Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash : Review

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash (2)

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Coming back to the current post, I am all smitten by Perenne Cosmetics Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash. Perenne Cosmetics is my new finding via Instagram. This is an Indian skin care brand whose products are prescribed by dermatologists. Even makeup artists use products from this brand before applying makeup on their clients since the products are 85% natural and makeup does not oxidize.

These days I am using Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating face wash, broad spectrum SPF 50 & Revitalizing tonic mist. Let’s talk about the face wash today. Soon I will be writing about the other products too.

Perenne Cosmetics – Premium Range Of Skin Care Products

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

Perenne is a Spanish word which means Everlasting. The brand aims to maintain your youthful beauty with protection, prevention, reviving & recovery. Indian Flora & Funa is rich of such ingredients which can keep skin healthy & beautiful. From ancient times, these ingredients are being used for the same purpose. Perenne too combined these ingredients with modern bio technology like stem cells & other revolutionary techniques to curate premium range of skin care. Check out Perenne Cosmetics range at their website.

♥ Parabene Free  ♥ Sulfate Free  ♥ No Artificial Colors  ♥ No Silicons  ♥  Mineral Oil  ♥  Animal Derivatives 

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

Enriched with Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, Grapefruit, Kiwi Extract and other fruits extracts, this hydrating face wash is meant for all skin types. The main purpose of this face wash is to cleanse skin without drying it out. The face wash also aims to brighten up skin tone by removing tan. The face wash costs Rs. 599 for 100ml.  Buy it here.


Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Ingredients

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Ingredients


Even the packaging of the products of Perenne Cosmetics speaks of class & quality. The face wash comes packed in a white opaque inverted tube with a screw-in cap fixed at it’s mouth. I know we have a habit to use face wash in flip tops, but I kind of like the round edges of the screw-in cap. It is fuss free packaging. It is travel friendly too.

Fragrance & Texture

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Texture Color & Consistency

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Texture Color & Consistency

Perenne Cosmetics Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash is a gel based face wash. It is semi transparent bit foggy gel. It spreads easily on face but is goes more as a non foaming cleanser. Yes, it does not foam/lather much. So you can just massage your face with this cleanser for a while without ripping your skin’s natural moisture off.

The fragrance of the face wash is captivating. It smells quite sweet and citric at the same time. Mainly of grapefruit I would say. It definitely adds to your face washing experience 🙂

How To Use Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash?

Gel Based Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

Gel Based Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

I splash water on my face and then take a dollop of this face wash cum cleanser. Rub it between my palms and massage it for 1 minutes before rinsing it with water. This 1 minute allows natural ingredients to work their magic.

My Experience

I have oily, acne prone & sensitive skin. It breaks easily. It gets irritated easily. So it is important to use mild products even while I am trying to get rid of nasty oil from my face. When I read the face wash contains Glycolic Acid, I was bit skeptical about using it since I have used AHAGlow in the past which really got my skin used to it. But this face wash felt more gentle. Since it does not dry out my skin like Ahaglow used to do. It does not contain that much strong percentage of the acid.

Moreover Perenne Hydrating face wash contains more natural vitamin C based ingredients like fruit extracts which works naturally to cleanse, tone up skin while removing tan. Using it from pat week and I can really see a nice difference in the texture of my skin. My skin is always loaded with blocked pores but now from few days, my skin is so smooth like I am scrubbing it physically. Trust me I am not since it’s really difficult to just wash your face during cold night let alone scrubbing and other DIYs.

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Packaging

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash Packaging

Another thing I would say I like is the fact that it does not lather up like other cray foaming face washes. I like to use a cleanser at night which I can massage my skin, taking off the day of my skin, feeling fresh and rejuvenated afterwards. I really found that face wash in Perenne Hydrating face wash after Cetaphil gentle cleanser.

The price of the face wash is bit on higher side but then it’s a product that dermatologists prescribe. I am surely hooked on to the face wash and I believe they would introduce more products apt for oily & acne prone skin soon.

I don’t have tan on my face, but I am hoping this face wash will brighten up my skin tone with constant usage. WIih Vitamin C based products you can never go wrong if used in moderation.


  • Gel based gentle cleanser
  • Contains Vitamin C , Grapefruits & Kiwi extracts, Glycolic Acid,
  • Cleanses skin very well
  • Does not dry out skin
  • Smells heavenly
  • Works effectively to clear up blocked pores
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Classy packaging
  • Tested & Prescribed by dermatologists
  • Formulated by a French Cosmetologist
  • Free of parabenes, silicons, sulfates, artificial colors


  • Bit pricey.
  • Availability is limited. Have not seen this brand offline.
Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash (2)

Perenne Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash

Perenne Cosmetics Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash, is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. It cleanses skin well of oil & dirt without ripping natural moisture. Leaves skin fresh & clearer. Contains vitamin C based natural ingredients which essentially brighten up skin tone. The face wash is a free of harmful chemicals & generally prescribed by dermatologists. It is bit costly too, but worth every penny. Above all the brand is very honest about the formulation of it’s products. Like the face wash is 85% natural. Really adds up to the brand value.

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Do you believe in investing into right skin care? What you think about Perenne Cosmetics? Do you believe more in those products which are prescribed by white coats? Leave your comments, suggestions & queries below.

** As I am testing 2 more products from Perenne, stay tuned for my interesting findings.


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