My Experience With L’Oreal Hair Spa At Galaxy Salon, Sector 7, Dwarka

L'Oreal Professional hair spa with inner spa and power lipidium

Hair Spa is as important as a facial is. It is mostly ignored which leads to dull, rough & damaged hair due to environmental pollution & unhealthy lifestyle habits. A hair spa can really rejuvenate otherwise dull & lifeless hair.

One lazy Saturday afternoon, I headed to Galaxy Salon to infuse some life into my always thirsty & malnourished hair. I am not that always-self-pampering type of person. I would rather like to read something on a lazy afternoon. Since the salon is not much far away from place, I made up my mind & thought to test out their hair spa range. I have been to this salon many times before. My SIL got her wedding makeup done by Galaxy’s makeup artist. Once I got my makeup done at their makeup studio. Also I have got a few de tan facials at this salon. I am quite confident about the products that they use.

loreal hair spa

Galaxy Salon’s hair services start at Rs. 499. Their hair spa range start at Rs. 700. I was greeted with beautiful smile by the staff, since they already knew me. The hair dresser examined my hair. He was very thorough about his examination. He checked my scalp, and then my hair from root to tips. He made a sad face and told me, my hair were really dry, specially at the ends. Henna application also made the scalp and my hair more dry. He insisted on getting an advance hair spa from L’Oreal, which included L’Oreal Professionnel Inner Spa Scalp & Hair Soothing Treatment and L’Oreal Professionnel Power Repair Lipidium.

It started with a hair wash with L’Oreal Absolute Repair Shampoo. The hair dresser washed my hair twice to get rid of the oil (mabh oil) out of my hair. I mostly oil my hair the night before washing my hair. My hair were towel dried ( I don’t like to towel dry my hair since a towel is kind of rough on hair while the hair are fragile). He left my hair to air dry for a minute while he was preparing for his next step.

L’Oreal Professionnel Inner Spa Scalp & Hair Soothing Treatment

L'Oreal Professional inner spa scalp & hair soothing treatment

This is a Vitamin E based lotion to be applied on scalp directly. Vitamin E  is considered to be a boon for healthy & shiny hair. Vitamin E can really do wonders to dull hair. The treatment works to soothe down scalp, hydrates it & reduces dandruff as a result. A hairdresser will suggest it for a sensitive & dry scalp type.

Since my scalp was dry due to henna application few days back, he applied the entire tube on my scalp alone. He massaged it into my scalp and hair roots gently to get it absorbed. The lotion was nothing sticky or heavy but was quite runny in consistency. The smell was nothing pungent but chemically.

L’Oreal Professionnel Power Repair Lipidium

L'Oreal Professional power lipidium

This is a magic potion to revive hair from root to tip. The hair which are dry and damaged, this potion, hydrates, boosts shine & protects them from further damage. You can buy it here. It’s not that costly as the other products of the brand.

My hair dresser opened the vile & used a small hand held pump to spray it over my hair from root to tip thoroughly. It looked like he was spraying water. Later he gently massaged my hair trying to make the potion sink deep into hair shaft hydrating them.

On a side note, I enjoy such head massages, as they are so relaxing. It felt like I so needed it while I didn’t know it.

L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Olive Oil

L'Oreal Professional Hair Spa Nutritive Olive Oil

For smoother, shinier & softer hair, go for the Extra Nutritive Oil from L’Oreal Professional range. This hair oil is suitable for all hair type. The hair oil contains Olive Oil, Vitamin E & natural flower oil to nourish hair completely without going flat.

Next, the hair dresser mixed this oil with L’Oreal Professional Cream Bath Hair Spa, now that was new. He was really intended to give my hair a boost of moisture so he included everything he could in the regimen.

L’Oreal Professional Cream Bath Hair Spa

L'Oreal Professional Cream Hair Bath

This is a very well known product form L’Oreal Professional series. Any L’Oreal hair spa can not complete with out this hair mask. It is one hell of a creamy face mask. I never bought it & used at home, but it works great on my hair whenever my hair dresser used it at my hair. You can buy it here.

Mixing the hair oil & the cream bath, you can imagine, what a potent hair mask it became. He applied this mixture on my hair from root to tip while smothering my scalp for extra nourishment.

Followed by another round of massage, I was very relaxed. A steam session went for few minutes. And lastly a final hair rinse was given. On my damp hair, he applied Matrix Biolage Hair Serum, which was odd. He said this serum is nothing less in performance than the L’Oreal ones. I did not argue more. He combed my hair, not a single hair was shed while he used a paddle brush on my hair.

loreal hair spa (3)

Finally I touched my hair, they felt really smooth, nourished & lovely. My hair felt highly hydrated with all the power potions used in the spa. I could not stop touching my hair again and again. I left the place with a happy face.

loreal hair spa (2)

Thought I should do a mini review of L’Oreal Professionnel Power Repair Lipidium,  L’Oreal Professionnel Inner Spa Scalp & Hair Soothing Treatment, L’oreal Professionnel CreamBath Hair Spa and L’Oreal Professionnel Extra Nutritive Olive Oil so that it could help you guys pick the products if you get a chance. Hope you enjoyed the post.


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