close.

Car Wash

Car Wash For Toys

Car Wash For Toys

You son loves cars? He would also love a car wash then. Get a pan filled with water. Pour in some bubble solution or soapy solution to the water. Also fetch a small sponge from your kitchen and  you can open a car wash for play. You kid would love to clean all his cars and other toys for that matter. You can also do this in a bath tub.

Sand Box

Kids love to play in sand. This children’s day, give them pleasure to play in sand. You can do this outdoor, if you don’t want the home to get messy. Get as much sand as you can. Now make sand castles, write letters or just lay on it. Get the kid that stays inside you.

Camping At Home

Camping At Home

Camping At Home

It’s one of the favorite activity of kids. They love camping. Even if you do not have camping stuff, use bed sheets and torch lights to create nice night scene and camping experience.

Pool Time

Water sports can be played at home too. You can use your pool or even a bath tub for that matter. Splashing water on each other is simple but great fun. Do you agree?

On a closing note, I would say let them have some chocolate. Children love chocolates. This one day let’s not be that strict & disciplined parents. Let’s be kids again.

Cadbury - Happy Children's Day

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What are your plans to celebrate Children’s Day this year? Leave your comments below 🙂

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  1. Such lovely ideas to celebrate children’s day. Very well written.

  2. Wow, I really likedt he paint ball idea. I am really going to try it. It’s so easy to follow. 🙂

  3. Lovely post and such great ideas to celebrate children’s day… Thanx doll

  4. Wow! Simply loved so so many ideas like car wash , make up , house camping. Love the creativity you bought to the post and thanks for the suggestions.

  5. Like your unique lideas for celebrating children’s day. My daughter love to do make up and she used my make up products sometimes too. So i like your idea of fashion parade. Will plan accordingly. Thanks for sharing these wonferful ideas.

  6. My kids really love to paint and do art than to play outside. It makes them to develop their creativity and to enhance their skill development.

  7. Such wonderful ideas to celebrate a perfect children’s day. I loved the makeup idea of making the child decorate the mum. My daughter will go crazy the day I let her do this.

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