Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub : Review

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub

100% Natural Green Tea Lip Scrub. Sounds nice huh? That too from a herbal brand – Neemli Naturals. I have already used a coffee scrub from the brand which contained fullers earth & coffee. The scrub gave me an idea to make sandalwood powder + coffee scrub cum face pack which works really well for my skin.

Coming back to Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub, I received it in my recent glamEgo box. I started using it the same day. So by now I have used it quite few times and I think, I should spill the beans today. I already like the herbal name of the brand- Neemli… Isn’t that very thoughtful.

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub (3)

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub

If you ask me me Lip Scrub ritual mostly involves a wet toothbrush over my lips after brushing my teeth. Whenever my DIY spriti wakes up, once in a while, I like to rub some sugar + almond oil over my lips. Yeah that’s pretty much it. I also had my hands on only for the first and last time over a packaged lip scrub, from Lush…. and yeah it was very lavish too, I loved how it looked in the small tub, how it smelled & how it felt on my lips…. still treasure the memory of that scrub.

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub

The lip scrub contains all natural ingredients – Green Tea, Almond Oil, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Beeswax. Green Tea is an anti oxidant while Bees wax is definitely going to nourish lips with other oils in the scrub. The combination also works to lighten up lip pigmentation if you have any.


Rs. 250. I can’t tell the exact amount of the product, but it must something in between 10-15 gram since nothing has been mentioned.


Green Tea, Almond Oil, Raw (Brown)Sugar, Coconut Oil, Beeswax

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub - Ingredients

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub – Ingredients


Comes packaged inside a small transparent pot with a black screw in cap over its mouth. The cap has a green colored label which states the product name as well as the ingredients of the scrub. There is also a small plastic lid over the lip scrub to avoid any spill. And that’s all about the packaging. Nothing fancy.

Fragrance & Texture

It smells mostly of green tea and has some after notes of sugar of course. So it’s herbal and sweet smelling lip scrub. It looks green while siting in the tub but goes pretty much transparent with bit of green hue when taken out and applied over the lips. The scrub has very minute grannuals which gives a nice scrubbing without hurting them. You will also notice lots of oil in the texture since it contains Almond oil, Coconut  oil & bees was.

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub (2)

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub

My experience

When I receive a new product I have a tendency to start using it right away until I get fascinated by a new product. So when I saw this in my glamEgo box I was like ‘ Oh, a small cutie, let’s try it right away’. And since then I have used it 3-4 times. Mostly before doing any lip swatches since it brings out fresh & moisturized lips.

The texture of the scrub is just perfect. The raw sugar which acts as an exfolliant in the scrub is finely grounded hence it’s not like that regular sugar cubes we generally get from super market. It does not fall out since there is just right amount of oils & bees wax that binds the grannuals together.

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub - Texture

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub – Texture

I take a pinch of this scrub and apply it over my lips, scrubbing with my forefinger, I can feel the raw sugar melting slowly due to the warmth. And slowly it just vanishes away while the oil is still on my lips. My lips feel real fresh, soft, moisturized & raw.

I feel it’s a nice lip scrub, I just wish it had a better color. The green color does not look that enchanting to me.

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub (4)

Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub

Overall, Neemli Naturals Green Tea Lip Scrub, is a 100% natural green tea scrub containing other fabulous natural ingredients like Almond oil, Coconut oil, raw sugar & Bees Wax. It smells herbal & sweet, feels nice on lips, gives a nice scrubbing effect leaving lips soft, supple & moisturized. I feel the price of the product is reasonable too while being economical in long term.

Have you used this lip scrub? Do you make your own lip scrubs? Let me know…


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  1. This lip scrub looks like a good one to try out… My dry lips always need a lip scrub and I can try it… By the way the brand is very new to me…

    • I have used two products from the brand and both fared really well…. so It’s safe I can say it’s a nice brand!!!!

  2. I have used couple of products from Neemli and liked it. This seems like a good lip scrub at an affordable price. Nice review…

  3. I love the coffee scrub of#nn…m sure the lip scrub is also amazing

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