Tip Tip Barsa Pani… : #OOTD

On A Rainy Day 2

What is your favorite time pass on a rainy day? I like to read a romantic fiction while sipping on my tea and munching few crackers. Tip Tip Barsa Pani… I was humming throughout the day. Delhi-NCR is not receiving much of rain even during this monsoon season but from last 2-3 days, there are frequent evening showers treating our body and soul. So the weather is really pleasant and inspires to stay joyful.Β So yesterday, I pushed myself, dressed up a bit, and posed.

On A Rainy Day

Please ignore my side bulges since mom is pampering me a lot!!!

On A Rainy Day

Thanks to my lovely sister for lending me this beautiful, lightweight & monsoon themed sareeΒ πŸ’

On A Rainy Day

My hair are not in place since I was totally soaked in to rain 2 hours before the pictures!!! BTW, the rain water tasted so sweet..!!!

 On A Rainy Day

Really feel like dancing..!!!

Saree love is eternal. I am sure everyone of you must love wearing one. Do you think, wearing saree too demands a perfect body?

Waiting for your comments..!!!


Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


  1. Oh my my. You look more than a Diva- my Desi Girl. Love the saari, love the ear piece and off course love the way you pose.and the color combination of that Saari is killer.

  2. You looking so gorgeous and sexy! 😍 I am in love with this look

  3. You look so good in saree. To wear saree is an art and you know it so well. Well curious to know who clicked those snaps…..

  4. This is such a happy post! Great going.. Rains are to be enjoyed for sure πŸ™‚
    Sarees are actually the only garment which compliment all women, irrespective of the bulges, weight and even shape! It is an art to drape it well, but if you can carry it off, it is one elegant attire!

  5. Nice pics Nisha. You look gorgeous in saree. Saree’s are the only garment to give additional beauty for all womens no matter of color, size and region. It suits all. The credits of your saree and accessories goes to your sis who made you look more beautiful.

    • Your sweet words really made my day, thank you very much. Yes, I would give all the credit to my sweet sister πŸ™‚

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