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Black Kurta Red Skirt Fusion with Ankelet

Your Competition Is You.

Once you start understanding the meaning of this golden phrase & start following this mantra, you become a better you every single day. But how do you compete with yourself? How often can you do that? How do you really decide which version is better?

Today, I am going bit off track because I have been to wanting to write about this from a long time. Mostly because I wanted to share my experience with you.

Get Up & Get Going

Black Kurta Red Skirt Fusion

You have been to much into hibernation. Get up now & hit the road. It’s never too late. You can still make it. You are not too young or too old. There are people doing it despite of several hurdles.

Admit When You Are Wrong

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I cannot stress enough on the importance of learning form your own mistakes, because when someone else tells you that you are mistaken, you might not respond very well to that. Here is a tweak, if you find it hard to accept your mistake in front of others, don’t do it straight away. Take some time, accept it in your mind and heart. Think out ways to get out of it. Take things slowly. Start working on the things that could make up for your mistake.

Get Out Of Your Cocoon

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Things might be wrong, but until you start accepting them they are going to stay like that. Accept your mistake or deafeat & get out of your shell with a plan B. If plan B fails, don’t worry, we have more alphabets.

Face Your Fear

Black Kurta Red Skirt Fusion with Ankelet Black Kurta Red Skirt Fusion - The Ankelet

Everybody has them. Some are less bothered while some make a lot of deal out their fears. The first step is to live your fear as often as possible to get it out of your mind. Because it’s all in your mind. I am not asking to pull off stunts like X-factor or Khatron Ke Khiladi here, but some thing more practical, like approaching people if you are really shy. Yes it could be as simple as that and as crucial as that.

Pat Your Back

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Only you owe to yourself. And only you know the taste of your success. Celebrate your victories no matter how small they are as much as you want to fuel up yourself for the next journey.

Help Others, Inspire Others

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It feels so great whenever you help someone in need. It gives immense pleasure and makes you realize you have capabilities beyond your imagination. Plus it always pays you back. Good things come to those who does good things to others selflessly.

Express Gratitude

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The most powerful ingredient to be a better person is to express gratitude with every single thing you receive no matter how small it
is. Your feelings are powerful. They attract alike things. If you are happy & saying thank you, you will receive more happiness. Wonderful no?

About The Photo Shoot

Black Kurta Red Skirt Fusion - 2

Black Shirt With Red Skirt Fusion

After the hectic day of Navmi Pujan, I decided to lighten up a bit. It was a day full of devotion, joy & satisfaction. I decided to lighten up the mood & jazz up the mood.

I chose to go with ethnic & semi ethnic attires to really suit the theme of the post. Which one is better? Even though the color combination is same across the two looks, but the way to flaunt the pieces & the attires totally change the game. I paired up a black but delicate net kurta with red skirt initially to give it more of a traditional look. I wish the kurta has been bit more in length.

Next I paired the same red skirt with a shirt dress, trying to pull off a trendy look here. The button down shirt dress is very fine fabric that it gets wrinkled in no time, you will notice the fact in the pictures too.

Tell me how far have you come to be a better you? Also tell me which look you liked the most?

Hope it entertained you as well as connected to your intellectual. Happy Dusshera.

Much Love ❤

Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


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