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how to wear lipstick like a pro

Aarti Sharma from Rohtak, asks me how I wear those perfect matte lips. She says whenever she wears matte lipsticks, her lips start to look patchy & dry after 2-3 hours. Also her lips are little pigmented. She seeks some advice. Instead of giving her a reply on email, I thought, it’s something I can share with you all.

Do you too love wearing matte lipsticks? I too. Specially summers call for matte lipsticks for long lasting color on lips. It’s actually really easy to flaunt perfectly shaped matte lips in just few steps. Read on…

Exfoliate You Lips Regularly

SUgar Scrub

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Lips exfoliation is as important as skin exfoliation.  Our lips accumulate dead skin & product build up in every 2-3 days. It’s important to exfoliate and reveal new, soft & radiant lips. You can exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush or using a lip scrub. You can also use natural lip scrub made at home.

How to exfoliate lips using toothbrush?

You do not have to use much techniques while using a toothbrush to scrub your lips. You can do this while you are brushing your teeth. After brushing your teeth, while the toothbrush is still wet, gently scrub your lips with circular motion for a minute or two and you will notice baby soft & pink lips afterwords.

You can also use ready made lip scrubs or can make a simple lip scrub by mixing a tablespoon of sugar (white/brown) with little Oilve/Almond Oil. Use this scrub to exfoliate your lips.


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You should exfoliate lips once every 2-3 days, this will give your lips smooth & healthy look while giving a perfect base for lip products.

Moisturize Your Lips

Lip balms are a must if you are going for a matte lipstick. You should opt for a clear lip balm so that it does not interfere with the application & color of the lipstick that you are going to wear. You do not have to go full throttle with the lip balm, just swipe it across your lips once and you will get enough moisture.

Choose nice lip balm, the cheap and chemically laden lip balms hurt your soft skin & induces pigmentation. If possible wear SPF infused lip balms to protect them from sun damage.

Apply Foundation/Compact

To bring out the perfect color on lips, this is a nice step to follow if you are comfortable. Apply some foundation or compact powder over your lips. This step also enhances long lasting color & smudge free look for hours. Whenever you wear foundation on your face, wear some on your lips too.

Line Your Lips

using-lip-liner -

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It is important to line your lips. No matter how beautifully shaped lips you have, you should define the outer lines of your lips. It gives a clean finish to your lipstick. Also a lip liner can correct any flawed outlines too. You can draw new lines on to your lips giving them fuller look.

Make sure to choose the shade of the lip liner closest to that of your lipstick.

Apply Your Shade

It’s the time to wear your favorite matte lipstick. Start from the center of your upper lip and apply till the end on both sides, then apply on the bottom lip.

sugar smudge me liquid lipstick not tan fan 03 (2)

Blot & Reapply

To enhance the longevity of the color on your lips, blot it with a tissue & then reapply. This will also bring out the true color of the lipstick on your lips.

Quick Tip: Exfoliating lips regularly, moisturizing lips & using high quality lip products helps keeping lips soft & pigmentation free.

These were my few tips to flaunt that perfect matte pout. This may seem a lot, but trust me does not take much time, when you have to wear a matte lipstick for long hours without smudge, you should follow these steps with out fail. Enjoy.


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