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Being a mom, a home make, a working woman, how many times do you wish to get a nice pedicure, a cleanup or simply get your eyebrows done, but somehow your busy schedule, family, work & social commitments do not allow you to visit a salon or beauty parlor. Don’t you wish someone could just drop by for few minutes and get your eye brows fixed. Or could give you hair free hands within just a few minutes without you stepping out of your house. Meet VLCC Vanity Cube -Salon At Home.

Before I talk more about this wonderful Salon at Home service, let me tell you that this post under VLCC Vanity Cube is a blog train hosted by WigglingPen & Sponsored by VLCC Vanity Cube. I want to thank Jyoti for introducing me to the series. I shall take forward the train while sharing my experience.

VLCC Vanity Cube

VLCC Vanity Cube is your Salon At Home. Let go your grooming worries with VLCC Vanity Cube. In a matter of few clicks, you can book your desired grooming service(s). VLCC Vanity Cube has a dedicated staff to serve all the metro & big cities of India. You can book your time slot and an experienced professional will be at your doorstep 5 minutes prior to your booking. Most of the grooming servcies are covered by VLCC Vanity Cube. Eyebrows, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Clean Up, Facial, Head Massage, Hair Wash, Body Massage, Party Makeup, Pre-Bridal & Bridal services. Everything else you can imagine to look top notch be it any day. Above all the service are very affordable. So get groomed at home without burning a hole in your pocket.

To book beauty/hair/body/makeup service for you, just download VLCC Vanity Cube app from Google Play store. Alternatively you can also call on 8010 8010 91. The services can be availed every single day of a week from 9AM to 9PM. How more convenient it can get?

My Experience With VLCC Vanity Cube

So you have decided to read about my experience. Good. Sit back and chillax. That’s how I was pampered by VLCC Vanity Cube Personnel named Neetu. The girl was very groomed herself. On a chilly afternoon she arrived at my place even before her scheduled time. I was already impressed. She was highly polite, professional & experienced too.

 I availed 3 services costing only INR 1470 including Facial Clean Up, Manicure & Pedicure. Allow me to explain the services in detail for you.

Facial Clean Up By VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit

Facial Clean Up starts at just Rs. INR 670 at VLCC Vanity Cube. VLCC Specifix Brightening Facial Kit is used to give a facial clean up. But when Neetu came to know that my skin was rather oily & acne prone, she arranged VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit. That was really thoughtful of her.

Facial Clean Up Setup

Facial Clean Up Setup

She made me comfortable first. I laid down on my bed, and she covered me with my blanket, it was a chilly afternoon I tell you. She started by sanitizing her hands first. Very professional. Next she gave me a nice dry head massage. How relaxing it was. I was literally smiling with pleasure. After dry massage, she cleansed my face with VLCC Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel from VLCC Specific Purifying Kit. She took time to clean my face. The gel felt quite cool but the gentle cleansing was again relaxing. After she took off the cleansing gel with a damp cotton, my face felt squeaky clean.

VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit

VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit

VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit Cpntents

VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit Contents

Next step in clean up was Gentle Exfolliating Gel. A scrub is very ncessasry be it facial regimen or simple skin care routine. This gel based sxfolliateor was gentle yet effective. Neetu applied very light pressure on my cheeks but used bit of pressure to get rid of stubborn black heads from my nose. My face felt very smooth after the scrub was taken off.

There were still some blackheads on my nose. So she sanitized a blackhead remover and gently took care of those nasty black heads. I did not feel any kind of pinching or pain while she was doing the procedure. Otherwise this blackhead extraction process is generally very painful.

The lats step of the facial clan up involved a face pack. She applied Renourish Oil Control Mask from VLCC Specifix Purifying Facial Kit. Also kept cotton soaked in rose water over my eyes. It was a time to relax. After few minutes she removed the face pack and I my skin looked rejuvenated, glowy & happy.

Manicure & Pedicure

Getting a manicure & pedicure is an underrated pleasure. You might ignore it for ages and the day when you get it, you really ask yourself why I didn’t get this done before. The Regular Pedicure from VLCC Vanity Cube costs Rs. 450 while Regular Manicure costs only Rs. 350. You can see by yourself how affordable & competitive prices the services are offered by VLCC Vanity Cube.

The beautician prepared a nice warm solution to dip my hands. Later she filed my nails and applied cuticle softening cream. Again dipped my hands in warm solution. Within few minutes my hands were clean of dead skin and ugly & hanging cuticles. She then gave a nice scrub & massage.

Pedicure Set Up

Pedicure Set Up

Nile Filing

Nail Filing & Feet Scrubbing Seesion

The pedicure session was another very relaxing session I had that day. It was like Oh, how much I missed getting pampered like this. My Pedicure too started with dipping my feet in warm water where bath salt was also added to give another level of relaxation & to soften my hard soles. Later my nails were filed, cuticles were cleaned, feet were scrubbed & massaged. I chose Nykaa Rose Sherbet – 21 to go on my nails among nail paints from several beautiful nail paints.

Pedicure By VLCC Vanity Cube

Happy Feet – Pedicure By VLCC Vanity Cube


Here I conclude my experience. While writing this post, I literally revisited my memory of my absolutely amazing pampering session by Neetu from VLCC Vanity Cube. I am sure to get other VLCC Vanity Cube Services in future too. After all, I deserve some me time feeling like a queen in my palace.

VLCC Vanity Cube Offer

VLCC Vanity Cube Offer

Don’t forget to check out this offer by VLCC Vanity Cube where you can avail unlimited body massage sessions by paying only 6000 for a month.

Before signing off, I would like to introduce Manisha from Zara Hatke Blog who is going to share her experience with VLCC Vanity Cube.

About Manisha : I  started blogging as my space to share my thoughts and experiences. My  endeavour has been to write across different topics. Starting from  writing on relationships I have touched topics on health, beauty,  lifestyle, food and my travels. My highlight for this year has been the  15-interview series during A-Z Challenge of Women across different  sectors this April. Last year I was the 2nd runners up for  the MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter. Recently I have won  BlogRock 2017 – Lifestyle Blog award. Looking forward too many more  milestones which wait for me.


** Sorry for bad pictures, my DSLR is not with me these days.

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