Ruby’s Organics Lipstick Burgundy 016 : Swatches & Review

Ruby's Organics Lipsticks Burgundy 016

Hello Dolls,

It’s been a while that I reviewed a makeup product and for that matter, a lipstick specifically. I chose Ruby’s Organics Lipstick – Burgundy 016 for today’s review. I received this lipstick in my previous #MyEnvyBox, I almost forgot about it & other products from the box. Delaying no more, let’s hop onto the review wagon.

About Ruby’s Organics Lipstick Burgundy

Ruby’s Organics is a new brand, suggests to use the lipstick once for subtle & twice for a bolder look. The lipstick carries the benefits of a lip balm while looks like an intense lip color. The lipstick contains Mango & Shea Butter, Almond & Castor Oil. The lipstick is 100% vegetarian, contains no parabenes, artificial colors, alcohols & chemical preservatives. The brand does not believe in testing on animals.

Ruby's Organics Lipsticks Burgundy 016 (2)


Rs. 990 for 3.7g.


Ruby's Organics Lipsticks Burgundy 016 (3)


The lipstick comes packed inside a black matte long & chubby cardbox with graphics of multi colored flowers printed over it. Ingredients list is also printed on the pack.

Inside you find a chubby retractable black shiny pencil with a transparent cover at the top. Ruby’s Organics is printed on the pencil in fancy font while “Lipstick Burgandy” is printed at the bottom of the chubby pencil.

Shades Available

Ruby’s Organics has come up only with 5 shades in the range – Apricot, Raisin, Roseate, Brick & Burgundy. 

Shade – Burgundy 016

This is a very deep burgundy shade. A fabulous one. All the burgundy lovers are in for a treat with this shade. Though with flash on, the shade looks more of deep pink.

Ruby's Organics Lipsticks Burgundy 016 (6)

Texture & Smell

It is a moisturizing lipstick. It really hydrates lips. I find the texture comparable to that of the SUGAR Crayon lipsticks. It looks matte on lips. If you watch closely, you might find some sheen to the lips due to the presence of moisturizing agents in the lipstick. I do not need to wear a lipstick underneath. It has mild and pleasant smell.


The pigmentation of the lipstick is intense, so intense that it feels like it might stain my lips forever. One swipe gives very nice color pay off.

But the texture of the lipstick is buttery smooth and I feel like gliding on my lips over and over… and over. Have you ever experienced this pleasure? I do this with my favorite lipsticks very often.

Ruby's Organics Lipsticks Burgundy 016 pigmentation


Ruby’s Organics gives me no reason to complain except the price. The longevity of the lipsticks is very awesome like it’s pigmentation. It transfers to the objects that touch my lips but the color stays put. The foremost layer goes away within first 2 hours, but lips stays colored for more 5-6 hours. The lipstick wears off leaving a deep red stain on my lips.

ruby's organics lipstick burgundy 016 lip swatches

Summary : 4/5

Except the price factor, I just love this range from Ruby’ Organics. The pigmentation & longevity leaves me in awe. I would love to try some light shades from this range.

Hope you liked  the short review.


Nisha Malik

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  1. Lip swatches are awesome 🙂 The colour is very clearly visible.

  2. I wanted to order apr envybox.. but then forgot .. 🙁 Looks like very good color pay off..Thanks for sharing Nisha 🙂

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