New Fragrances For New Year 2018 Ft. Skinn By Titan & Ajmal

Skinn Titan & Ajmal Perfume

Your fragrance can make you look more attractive & desirable. Your fragrance can make you notice in a crowded place. Your fragrance can boost your confidence. Your fragrance can lower down your stress level. Every person has a special fragrance. Some like it strong , some like it flirty, while some go subtle. I am very picky about perfumes & fragrances since your fragrance speaks about your personality. Today I am going to list out few new fragrances from Titan Skinn & Ajmal.  These fragrances are available online. How about starting the new year with these new fragrances.

Skinn Titan

Perfumes, EDP, EDT & EDC

Difference Between Perfume, EDP, Collogne & EDT

You might have noticed different terms used for fragrances. They are not really synonyms but have significance meaning.

Perfum/Perfume – Containing a concentration of fragrance by 15-30%, they are the strongest in terms of longevity.

Eau De PErfume (EDP) – Contains 8-13% concentraion of fragrance, they lasts lesser than Perfumes.

Eau De Toilette (EDT) – Contains only 4-8% fragrance and ofcourse lasts for few hours.

Eau de Collogne – Lasts only upto 2 hours since they contain only 3-5% fragrance.

Skinn By Titan

Skinn Titan

Skinn Titan

Titan brings french aroma to your closet. Enjoy some really handpicked fragrances that speaks of your persona. Skinn perfumes are curated for you in France by very prestigious perfumers. There is sensuality in the bottle as well as in the title of the brand and perfumes. The classy packaging speaks of elegant fragrance inside.  Above all the perfumes are highly affordable, making them a nice gift option on special occasions.


Skinn Titan

Skinn Titan

Created by Alberto Morillas, Skinn CELESTE is a very seductive fruity & flowery smell that will leave you all flirty & playful. This fragrance is ultra feminine but makes heads turn. The top notes of the EDP are  Raspberry, Natural Bergamut and Lychee , middle notes are Peach rose, Super Hedion, Rose Petal while the bottom notes are Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Firwood and Firmenich Musks. So it’s a mix of fruity, flowery & woody scents. This fragrance is magical yet subtle. It is suitable for all occasions like date, party, casual outings as well as official meet ups.

The smell lingers on you for nice 4-5 hours and then it starts fading. I think it delivers a nice performance.

Skinn Sheer – Woman EDP

Skinn Sheer By Titan

Skinn Sheer By Titan

Sheer is like an enticing & sensuous affair created by Nathalie Lorsons. This fragrance has very subtle hint of fruity rush. The top notes speaks of a charming mix of Pink Peppers & Clementine. Jasmine, Mangolia & Peony strike a chord of refined femininity. Also Cedar-wood, Vanilla & Sandalwood together create long lasting magic. This fragrance is again suitable for all occasions specially if you don’t want to overpower your looks with your fragrance. I personally find it an everyday fragrance. Since it’s quite subtle you can find it’s hints for 3-4 hours.

Skinn Bohemian Collection For Man – Forest Rough EDP

Skinn Titan Forest Rough

Skinn Titan Forest Rough

Skinn has come up with some nice fragrances for men too. I love to smell Forest Rough on him. It has got the right amount of warm & woody aroma. The perfume has got top notes of Lemon, Black Pepper & Nutmug. In the middle you will find sandalwood, rose, violet & Lavender. At the base you will notice Vanilla & Smokey Woods. This fragrance is priced at Rs. 1895 for 100ml and is available widely online & offline. The fragrance has a staying power of 3-4 hours mainly.

Skinn Steele – Man EDP

Skinn Steele By Titan

Skinn Steele By Titan

Created by French Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, Steele is a very refreshing fragrance. It has the chivalry of grapefruit but belongs to woody family. At the top you can notice Citrus, Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot while Leather, Praline & Vanilla gives a perfect mix of spicy & woody aroma. This french perfume will surely make a way to your skin if you like to wear spicy fragrances.

Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal perfumes are another affordable perfumes that look good for the year 2018. I am sure you already have been a fan of Ajmal fragrances because of their performance & collection. This brand has been in the industry for over 60 years and that’s hell lot of time. One can sustain for such long period only  on the basis of quality service & products. Hence I am going to put 3 fragrances from Ajaml too which I think are worth trying the new year 2018.

Ajmal Carbon – Man EDP

Ajmal Carbon Man EDP

Ajmal Carbon Man EDP

This fragrance is for adventour loving people. The ones who are full of life and want to seize every moment. Formulated by Nazir Ajmal, Carbon has Citrus & Lavender as top notes. The middle notes belong to Clove & Violet. The Base notes are from Patchouli & Musk. Wear this fragrance to show off your lively personality. The perfume is priced just at INR 1200 for 100ml.

Ajmal Neutron – Man EDP

Ajmal Neutron Man EDP

Ajmal Neutron Man EDP

A genuine woody & musky fragrance for man. Available at just Rs. 1200, it is highly affordable. It has fruity top notes which give a truly refreshing feeling. At heart Neutron is citrus-y while the base notes are all woody & musky to give it a true manly touch. I personally really like this fragrance from Ajmal. He smells really desirable whenever he wears this smell.

Ajmal Dreamer – Women EDP

Ajmal Dreamer Man EDP

Ajmal Dreamer Man EDP

Dreamer is for a woman who dares to dream. She knows what she wants and she is ready to take up adventure in her journey. This aromatic fragrance brings out the sporty you.

Dreamer has citrus-y top notes which are fresh and aromatic. The middle notes are from Woody, Ambery, Floral & Fruity. The base notes give a hint of Mossy, Floral & Musky. The fragrance is available at only INR 999 for 100ml.


So here I conclude my review of few Skinn & Ajmal Perfumes. I hope you enjoyed the review. Let me know if you already have used these fragrances.

Skin Titan

New Year, New Fragrances

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  1. I have tried a couple of Skinn By Titan perfumes and they are very strong and long lasting. I like the packaging of Celeste one…

  2. Those perfumes look great and tempting to try. If I would pass by to a store, I would probably try to find this kind of perfume.

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