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MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin (2)

Hello Mama,

I am a mother too. After delivery, when I saw my body for the very first time, it was horrendous. It took me many months to accept my new body, my new but imperfect body. Yes my body was imperfect. My belly button was still hanging out there, my tummy skin was all saggy, and I was still looking 6 months pregnant. You want to hear about my Stretch Marks? They were all over the body. Not just my tummy but in between my thighs, and over my breasts too. It felt like my little one secretly scratched me while he was inside my tummy. They say these stretch marks are your memories, but you still need to be at a level to embrace those memories. You can’t accept looking like a Zebra, can you?

It’s not like I did not use anything to prevent stretch marks. I used Bio Oil, Coconut Oil and even Palmer’s Creams but when you are carrying a 3.7 Kgs weight inside your tummy, how on the earth you would not get stretch marks. Practically there is nothing that can totally absolutely prevent stretch marks. They are inevitable if there is a lot of weight gain during pregnancy. But using some ingredients you can make your stretching skin more comfortable. You can aid your skin being more elastic so that skin tissues does not get torn in the process which results in stretch marks.

How To Remove / Lighten Stretch Marks?

I remember my mother does not have even a faint line on or around her tummy. Because skin heals itself. Your skin too will heal eventually, You can anyway speed up the healing. Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Pracaxi Oil and other such moisture rich, anti inflammatory and repairing ingredients can heal and lighten skin. MamaEarth Essential Body Oil is a new launch from the amazing brand MamaEarth. It’s just not me but every mommy is loving the beauty & baby ranges from MamaEarth. I loved using their anti hair fall kit, feel better tea, apple cidar vinegar to aid in weight loss, argan hair mask, C3 mask & the very latest Bye Bye Blemish.

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin (3)

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin is a parabene free, mineral oil free, herbal formulation of anti fungal, anti inflammatory and moisture rich ingredients. Pracaxi Oil, Argan oil, Sea Buckthron oil are high in skin repairing properties. This body oil is an essential part of a mama’s after shower routine. It deeply nourishes skin keeping it soft and supple. even though your stretch marks are old, there is always a hope for even those suborn marks.

Features Of MamaEarth Essential Body Oil

  • Prevents Stretch Marks
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Reduces Itchiness
  • Phthalate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Parabene Free
  • SLS Free

Price & Availability

A round slender 100ml bottle of MamaEarth Essential Body Oil is available for Rs. 499 at MamaEarth & Amazon.


MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin

Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Mulberry  Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pracaxi Oil Complex, Rose Hip Oil, Argan Oil, Green Tea Oil, Lavender Oil, Germanium Oil, Vitamin E.


MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin - Comes With A Pump

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin – Comes With A Pump

All of the MamaEarth products have a very beautiful white & pink themed packaging. MamaEarth Essential Body Oil comes in an opaque white bottle with a beautiful woman face printed  and a pump fitted at it’s top. The pump is secured with two transparent plastic caps. The caps fits in with a click sound beautifully.

All the information regarding the product is given on the bottle. I love how the product has been described. A personal touch is always assuring, specially to the mothers. The product is travel friendly too.

How To Use MamaEarth Essential Body Oil?

Pregnant Ladies: Start using this oil  from the start of the 2nd trimester because that’s when your tummy starts to stretch. Not just your tummy but there are many more body parts which are prone to getting stretch marks like your lower back, hips, thighs, and your breasts. Apply this oil & massage gently.

Busy Mama: So you have delivered a baby, but also worried if the stretch marks would go away or not. Apply MamaEarth Essential Body Oil and massage.

As A Body Moisturizer: This oil is a wonderful nourisher as it contains all the amazing moisturizing oils. I use it all over body for all day long moisture.

Fragrance & Texture

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil - Texture

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil – Texture

MamaEarth products has almost same fragrance as some other products, I noticed. I don’t know if it’s just me, but this body oil smells juts like MamaEarth Anti Hair Fall Conditioner. The smell is herbal but mild and non-irritating.

This is a yellow-ish body oil, is runny and non sticky. It sinks into skin without much hassle. It’s amazing how the oil feels so good. I use it after shower in the morning and I do not need to use any other body moisturizer after that.

My Experience With MamaEarth Essential Body Oil

I do have fair share of memories in terms of stretch marks on my abdomen. Stretch marks might not be left behind by pregnancy but even excess/instant weight/height gain/loss can also result in the sudden appearance of stretch marks.  So this oil could be used by anyone as any part of the body.

Stretch marks do take time to disappear. They might never vanish but could be minimized in appearance . I too have been applying oil in the same hope that it will repair the scar tissue and diminish the remaining traces of stretch marks on my tummy. I like the fuss free application of this oil. It gets absorbed into the skin beautifully leaving nothing behind.

I am also quite satisfied in terms of the moisture it gives to my skin.  It beautiful moisturizes my body. It makes my skin feel soft & supple. Moisturized skin always look beautiful. The oil is definitely among the must have a woman would want, does not matter what responsibilities she is carrying on her tender shoulders.

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin (3)

MamaEarth Essential Body Oil For Stretching Skin

Hope you liked the review. Stretch mark removal creams/oils are very subjective to the skin and it’s response to the solution. Also such solutions require a long period of time to come up with a verdict. But constant application for months always give result. So don’t lose hope in case one bottle could not erase them all in one go… after all they are memories… some of them must stay.


Much Love

Nisha ❤

Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


  1. I agree with you Nisha, sometimes its really difficult to accept your new body. I still have some stretch mark on my belly and I am going through a strict diet but still I have tummy. I have used Mamaearth product. Its C3 face mask is really good and currently I am using the boly lotion also. Will definitely try this product too.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. over a period of 6-7 mts i have extensively used multiple mama earth products and i must say, i am pretty happy with it. will check this out as well. it surely is a mama’s best friend.

  3. One of my favorite brands is Mama Earth. This oil looks effective as usual.

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