The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Sheet Mask : Review

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Sheet Mask (2)

The Face Shop is very popular among beauties for it’s Korea origin. Korean skin care ranges are popular for their unique ingredients. The Face Shop brings Korean skin care to India at very affordable price. The Green Tea mask from TFS was lying from a long time in my stash. Finally I used it yesterday since I was supposed to attend an event. Last weekend I was out in the sun a lot & their was bit of tanning on my face. I wanted to test out the efficacy of this Green Tea Mask, & hence used it while expecting a tan free face. Read on to know about my experience.

TFS green Tea Pack


The face masks from The Face Shop are priced between 120-100. I bought it from Amazon, for 80 bucks few weeks back. Buy here.




It is a sheet mask made up of a thin fabric dipped in skin serum. The sheet mask has holes cut in for eyes, nose & lips, but I think they are not really proportionate to Indian bone structure.

The sheet mask is packaged folded inside a very attractive sachet showing Green Tea leaves in a plate.

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How I Used It?

Before using a sheet mask/face pack I make sure to scrub my face. Before using this face pack too, I scrubbed my face. Applied rose water as toner (as instructed on the pack to use a toner). The sheet mask is quite thin & dipped in the skin serum. I make sure to take out the sheet mask carefully so that the serum does not drip off the mask. I unfold the sheet mask and try to adjust the holes onto my features. I kept it on my face for half an hour, after which I felt the serum was almost absorbed into my skin.

I took the sheet mask off my face after 30 minutes, & massaged the left over skin serum onto my face & neck. Left it to dry without washing my face. There was bit of stickiness until the serum got absorbed totally.


I was thrilled to see a natural glow on my face without any trace of tan. Yes, my face was completely tan free. I washed my face after few hours with plain water without using a face wash. Went ahead with a moisturizer & party makeup.

The evening went bright & beautiful 🙂

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Sheet Mask (4)


  • Korean skin care at affordable price.
  • Very effective in giving glowing skin with even single use.
  • Removes tan in single use.
  • Easy to carry & use.
  • No burning sensation or irritation noticed.
  • Smells mild & pleasant.


  • The sheet mask is not a good fit for Indian facial features. I have used many sheet masks from TFS, and all of them were misfit for my round face.

Summary: 5/5

I have used many sheet masks from The Face Shop, and all of them worked really well on my skin. This Green Tea Mask is no exception. It gives clear & glowing skin in no time. The sheet mask is affordable & easy to use too.

I am sure you guys must have used a lot of sheet masks from TFS. Which one is your favorite from the brand?

Leave your comments below.

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