Ryaal Essentials Lavender Essential Oil : Review

ryaal essentials lavender oil

I am an avid user of essential oils, specially of Lavender oil. I have used Lavender essential oil form many brands be it Aroma Magic, Khadi, Soul Tree and many more in the past. When Ryaal Essentials approached me to try their Lavender Essential Oil, I gladly accepted. Lavender Oil is a popular essential oil. It is one of the most used essential oil in cosmetics. Also it has therapeutic effects too.

I have been using Lavender oil from many years now, & I know if a product is authentic or not. I am going to review Ryaal Essentials Lavender essential Oil today. stick with me to know about the efficacy of this product.

The Brand – Ryaal Essentials is a relatively new brand. The brand has come up with premium skin care range mostly comprising of essential oils. You can visit the brand’s website here, or go to it’s product list on Amazon.in.

Let’s get to know the Lavender Oil from Ryaal Essentials.


The essential oils are costly because it takes a lot of plants/roots/flowers to extracts few drops of any kind of essential oils. But Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil has been priced very reasonably. It is priced at Rs. 269 for 15ml & Rs. 399 for 30ml. I got the 15ml version to test out the efficacy of the product. You can buy it from here.


100% Pure Organic Lavender Oil.


The essential oils must be stored inside dark colored glass bottles so that they do not loose their effectiveness in case they come in contact with direct sun light, similarly they should be packaged securely so that they air contact can be minimized. Ryaal Essentials has taken care of these measures and packed the essential oil in a lavender colored glass bottle with nozzle fitted at the top covered with a screw-in cap. The brand also ships a dropper so that product could be taken out with ease. But the nozzle dispenses the product drop by drop hence there is not much hassle & the dropper could be skipped altogether. The packaging is otherwise sturdy and would not pose any leakage problem.

ryaal lavender oil

Color, Texture & Smell

Lavender oil is a clear oil by nature but is not sticky at all. It is supposed to be absorbed when applied onto  the skin or can evaporate otherwise. Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil is also a clear runny oil which smells heavenly of Lavender of course. As I open the screw cap of the bottle I inhale the calming smell & it feels very good.

How To Use It?

  1. Mix with your regular moisturizer to calm down skin irritations.
  2. Mix few drops in carrier oil such as Jojoba oil, Grape-seed oil, Olive oil or Almond Oil to replenish your skin.
  3. Relax your mind & body by using few drops in a diffuser.
  4. Pour few drops on a cloth and place it near your face while you go to sleep. It will induce better sleep.
  5. Wear it like a perfume.
  6. Use it for Headache by mixing it with peppermint & chamomile oil.

ryaal essentials lavender oil (2)

ryaal lavender oil (2)

My Experience

I have been using this oil from last week more than once every day because I really liked it in terms of it’s texture, smell & efficacy. The oil is not sticky at oil because it is not exactly an oil but extracts of Lavender flowers.

Lavender oil is my favorite because it does not sting my skin ever. I can apply few drops here and there on my body to smell nice & it would not hurt my skin. Though before putting it on my face I mix it with Jojoba Oil from Rouh Essentials (review lined up).

I have few active acne and scars left by previous acne breakouts. It works great in calming down my skin irritations. Redness is taken down drastically.  My skin feels good afterwords.

ryaal lavender oil (3)

I have used this essential oil in a diffuser to make my room smell nice last Sunday, and it really perked up my mood. I was very calm & cheerful later that evening.

I am insomniac and Lavender oil really works to treat my problem. Ryaal Lavender Essential Oil works great in this area too. I pour few drops directly on my pillow before retiring to my bed. I also apply few drops on my inner wrist because it smells so nice. I don’t struggle to sleep anymore. I really am impressed with this essential oil & would love to try more variants from the brand like Tea tree Oil & Avocado Oil.


  • Authentic product.
  • Works great in bringing down skin irritation & redness.
  • Fast absorbing & non sticky.
  • Freshen up environment.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Affordable.

ryaal essentials lavender oil


  • Available only online.
  • The presence of the brand is not much felt online/offline.

Summary : 5/5

Ryaal Essentials Lavender Essential Oil is a quality product. It is a multi facet product that could be used on skin, body, hair & for aromatherapy purpose. The product is also very affordable. I would recommend this product to someone who is looking for Lavender essential oil at affordable price. I will be happy to try out other products from the brand.

The good effects that I have listed above are actually benefits of pure Lavender oil. Which kind of indicates the purity of the essential oil. Hope you liked the review.

Disclaimer: This is a PR post, but, I have put my honest reviews here.

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