MamaEarth Feel Better Tea : What Makes It Better?

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Review Of MamaEarth Feel Better Tea – Coming from a teaholic.

A herbal or Green Tea, is a tea for health. But it does not mean that it has to be bitter & tasteless. I have been trying to adopt green/herbal tea while cutting down my intake of the traditional milk-sugar tea. But the transition is not smooth. Most of the green/herbal teas that I have tried so far could not wean me off from having a milk tea at least 3 times a day. If I have to drink my regular tea after having a cup of green tea, it’s a total waste. Yes I have done that. It was quite a renowned brand that left me feeling gross.

About 2 weeks back, MamaEarth contacted me to try out their new range of health tea – Feel Better Tea, I kind of crossed my fingers when I sipped it for the very first time. I really wanted MamaEarth Feel Better Tea to taste bearable. What happened? Did it pass my flavor test? You will know very shortly.

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea

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MamaEarth Feel Better Tea

The brand – MamaEarth is a startup By the parents For the parents which exists to solve seemingly little problems of young parents by providing certified toxin free, international standard products under the First MadeSafe Certified brand in Asia.

MamaEarth Traditional Recipes brings MamaEarth Feel Better Tea to improve immunity & digestion. The tea is infused with Nettle Leaf, Chamomile, Ginger & Mint. The tea is sourced from the Himalayas. The tea is free of Caffine & does not contain GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), which makes it 100% natural.


MamaEarth Feel Better Tea - Ingredients

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea – Ingredients

Nettle Leaf – Nettle is a strong anti oxidant which purifies blood and cures upset stomach. It also helps with skin issues like Acne, Eczema, rashes etc.

Chamomile – It calms the nerve system while building immunity and aiding in digestion. It also helps you sleep better by relaxing your mind.

Mint – It boosts immune system, especially against the common cold and cough. It also helps to reduce menstrual cramps.

Ginger – It aids in digestion, reduces nausea, helps manage imbalance in the gut & builds immunity.

These 4 ingredients were enough to get me hooked onto this tea. I have been sipping it daily twice between meals as instructed.

How To Brew A Perfect Cup Of MamaEarth Feel Better Tea?

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea - Color

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea – Color

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea is herbal tea which needs to be prepared as you prepare other herbal teas. But even a herbal tea needs to be prepared the right way to reap all the benefits of the tea. Follow these steps to brew a perfect cup of this herb infused tea:

  1. Boil 200ml water.
  2. Pour it in your favorite cup containing a tea bag of MamaEarth Feel Better Tea.
  3. Cover the cup with a lid and let the tea bag sit in it for 15 minutes.
  4.  After 15 minutes, take out the bag and squeeze it slightely to get the essence of the tea into your cup.
  5. Your fresh cup of herb tea is ready. Drink it to your health.

Why MamaEarth Feel Better Tea Replaced My Regular Milk Tea?

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea - Tea Bags

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea – Tea Bags

I am a teaholic. I just have to get at least 3 cups of tea throughout my day. Sometimes even more. This leads to several health problems as I am experiencing. Acidity & Acne (sugar induced) are the most prominent.

The taste of this tea is herbal no doubt but it is not bitter as I was expecting it to be. It has right amount of herbs with out any bitterness in the taste. I also add a pinch of Cinnamon to the boiling water to enhance the taste of the tea. Cinnamon can add more taste to any herbal/green tea. Fragrance of this tea is of course herbal & mild.

I drink one cup of MamaEarth Feel Better Tea around noon which is generally a low point of the day for me. But this tea really boosts my energy levels. It has soothing aroma which calms down my senses & keeps me cheerful to sail through the day easily. About 5 O’clock I take another cup of this herbal tea. For better results, it is advised to be taken twice a day.

I have been using it for some days twice a day and I feel my stomach is more healthy. I don’t get acidity problems as much as I used to before starting MamaEarth Tea.  I definitely am going to continue using this herb tea.

Who Should Drink This Tea?

I think every woman should drink this tea. It tastes nice & boosts energy levels keeping you active throughout the day. Internally helps making you strong. It is a really nice replacement for the traditional tea.

Price & Availability

Priced at Rs. 599 for 30 Tea Bags of Herb Tea. It is pricey no doubt. The tea can be sourced from MamaEarth’s website.


MamaEarth Feel Better Tea

MamaEarth Feel Better Tea

  1. Infused with Nettle Leaf, Ginger, Mint, Chamomile , Fennel Seeds & Fenugreek.
  2. Caffeine free & Non GMO
  3. No bitter taste.
  4. 100% Natural
  5. Boosts energy levels.
  6. Improves digestion & immunity.
  7. Pricey.

Disclaimer: Green/Herbal Tea should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also if you have a known hypersensitive to Nettle Plant or any plant within Persely family like Fennel seed. This product was sent to me by the brand for honest review.

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