Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – 128 Warm Nude, 230 Natural Buff, 310 Sun Beige : Swatches & Review

maybelline fit foundation 310 , 230, 128 (3)

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Today, I wanted to talk about how on a period of time I hoarded 4 foundations from Maybelline Fit Me + Pore less range. Yes, 4. Out of which 2 are 310 Sun Beige. My very first Maybelline Fit Me foundation (reviewed here), was a gift from my sister since back then the fit me range had not been launched in India. I loved the texture and the finish it gave, but, the shade was dark on my light-medium wheatish skin tone.

I gave it away to some one close. When the fit me range came to India, I went to a physical store by myself, and some how I still got another 310 Sun Beige since I didn’t remember that the previous shade was also 310. Such a bummer. I got another orangish shade.

maybelline fit foundation 310 , 230, 128 (2)

After 2 months I started hunting for the perfect shade again. This time I went through a lot of online swatches and zeroed on 230, Natural Buff, because it was the next shade from 310. To my disbelief, 230 Natural Buff & 310 Sun beige are just the same, exactly the same. I can’t tell any difference by seeing the bottle or after wearing it on my face. What the hell?

Last Saturday, I made my last attempt to find a shade closer to my skin tone, see how optimistic I am. There I found 128 Warm Nude, which looked yellowish but brighter than 310 & 230. I asked the SA to swatch it on my hand. She did, it felt little lighter than my skin tone. I still got it.

Why I got the 4th bottle? Frankly, by now, I have gotten little fed up and bored with the fit me range, some how it’s not working that well in winter, as it used to work on me during summer. The only way I use the already bought dark shade bottles is to mix them with light shade. I got no 128  warm nude, which is the lightest shade with yellow undertones. I hope mixing the dark and light shades would give me the exact shade that I desire.

maybelline fit foundation 310 , 230, 128 swatches

By now I have tried mixing 128 & 310 just once, but I was not impressed since the ratio was 3:1, it still came out little white-ish . Next time I will try an equal amount of both the foundations. I hope it works out better.

I feel the Fit Me Liquid Foundation range from Maybelline is just like MAC foundations, it gives the perfect finish & coverage but the shades are techy. You must find your own shade or mix and match if you fail to find your shade in this range. I will update this post in case I made the wrong shades to work for me somehow.

maybelline fit foundation 310 , 230, 128

In case you are interested check out the detailed review on Maybelline Fit Me + Pore Less Foundtaion.



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  1. Hiiii i used maybeline fit me foundation 128shade no…..bhut im little confused to choose of fit me compact plz suggest me whiche shade i choose

    • Hey, did foundation shade 128 perfectly suit your complexion? Then you can go for the same number in compact too. what is your confusion? Please explain.

  2. hii am n fit me 230 shade can u plz tell me which shade concealer suit me …

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