Kylie Professional Powder Puff : Review

Sometimes, you really get lucky. Few days back I was just browsing through my nearby cosmetic store and got my hands on Kylie Professional Powder Puff. It’s a basic makeup blender. I was not sure if it was a generic product. But I was priced only 200 bucks so I did not mind trying my luck.

Some foundations are really techie to work with specially the ones with high coverage like Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This foundation is really thick and needs a nice tool to ease the application. I tried Kylie beauty sponge to wear Double Wear foundation and was I impressed? You will know in a while.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff

Kylie Professional Powder Puff (3)

Kylie Professional Powder Puff

This fine soft puff has a very good texture & villus density is high. The makeup sponge is a piece of fine work ship which gives a soft touch to skin. The sponge is durable & useful to be used for any kind of makeup. This is actually an essential tool for any makeup look. The puff does not deform.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff (4)

Kylie Professional Powder Puff

Price & Availability

It’s an imported product and you can find it anywhere between 150 INR to 300 INR in Indian market online or offline.


The puff comes packaged in a clear plastic box where the box has all the detailing about the product. The sponge is round in shape with pointed tip and flat base.

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How To Use Kylie Professional Powder Puff?

  • Take some product over the puff, and dab across the desired area. Keep on dabbing until you get the desired finish & coverage.
  • Use the pointed tip to reach under the nose, under eyes and to cover the blemishes.

How To Take Care Of Kylie Professional Powder Puff?

It’s very important to keep the puff clean to stop the breeding of bacteria. Simple take it under running water, apply a brush cleanser or mild shampoo. Rub the puff gently to get rid of the bacteria and makeup residual. Rinse under running water until the sponge is clear of soapy water.

Squeeze the excess water out of the sponge & place it on a clean surface to dry it. It’s advisable to keep it under direct sunlight to protect from bacteria.

My Experience

Kylie Professional Powder Puff- Still Damp

Kylie Professional Powder Puff- Still Damp

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Stay Fresh 24HR Foundation & Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, are two really thick foundations even though they magically feel light on skin. Using just fingers, mostly give cakey look since the formulas are quick-dry. Using a makeup blender makes things bit easy.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff is a dense sponge. I always use it bit damp so that it does not soak up my makeup. Rather it gives more natural finish. I take the foundation on the back of my hand, pick bit of the product with the sponge and dab it on my face. The tip of the sponge is great help for tiny areas like over & under the nose and under & inner eye area. The flat portion covers larger area like cheeks and the forehead. it’s really easy to work with the sponge. Even a beginner can work with this sponge.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff - Soaks Very Little MAkeup

Kylie Professional Powder Puff – Soaks Very Little Makeup

The makeup finish with the sponge is more natural  & even as compared to what I get from my fingers since when you use your fingers the pressure might be uneven.

I have also tried applying powder with it, which is again a nice experience.

I like the fact that while washing it even if I twist it, the sponge retains it’s shape beautifully. There are no deformations I have noticed till now.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff in Action

Kylie Professional Powder Puff in Action

Do I Recommend Kylie Professional Powder Puff?

Yes. If you spot one, grab it.

Kylie Professional Powder Puff (2)

Kylie Professional Powder Puff


Kylie Professional Powder Puff, is a high quality makeup sponge which can be used to apply foundation, powder and other liquid/powder/cream makeup easily to attain natural & even finish. It’s easy to use & clean. Does not lose it’s shape. The sponge is very affordable & durable too.

Here I conclude my review of Kylie Professional Powder Puff. I was quite lucky to find this amazing sponge. I still don’t know if it’s an original piece or fake and don’t even care now since it’s working amazingly for me.

Do you ever happen to get lucky like this? You wandering eyes ever caught something amazing? Leave your comments below.


Much Love.

Nisha ❤

  1. honestly, i never paid heed to these funny looking sponges. I rather used my fingers or the ones that we get in the market, the rectangular ones. but the finish with this one looks soo neat!!