Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum : Review

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum (2)

I really wanted to change my skin care routine from sometime now by including an anti ageing serum/cream. I was eyeing some green tea based serum but got Ryaal VItamin C Advance Anti Ageing Serum which also contains Hyaluronic Acid, MSM & Vitamin E. Green Tea is great in terms of anti oxidant properties but I wanted something to work on my problematic skin fats. Vitamin C is great in terms of the effects that I wanted for my skin. I am using it for more than 2 weeks now but I am eager to share my views on the same.

This is another great product from Ryaal. After using Ryaal Black Mess & Ryaal Mr. Beans I was really thinking what next? Ryaal never fails to surprise & impress.

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum With Hyaluronic Acid, MSM & Vitamin E

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum

This advance anti ageing formula is enriched with 20% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM) & Vitamin E. Along with anti oxidant properties of Vitamin C & E, your skin is well hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid. MSM accelerates collagen production. Overall, a complete protection against premature skin ageing.

Skin Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid & MSM

The building block of our skin is collagen. As we age our skin loses collagen and wrinkles appear on skin. Hyaluronic Acid & MSM  boosts collagen production. So our skin is able to retain moisture & wrinkles wear off. These two ingredients are most evident in most of the anti ageing skin care products.

Price & Availability

This anti ageing serum is highly affordable and is available at Amazon & Ryaal at just Rs. 499 for 30ml.


Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum (3)

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum Packaging

This serum comes packed inside a green themed card box. Inside the card box you find a dark blue colored glass bottle and a dropper. I think the packaging is quite convenient. It is easy & hygienic  to use the product with the dropper. Complete ingredient list and other manufacturing details are provided on the bottle via white labels.


Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum Ingredients

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum Ingredients

Fragrance & Texture

This is an yellow-ish liquid which has stickiness of orange juice. I literally could smell some zest of oranges in it actually. It smells very refreshing and good. If applied in excess skin might even look orange-ish.

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum Swatch

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum Swatch

Even though it feels bit sticky in during application, but once absorbed it leaves skin complete matte. There is no unwanted shine left behind on skin.

How To Use

Apply few drops of this serum over pre-cleansed & dry skin. Let it absorb by itself. The serum could be used twice a day.

My Experience

My oily & acne prone skin very much prone to scarring. Vitamin C works the best to fade away scars while giving anti ageing effects. What attracted me towards Ryaal Vitamin C is the fact that it not only contains 20% Vitamin C but also some other amazing ingredients which are known to give nice performance in terms of anti ageing effects.

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum (5)

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum

Honestly, I did not like the first time I applied it over my skin. Because it was like I was applying orange juice over my skin. Some degree of stickiness in the texture is very evident. I let it sit on my skin for few minutes as directed on the packaging. But after 2-3 minutes the serum really sank into my skin. And I was relived.

To give you a picture of my skin before using this serum, I was going through a bad hormonal breakout as always. It left my skin with very bad scarring. I was very desperate to get rid of these still raw & red scars. You know new scars are easy to fade away.

After first week I did not notice much change. I kept on applying it every morning followed up with a sunscreen & later at night. By the mid of 2nd week there was about 30-40% change in the color of my scars. They had lightened pretty much. Things were looking really nice.

By the end of 2nd week, I realized things have slowed down. Seemed like the serum was not working anymore for me. I started alternating Ryaal Vitamin C serum with InstaGlam Bridal Glow Serum. Things got back on track.

In terms of moisture, I don’t use any other moisturizer. It is enough in terms of providing moisture to my already oily skin. Also I notice no roughness in my skin.

I am quite happy with the Ryaal Vitamin C serum now. It’s working it’s way to clear up my scars. I hope by the time I will end up using the bottle, I will be in a much better place.

Shall update you more about it’s progress after a month or so. Keep on watching this space.

Do I Recommend Ryaal Vitamin C Serum?

Yes. To fade away scars, it works amazingly.

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum (2)

Ryaal Vitamin C Anti Ageing Serum

Ryaal Vitamin C Serum, is an amazing anti ageing serum which doubles up as a spot corrector too. In very short term it shows effects on scarring specially if you have fresh scars. In long term the serum boosts collagen production and prevents pre mature ageing. The serum is very affordable, easy to use & store.


How does this anti ageing serum sound to you? Please leave your lovely comments below.

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  1. One needs to be convinced that anti-ageing serums are safe and convenient. Your review makes me want to try it out.

  2. back to back new launches by Ryaal. After reading your experience it seems like a very good serum that effectively removes spots and pigmentation.

      • Thanks dear :* .. I m so skeptical in using anything on my skin as I have acne prone skin with lots of issues 🙁 … But this product seems to solve my issues

          • Hey Pinki, there is no warning on the pack against using it while breastfeeding. The serum contains Vitamin C & MSM mainly. Which are considered to be safe for breastfeeding women. But maybe to be sure you should consult your doctor about the ingredients.

    • Hey, I am using La Shield Gel sunscreen with SPF 50 . You can use any sunscreen that suits you, make sure to wear a higher SPF with PA+++ for broad protection

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