Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist : Review

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It's Friday Hair Mist (4)

Hair Mist. Honestly, I feel this is one of the most unnecessary thing you might keep in your vanity. But then my vanity is full of unnecessary things, why to blame this tiny slim bottle of fragranted water.

What Is A Hair Mist?

A hair mist is hair perfume. It can refresh your hair whenever wherever required. It is not just water but is also enriched with vitamins & minerals to give them bounce& shine along with mystical fragrance.

Do You Need A Hair Mist?

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It's Friday Hair Mist

Hair Mist – A Luxury? A Necessity?

A hair mist comes really handy on a day when you are extra sporty, sweating or need a quick hair fix. These mists are quite innovative. A hair mist can really be your best friend if you sweat a lot and you don’t want to wash your hair everyday to get rid of the smell. Also some hair mists are enriched with essential hair food that they can treat your excessive dry or oily hair.

Natural Bath & Body Thank God! It’s Friday Hair Mist

Priced at Rs.525/- for 100 ml, it is a new age hair mist which makes your hair to go lively again while smelling fresh & sweet. Spray it everyday before stepping out or whenever you feel like smelling nice.


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Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist – Packaging

It comes in a transparent brown-ish plastic bottle with a black pump fitted at the top. The pump has a transparent cap to avoid accidents. The bottle is transparent, and quite sturdy hence travel friendly too. So you can carry it along in your handbag and use it throughout the day.


Natural Bath & Body Thank God It's Friday Hair Mist Swatch

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist Swatch

The fragrance is heavenly. It’s fruity sweet. It smells very nice and I feel like smelling it. Texture wise it’s a clear water like liquid.

How I Liked This Hair Mist?

Honestly this is my first hair mist received in one of my fab bag. I never really thought about using one since I did not feel like it. I usually wash my head every alternate day hence there was not much need of either this product or this kind of product.

I received this hair mist on one of my fab bag subscription. I said, okay, nice. Let’s try this thing too. I quite liked the smell. I was very impressed by the refreshing fragrance it was giving away.

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It's Friday Hair Mist (2)

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist

I have quite dry hair & drier hair ends. I was expecting it to give some moisture to my hair may be I was expecting too much out of a fragranted water. It did nothing of that sort. It kind of dried my hair more.

The reverse theory worked. Water taking out water away from a source. It left my hair crying for moisture & rough. It was a bad experience, I still showed some courage but no there was no mercy. It again did not work on my hair. But yes if you have oily ir normal hair types it would work better while making them smell nice.

The smell stays in hair for few hours which is a nice thing.

Do I Recommend Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It's Friday Hair Mist Ingredients

Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist

  • If you have normal to oily hair type, you will find it nice & refreshing  treat for your hair.
  • If you have dry hair, this will leave them drier.
  • It keeps the hair smelling nice.

Overall, Natural Bath & Body Thank God It’s Friday Hair Mist, is a pricey bet. Not a a must have but a luxury one. It will give nice results to the one with normal to oily hair.

Hope you liked the review. I did not have much to write about this product as I did not use it much. It does not work for me. It just smells nice, I might use it as a room freshener. LOL

Much Love ❤ 

Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


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