The Concealer and Corrector Game : #thebasicsseries

Some girls are blessed with flawless skin, for the others, there are concealer and corrector.

I fall in the later category. To start with my skin problems, acne would just not leave me alone, hence lots of acne spots. Then there are shadows around my eyes, as my eyes are deep set. So technically my obsession with makeup is justified. In my tryst with makeup, I got familiar with foundation. I realized how a foundation can make my skin look better. But when you have a troubled skin, a foundation alone can not do much. You need something more.

What is a Concealer?

A concealer is generally a concentrated makeup in form of powder, cream or liquid which matches your skin tone but helps to hide dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. A concealer can be used alone set with a translucent powder. It could be also worn under or over a foundation. It is your personal choice how to wear it.

What is a Color Corrector?

A color corrector is a concealer but it does not necessarily have to match your skin tone like a foundation. It is meant to neutralize the discoloration of skin due to blemishes, age spots, dark circles etc. The color corrector comes in different colors such as Orange, Green ,Peach, Purple, Yellow etc. Now you wonder, what is specific about the color of the corrector?

Peach – Goes for light skins to cover dark spots and dark circles.

Green – It works to neutralize red color be it an angry pimple or a red spot.

OrangeΒ – Really dark circles on wheatish to dark skin can be neutralized with an orange corrector. An orange corrector can also be used as a bronzer or for contouring purpose.

PurpleΒ – A purple corrector can brighten up extremely pale /yellow skin tone.

Yellow – If you have blue veins/ blue bruises or spots on face, this corrector will hide them.

White – It is mostly used to highlight your eyes. But be moderate or you will end up looking a ghost.

Concealer VS Color Corrector

Basically they are just the same. With just special term given to colored concealer- a corrector.

A concealer matches your skin tone and it can be worn with or without a foundation depending upon the coverage you want. If you feel you have few dark spots or just light shadows around your eyes that you need to hide, you can go alone with a concealer. A concealer must match your skin tone as a foundation would. On contrary, a color corrector is of specific color and it neutralizes some deep problems like dark circles, purple blemishes, red angry pimples etc. You must invest in a color corrector only after identifying your problem areas.

How To Set A Crease-free Concealer?

Wearing a crease less concealer is like a dream specially under your eyes. Even a crease less formula concealer can crease if not worn correctly. If you mostly get crease under your eyes, avoid setting the concealer with a powder. Instead use a primer. Wearing a primer under your eyes before your concealer will give you a smooth & flawless finish.

How To Wear A Concealer With A Foundation?

A concealer can be worn without a foundation. But if you must apply a foundation, you can use a concealer before a foundation or after a foundation. If you have much problematic skin, you can opt to wear it before your foundation so that the foundation gives a flawless look. In this case you will need a lot of concealer. But if you have minor skin and you feel your foundation is not able to cover them, then apply a tiny amount wherever required over the foundation. Do not forget to blend the concealer seamlessly into the foundation or you will get a cakey look.

If you are wearing a neutral concealer, you can wear it without a foundation. But if you are using a color corrector, you would feel a need to wear a foundation over it.

Concealer Tools

There are concealer brushes that you can get from any brand. You can also use a sponge or beauty blender to apply and blend a concealer. I mostly use my fingers to set concealer under my eyes since the warmth really helps me to blend the concealer perfectly. Just patting the concealer under my eyes, works perfectly.

Got pigmentation around your mouth? Try an orange concealer. Pat some foundation over it matching your skin tone. And viola, the patches would be gone. So have you mastered the art of concealing? Leave your comments…

Much Love.

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