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I remember, Lavender Essential Oil as my very first essential oil that I used & I still have numerous bottles of this essential oil from various brands. Lavender oil is such a versatile essential oil that you can use it in every possible way. Not just for skin & hair but it works perfectly to relieve your tensed muscles, over stressed nerves & insomniac nights. No wonder people like to wear it as their fragrance – I am one of them. Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil is a 100% natural and pure essential oil. It’s derived from Lavender via distillation. The oil does not contain any kind of chemicals.

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil - Packaging

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil – Packaging

Speaking Tree brings the eternal blessings of Mother Nature to you in the form of pure & chemical free products. Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil is a 100% pure essential oil which can be used for aromatherapy and other external applications. Lavender Oil has numerous beauty & health benefits. Lavender Oil has great anti bacterial properties and it heals skin & hair infection in few uses. It also relives muscle tension and body aches. It treats sleeping disorder.

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Price & Availability

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil retails at Rs. 370 for 15ml. The oil is available at Speaking Tree website.


100% pure & natural, steam distilled oil from Lavandula Angustifolia.


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Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil -Shipped With European Dropper

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil – Shipped With European Dropper

Essential oils from Speaking Tree comes packaged very beautifully. They are also shipped with an European dropper which ease the application of the oil. The rolling ball dispenses controlled amount of oil which makes the application fuss free.

The outer packaging of the oil is light green themed with flowers & petals sketched all over the box. The bottle itself is a royal colored glass bottle with white screw-in cap. A narrow nozzle is fitted at the mouth of the bottle but I always transfer the oil to the dropper provided with the oil, so I don’t have to handle the glass bottle every day.

Fragrance & Texture

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil - Texture & Consistency

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil – Texture & Consistency

Lavender has a very special fragrance & this oil totally gives out the standard smell of Lavender Oil. Which is one point to prove the authenticity of the oil. The fragrance, once applied stays for nice 4-5 hours (literally that long), which again proves that it is 100% Lavender and nothing else.

Texture wise it is distilled oil hence very runny, transparent fluid which absorbs quickly without any hints of oiliness or greasiness.

How To Use Speaking Tree  Lavender Oil For Better Health & Beauty?

Lavender oil is not restricted  to aromatherapy but is wisely used in beauty products also duet o the anti bacterial properties that it offers. It is great to treat skin & scalp infections as Tea Tree oil. Here is how Speaking Tree Lavender Oil can be used.

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Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil

Skin Balancing Moisturizer

Being lightweight, this oil works as a great skin moisturizer specially for oily & acne prone skin. The anti bacterial properties of this oil helps to ward off acne bacteria from the skin.

Disinfect Skin & Scalp

To heal an infection easily, use Lavender oil’s few drops. It relieves the inflammation & kills the bacteria. It helps to keep the infection away if used regularly.

Treat Dandruff

Lavender oil is as beneficial in treating scalp dandruff as is tea tree oil. You can keep mix few drops of Speaking Tree Lavender oil with your regular oil, shampoo & conditioner for long lasting results.

Helps To Sleep Better

To sleep better I always spray it over my wrists & pillow. The pleasant aroma not only relives your nerves but drifts you to a sound sleep also.

Treat Body Aches

Speaking Tree Essential Oil can be used for Aromatherapy purpose because it is 100% pure and effective. Use a carrier oil of your choice like almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and add Speaking Tree Lavender oil to the carrier oil. Now get massaged this mix over your aching body and you will feel rejuvenated.

Better Homes

All thanks to the wonderful aroma, no wonder Lavender air fresheners are sold more than any other variant. I love to use Speaking Tree Lavender Oil in a diffuser to naturally uplift my mood. It instantly fills home environment with positive vibes. I am kind of addicted to using Lavender oil as my home fragrance.

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil -Shipped With European Dropper

Speaking Tree Lavender Essential Oil – Shipped With European Dropper

Lavender oil has a soothing touch. I think there are several more ways to use this oil for health & beauty.


Speaking Tree Lavender Oil is pure & chemical free. It’s aroma is mesmerizing while the effects are easily impressive. This oil can be used  to treat skin & scalp infections. It calms down senses and uplifts mood. It induces nice sleep too. Works great as home fragrance too. The packaging is convenient & sturdy. It is also affordable & economical. 


I am sure many of you are already a fan of Lavender fragrance & oil. It’s kind of a most loved essential oil. Have you used Speaking Tree Essential Oils? Is there any specific reason that you like to use a particular essential oil? Leave your valuable comments below.


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