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Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil (3)

Please don’t hate me or un-follow me for doing a lot of essential oil reviews because lately I have realized that essential oils can help me with my most of the skin & hair problems. Actually they are very good. If you come across a potent & pure essential oil, keep a hold on it. Never stop using it.

Continuing the holistic approach to skin & hair health, I am presenting my views on Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil, which I have been trying out from about 2 weeks now. I have discovered many amazing facts about this oil during my experiment with the same. I want you to know how amazingly effective an essential oil can help you beautiful skin & hair. Just stay tuned for the rest of the post.

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil (2)

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

Ryall Grape Seed Oil (5)

Ryall Grape Seed Oil

Italy is not famous only for pizzas but Ryaal also managed to bring some special grapeseed oil for you. The oil is extracted from the highest quality grape seeds. Since grapes are high in anti oxidants, so is this grapeseed oil. Ryaal GrapeSeed oil is rich in anti oxidants, Vitamin A, E, B & D plus some amino acids along with essential fatty acids which are highly important to keep our skin & hair healthy. Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil is not only limited to skin but hair & body can also benefited from the same because of the rich composition.


Rs. 199 for 15ml. Buy here.


100% Pure Grape Seed Oil


Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil (5)

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

The oil comes packed inside a royal colored glass bottle weighing on 15ml and fitted with a nozzle at it’s mouth. The bottle is also supplied with a dropper. All the oils that I have used from Ryaal, are easy to pour out of the nozzle, but with this bottle, I had to put much efforts. Finally I replaced the nozzle with the dropper & not it’s hassle free to take out the required amount. Otherwise the packaging is convenient & sturdy.

Fragrance & Texture

This oil is bit heavy in texture than the other essential oils that I have reviewed from Ryaal. You know why? Because, it is a carrier oil. Hence it is bit heavy, but not ultra heavy as almond or castor oil. It gets absorbed when rubbed between palms. It has bit of sweet scent, but when the oil goes bad, the smell does not stay pleasant at all. The color of the oil is of course yellow!!

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil - Texture & Consisteny

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil – Texture & Consisteny

My Experience

As I mentioned above, I have been trying to incorporate essential oils in my skin & hair care regimen. I experimented with this oil. Actually this is my first time with Grapeseed Oil & I had no clue, how to use it. So after googling, I made a list of the ways, I can use it. Here is the list for you:

For Anti Ageing Benefits

It is full of anti oxidants and hence the moment I read about this oil, I knew I am going to use it as my night cream. Even though I was bit skeptical about using it over my face, I still went ahead. I liked how beautiful it moisturized my skin & I woke up with plumped skin every morning after the application. But finally it broke me out & I had to stop over there. Heartbreaking… since I assumed it to be my HG night cream. I could really see the magic of vitamins & anti oxidants working on my skin. Guess I have to stick to Rosehip oil only for night time rituals.

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Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil – How To Use

Daily M0isturizer

I generally go for gel based moisturizers or lotions for day time. But my eyes were only reading anti oxidants & vitamins whenever I would see this small cute bottle. I applied only 2-3 drops all over my face for few days, when I started seeing blocked pores which meant a Stop Signal!!!

I think using it day & night was too much for my oily & acne prone skin.

Hand Moisturizer

It smells nice, until you leave it unattended & open in direct contact with sun/air. I like to use it as my hand moisturizer while retiring to bed. It needs sinks into my dry hands without leaving a trace behind so that my mobile screen does not have any oil stains…!!!

Cuticle Softner

Dry hands will definitely have dry & rough cuticles. But Ryaal Grapeseed Oil, beautifies them absolutely in no time. The oil, can be used for cuticle massage since it has just the right amount of richness, vitamins & anti oxidants. I hope it will eventually give me stronger nails.

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil - Increase moisture level

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil – Increase moisture level

Feet Moisturizer

I hardly use feet creams, but after realizing the moisture capabilities of Ryaal Grapeseed oil, I have been trying it out at night to help my feet have a taste of moisture, after all they are the most ignored part of (my) body. They are loving me back. The skin of my feet is definitely getting healthier. I hope it can take away the tanning too… too much to ask, I guess!!!

Hair Oil

The oil is amazing in moisturizing properties as well as vitamins. I had to test its efficacy on my dry hair ends. I have been mixing this grapeseed oil with my regular oil whenever I do oiling. I would not say, I witnessed something miraculous. My hair are really numb to respond to the mix.

Hair Serum

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil - Serum

After Using Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil as Hair Serum

When I did not find much results with hair oil + Ryaal Grapeseed Oil, I skipped the mix. I went ahead straight with the oil as a serum. No it just did not feel heavy on my dry hair ends. I apply it only on my hair ends only. And I love the after effects. My hair are shiny, soft & manageable. Plus, the effect does not just fly away the next day. The rich mix of anti oxidants & vitamins does some real magic.

Hair Pack

I like to use Hibiscus Powder + Curd hair pack on regular basis to keep my hair fall in check. Adding Ryaal Grapessed oil is an absolute bonus. Will do a detailed post on the hair pack, it’s amazing.

That’s how I tried Ryaal Grapeseed Oil. I have almost finished the 15ml bottle in just 2 weeks. I think, I shall get it again, I would prefer a bigger size this time. But I think they are available only in 15ml size… deal breaker!

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil (3)

Ryaal GrapeSeed Oil

Ryaal Grapeseed Oil is packed with vitamins, anti oxidants, essential fatty acids & amino acids. Skin & hair health can be improved by using this oil on a regular basis. It has numerous uses and benefits for hair, skin & body. The oil is affordable too, but it comes only in a 15ml bottle which does not last long if you are using it in full throttle. Also if you have oily + acne prone skin, less is more. Try using a very tiny amount of this oil to avoid blocked pores. ❤❤❤❤.5

Let me know if you have used grapeseed oil for health & beauty. Leave your comments elow.

Love, lots of it 🙂

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  1. These days oils are like very famous among all beauty products. There are so many oils in market that now i am confused to which one to use. I really want to know which one is best suit to my skin.

    • Yeah every brand is kind of coming with essential oils, that’s when beauty product reviewers help people haha.

      You first need to understand, irrespective of a brand, every oil has specific suitability to a skin type. We must pick an essential oil based on our skin/hair requirement!!!

  2. Clogged pores! I am staying away from this. I had same experience with Rosehip oil also. The only carrier oil that worked for me till now was Evening Primrose oil 🙂

  3. I have never used Grapeseed Oil … It has so many uses … It’s tempting me … 💖😘

    • I heard about it’s skin benefits, and then came to know about it’s hair benefits. Surely working for my hair…!!!

  4. Love its packaging. So many usages! On a different note Love your neck piece babe.

  5. I agree. Essential oils can do wonders for your skin and overall wellness.

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