How To Use Old Clothes To Create New Looks This Festive Season?

how to style long kurta

Do you buy new clothes every festival season? Is your closet full of clothes that you have heardly worn? It’s not just you but it’s like every girl’s story. So what is the solution? push them away further in your closet? Nah.

I know that was a very pretty dress you wore last Diwali, but hey, no, you can’t repeat that chaniya choli this year too. But yes there is one thing that you can do. ReUse, ReMatch & Restyle your old festival clothes to create new looks for this festival. I think we all have a stylist in ourselves & sure we don’t have to burn our pockets to get entirely heavy clothes to flaunt every festival. It’s not just Diwali or Bhai Dooj but you can do that for any occasion like a wedding or a  small party.

Why You Should Recycle, ReMatch & ReStyle Your Clothes?

Styling Long Kurta With Pants

It’s not just for festivals. Even if there is a nice pair of jeans that you love with your extra white chiffon top, don’t repeat it every week. Please don’t. You should try to recreate new looks. It actually makes you stand out in a crowd. It really makes you look more aware about styling. You will be the one stylista in your group if you can do that.

How To Re-cycle, Re-Match & Re-Style Your Clothes?

How To Use Old Clothes

It’s not a rocket science, at least for the girls. They know it very well. They can just visualize colors, combination, patterns & style in their mind and come up with conclusion. No you don’t have to be a fashion designing student to form your opinion.

how to use old clothes

To Recycle a cloth is not like you are recycling a paper. Running it through a paper shredding machine or something like that. It’s to create a new piece of garment that suits your own and unique style & needs. It should resemble your taste. For example, in case you think net sarees are out, you can anyway get them recycled into net gowns or suits. They are still in. I am in the process of creating something like that which I am going to share with you very soon.

Reuse Your Old CLothes

To ReMatch is to get another best combination of colors, patterns & designs for your existing clothes. We are in an era where any one can come up with their own personalized style and will not be judged. So you don’t have to step out wearing same churidar with your printed kurti. Become a Mix & Match girl. Go with color blocking pairing & get into the lime light.

Recreate new looks with old clothes

Redefine your style. Don’t always stay subtle. Experiment. Go glam up. Accessorize. Have fun creating new looks as frequently as you can. Use accessories to change the game. You can chose a statement neck piece, a nice flowing scarf or can go for subtle delicate jewellery. The one thing that you should keep in mind is your comfort.

About The Photo Shoot Here I am recreating a festive look from the clothes that I wore last year during the same time period. I got this hot pink brocade long kurta with center slit to pair up with pants last year. I wore it during Karwa Chauth day pooja. While  I adorned a beige-pink lehenga for the night ceremony. It is obvious that I can not repeat the same outfits back to back for Karwa Chauth and Diwali, hence I remixed both the outfits & created a new look.

Style long kurta with lehenga

To talk about the accessory & styling part, I just opted for a really heavy Mang Tika and that’s all. I did not even wear earrings since there was no scope. I did not opt for any other accessory except a delicate pair of anklets which are hardly visible in the post. Also the golden wedge heel goes very well with both the outfits. I totally adore them. I had no time to style my hair so settled for a messy nape bun.

Hope this post will inspire you to create new looks with your old but favorite clothes. Do you have any suggestions to the post? Please share below in the comments section.

Stay Fab Girls ❤

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