Must Have Nightdresses In Your Wardrobe


What a woman want? She wants to stay top notch every moment of her life. Even while she is retiring to bed, she likes to slip into a comfortable yet stylish night wear. Nightdresses are not just sleep wear they are more than that. For every mood of woman, there is a type of night wear too. Every woman must have few exotic yet made to fit her style mantra nightdresses. These nightdresses are tailored to make a woman feel special while she is in it. After all you are spending a lot of time in it. Wearing them all night long and then wearing them until you change to work clothes or for casual outings. You really deserve few extra stylish & comfy pieces in your wardrobe. And no, you don’t have to go out hunting for your type of nightdresses, there are lots of online shopping websites which will serve you just right.

Tee & Shorts

If you like sexy yet comfortable, a pair of tee & shorts would do for you. It’s minimal and very stylish. Above all, the pair would let you be you. An ultra chic, whose trendy mode is still on. You can also replace the tee with a camisole.

Long Lacy Slip

Had a long day at work? Take off the day with your clothes and get into into a long lacy slip that makes you feel special & feminine This nightdress is for the nights you want to stay comfortably stylish & feminine. I think it’s kind of sexy too, because it does not reveal much but gives a hint of your beautiful curves.

Satin Slip

Satin Slip

Satin Slip ©

Satin feels so luxurious on skin, don’t you agree? If you like the touch of satin between the sheets too, a satin slip will be your best choice. It’s a classic. You just can’t say no to the beauty of this nightdress.

Satin PJs

Pajama is kind of your BFF and you feel ultra comfortable in one. A satin pajama makes sure to give you that ultra comfort that you always desire. It’s good for long mornings during weekends when you take extra time to get into shower. Also sometimes you like to spend your lazy afternoons in your pajama only. This is the one of the most loved nightdresses that we love to flaunt without hesitation.

Baby Doll Dresses

Baby Doll Dress

Baby Doll Dress ©

When it comes to wooing him, a baby doll dress is the most desirable of all the nightdresses. If you are a soon-to-be bride and you have hoarded few nightdresses already, make sure you have got few baby Doll nightdresses too. Don’t stop at one, grab as much as you want. They are effortlessly sexy. They say what you would be wanting to say. Just don’t forget to breath when he is taken aback in this sexy avatar.

Printed Slips

Patterned Satin Slip

Patterned Satin Slip ©

You love patterns, you surely can wear them at night too. The prints could be loud or minimal, it’s your choice. You can find a lot of options,through online shopping websites.

Rob Nightdress

Nightdress With Rob

Nightdress With Rob ©

It’s actually a multi function nightdress. There could be a slip or a camisole -pajama. The pair comes with a rob.  The slip could be of any length, like till your thighs, up to your knees or full length. A rob basically assist you when you want a nice cover. It could be worn during a chilly morning or on your night out stroll after dinner. This piece give you ultra comfy feeling.

Cotton Nightdresses

This a the most basic of all nightdresses. It is comfortable but should not be underrated in terms of style too. Online shopping websites has nice options for cotton nightdresses too consisting of various lengths, colors, styles & designs. I am sure you would not stop at one.


I hope, by now, you have got an idea how important it is too have a few nice nightdresses so that we could sleep comfortably. A good night’s sleep can be ensured if we opt for comfortable clothes. Going to sleep looking gorgeous every night will only enhance your sleep quality, don’t you agree?

Much Love

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Nisha Malik

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  1. Wow! I really love those beautiful night dresses. All look so comfy, I’m looking forward to wearing some of these night dresses.

  2. I loved the collection. I feel comfortable with a tee short or pajama. Though satin looks and feels good I prefer cotton as I never like satin material

  3. I love the whole collection printed slips are something I was looking for I will check myntra right away.. Thanks my dear

  4. I always prefer my tees and shorts. They’re so comfy. But I love satin dresses as well. They make me feel nice and relaxed on days I feel low! 🙂

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