Slay It With Lino Perros : Affordable Fashion

Lino Perros- Affordable Fashion

You think your dress is too simple for an evening out, don’t change the dress, raid your closet and find the right handbag instead.

A handbag is your style statement. It is not just your arm candy. Your handbag does not only contain your essential things but lives up to your style quotient. But before you pick up any kind of handbag just stop. It’s important to match your handbag with your outfit & must be according to the occasion. Of course you know it darling, don’t you?

Glam Up –  it does not mean you have to slip into branded clothes, smear into high end makeup or flaunt your Michael Kors heels. Style is not something that comes with a tag. It’s something that’s inside you. It’s your Style Quotient.  Your can look stylish with affordable fashion too. All you need is your creativity & an eye for fashion.

Lino Perros is one such affordable lifestyle brand. It brings Italian fashion to India which we are already an avid follower of. So if you think Milan is miles away, and the fashion is beyond your reach, you are just over thinking. Glam up with Lino Perros Handbags.

Lino Perros Cover Changing Handbags

Lino Perros Cover Changing Handbags

What is so unique about Lino Perros handbags? What’s so unique? The Cover Changing Handbags. Yes you heard (err.. read) it right. I loved this concept. Like you change your morning dress and slip into evening dress, you can change the style of your bag. Opt for stripes or solid color bag. And no you don’t need a technician to take off that cover. It’s as easy as you unhook your bra.

Lino PErros - Affordable Fashion From Italy

Lino Perros – Affordable Fashion From Italy

Okay, Lino Perros is affordable but, no, there is no compromise with the quality & unique designs. The leather feels so genuine and soft. The handbags speak of style, elegance & high spirits.

I am really loving this black sling bag which I received from Lino Perros. This sling bag has nice space & detailing. It doubles up as a clutch since the sling is detachable. Isn’t that awesome? I really love such products which work multi way.

Lino Perros Black Leather Sling Bag

Lino Perros Black Leather Sling Bag

Lino Perros - Sling Bag as Clutch

Lino Perros – Sling Bag as Clutch

This sling bag is my current go to bag. It works amazingly for formal meetings as well as casual outings. It looks so chic. It really complements most of my outfits. The genuine leather and the stylish sling adds the real charm to the overall look of the handbag. Given the quality & affordability, I think there is no harm to hoard some more styles from the range available at various outlets in 35 cities & online shopping websites.

Find Your Style Quotient

Find Your Style Quotient

So I hope you agree that you don’t need high end fashion to look happening. It’s inside you, in your eyes, in your body language. But yes tasteful accessories can really pep up the game. Your confidence can steal the show. Rule the world with that attitude.

Much Love

Nisha ❤

Nisha Malik

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  1. I totally agree perfect accessories do matter….n u look so pretty. Every single pick portrays ur styoe and elegance in simplicity…

  2. The bag looks perfect with the white dress. Otherwise also black colour bag goes with all. I would like to get one for me.

  3. That’s a pretty bag, but I’ve been using a hand bag for a long time, because of the tragedy in my life, I’m afraid and the phobia

  4. I love these affordable stuffs! They look so awesome! This is my kind of fashion.

  5. A good accessory can uplift an entire look. In this case the bag and the neckpiece have accentuated a plain white dress. LOved the look.

  6. Agree that our confidence and our attitude also make us look good or attractive . All these bags designs looks awesome. Love the way you carry urself very smartly and love your white elegant outfit.

  7. Agree that our confidence and attitude can make us looks good and beautiful. Like the designs of all bags. And love the way you carry urself so nicely with this white elegant outfit.

  8. Perfect accessories make you look awesome, the hand bag was specially beautiful. You looked pretty.

  9. I am so jealous with you right now.. This bag of Lino Peros is so dramatic yet very beautiful

  10. i really liked the black clutch this looks awesome, i really liked your neckpiece too…details please!!!

  11. Waoo.. You are looking so gorgeous. This white dress is reflecting the fashion sensation hidden in you. Your images prove a simple dress can make you look far better than a costly dress.

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