Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream – 02, 13, 28, 39, 41 : Swatches & Review

miss claire soft matte lip cream (3)

I thought it would be a good idea to do a detailed review on Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams, as I am giving them away to appreciate your readership. The lip creams as I have mentioned in my some previous post, are dupes of NYX lip creams which come by the same name. Can a brand totally mimic other brand so closely? I wonder.

Even if it is allowed, we are in for a treat, ain’t we? We get almost same formula and pigmentation on a cheaper price. The shades, I tell you, I was so amused to see the shade ranges. There are like so many shades in a single colour. You know what I mean? You find lots of pinks, reds, coral, and what not. The shades vary slightly in color from each other. It gets really difficult to choose a single color.

About Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream

What Miss Claire, has to say about these lip creams? The brand states that the lip cream is not a lipstick nor it is a gloss. It is something in between. Though we have experienced the same formula before from NYX, still the brand claims that it’s new and we have not experienced it before. Whatsoever, I quite liked the formula.

miss claire soft matte lip cream (2)


This totally depends upon the type of store you are purchasing these lip creams from. You can get them in between 200 to 350, As I have noticed. The price is not fixed and it varies, offline to online. Product weighs 6.5 grams, according to the brand while I doubt it.


These lip creams come in almost same packaging as NYX Soft Matte lip creams, with Miss Claire printed in bold. The only difference in the packaging is the printing orientation. Miss Claire lip creams are contained in colour coded plastic tubes with black screw-in long applicator wand at the top. The applicator is soft and picks right amount of product. The applicator wand s pointy hence let me outline my lips. I find the packaging attractive, sleek  and sturdy.

miss claire soft matte lip cream applicator wand

Taste, Texture & Smell

The lip cream definitely feels real smooth upon application. The texture is really fine. I actually feel like I am applying a high end product. If I press my lips together after application, I feel a buttery finish on my lips. I am not fond of the smell though. The smell is not that pungent, encounter it only once when I open the tube. There is no weird taste associated with these lip creams, which makes it quality product.

I always wear lip balm if I am going to wear a matte lip product since most of the lip products are not that moisturising. It is true for the lip creams also. It does not dry out lips, on it’s own, but sometimes, when my lips are not hydrated enough, the feeling is not good.


The pigmentation of the lip creams is commendable. One swipe gives desired colour even on pigmented lips. Since the lip cream are really pigmented and concentrated, you need to take out quite a lot of product to cover your lips.

miss claire lip cream swatch


The lip creams stay for 3-4 hours surviving small meals/sips. It goes away in patches which is not desired. So either  I reapply the lip cream or take it off completely after 3-4 hours.


When I apply it on my lips, it gives semi satin finish due to it’s very fine and smooth texture. But later on the product gives matte lips. My lips look fuller some how after wearing this formula.

Shade Description

I picked up 5 shades randomly – 02, 13, 28, 39 & 41. All of these are really gorgeous.

miss claire soft matte lip cream shades

Shade – 02

This is a perfect brown nude shade, to go with the Arabian night style smokey eyes. These type of shades does not complement my skin tone much, but I still love this shade.

miss claire soft matte lip cream-02

Shade – 13

It is another nude shade, which is peachy brown. I generally prefer these type of nudes to wear daily so that they do not look too bright for a day look but still completes my look.

miss claire soft matte lip cream-13

Shade – 28

This is a very beautiful pink. I loved it the moment I saw this at the store. It gives the exact colour as Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gradation Pink 2.

miss claire soft matte lip cream-28

Shade – 39

It is a coral shade. It brightens up my face. This shade can be worn during day or night.

miss claire soft matte lip cream-39

Shade – 41

This is another coral shade but more brighter than 39. It is brighter hence, I would not wear it during day, but would perfectly brighten up my night outs. But this shade gives little uneven coverage. You can see it by your self in the picture below.

miss claire soft matte lip cream-41


  • Smooth and very fine texture.
  • Matte finish.
  • Pigmentation is intense.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Wide range of shades.
  • Affordable.
  • Quality product.
  • Attractive and sturdy packaging.
  • Dupe of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.
  • Miss Claire is a cruelty free brand.

miss claire soft matte lip cream


  • Product quantity is very less in each tube that I have ever used. I don’t think the tube actually contains even 4 g of the product which is a standard weight.

  • It takes little time to set and to give matte finish.
  • Comes off in patches which make the lips looking weird.
  • I had a hard time locating a physical store of this brand.

Summary : 4/5

I totally love these lip creams. I have had used few already and will definitely get more shades from this range. I like the buttery soft texture and the pigmentation of these lip creams. Plus they are so affordable. I feel Miss Claire makes quality products.


Do you know Incolor too has got same product called Lip Polish? Read my experience here & here.

Have you used these lip creams? Any favourite shade? Leave your comments.

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  1. I have not used miss clair but lakme absolute lip tint creme is my fav 🙂

  2. Though not used them in person but as per your swatches and review, I like Miss Clair soft Matt lip cream shade 13 & 39 😍

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