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Hi, Welcome to High On Gloss, a personal makeup and beauty blog.

This is my space. I write what I feel about a product or service. I do not intend to be a master in makeup/beauty, but I have my fair share of experience with cosmetics and I intend to share that with you. Since we are all different, there are chances that something that works for me, might not work for you, and vice versa. There are so many products I bought because every body was raving about them, but the products failed on me very badly. So please consider your own skin type/hair type/weather conditions/ geographical/demo graphical factors before buying any product which worked well on me. Just don’t buy every single product reviewed on any blog. Read multiple reviews of a product from different blogs. If the product looks like a winner, then only consider buying it.

User Privacy On High On Gloss

High On Gloss does not share personal information with third-parties nor does it store information that it collects about your visit to this blog for use other than to analyse content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings.

When you subscribe to/comment on my blog, I do not and will not ever disclose your private information to any one. Your subscription is required only to notify you for new updates on High On Gloss and that’s all.

In case you want to republish the content of High On Gloss on your blog or any where, please consult with me before, also mention due credit and back links to High On Gloss.


The products that I review on my blog are purchased by my hard earned money. I am nurturing this blog with my savings from past years. I am not a writer, I am a technical person from my background. I do not know how to beautify a product that does not work. So you can expect honest reviews from me.

I also collaborate with other bloggers or receive free samples PR people. In case, a product has been received as a gift/sample, I mention that at the end of the post. A free sample can not and does not influence my opinion. I just write what I feel about a product, it does not matter if it is from a high end brand. I just can’t do this.

Also, I click all the photographs published on the blog by myself, unless stated otherwise.


I love to receive and giving out gifts. A giveaway is a way to thank my readers. I will be hosting giveaways time to time on High On Gloss. All the terms and conditions regarding a giveaway will be stated by me on the giveaway page and can be altered/modified by me any time, if required.

In case you have any issues regarding my privacy policy/disclaimer/giveaway, please contact me at


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