Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream : Review

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Most of the day creams break me out because they tend to contain some amount of Sun Protection Factor (SPF). I can use a sunscreen alone, it won’t break me out, but creams/makeup that contain SPF, certainly break me out. Most of the day creams give me under skin bumps and clogged pores which later result into acne.

I have been testing Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream from more than a month now. I got  it last while i was shopping for some regular items. It was available in 25g packaging, perfect for sampling.

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About Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream with PHYTO-VITAMIN Complex

An advanced skin lightening formula enriched with a Phyto-Vitamin Complex, containing a combination of Alfalfa, Safforn & other essential vitamins. Alfalfa regulates melanin synthesis; Saffron helps lighten skin tone and brightens a dull complexion. In combination these ingredients provide your skin with an even tone, nourishment and glow, naturally.

5 Visible Results

  • Lightens & evens skin tone
  • Helps reduce blemishes and dark spots
  • Helps reduce under eye dark circles
  • Nourishes skin to keep it healthy
  • Moisturizes without leaving skin greasy.

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Rs. 45 for 25g. Rs. 80 for 50 g, Buy here at discount.


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Comes in Himalaya’s signature white and light pink tube with green cap. Travel friendly and hygienic packaging.

Texture, Colour & Smell

It is a smooth textured & light pink coloured cream, easily absorbs leaving matte finish behind. The smell is nice but quite artificial. I have used some product which used to smell like this, I just can’t recall it. The smell lingers on your skin for few minutes after application.

My Views

If I talk about the day time moisturisers/cream I use, I would say, I generally go for Clean n Clear Oil Free Moisturiser, sometimes, it is Za true white day cream or Za perfect solution youth whitening serum. Sometimes even Lacto Calamine gets lucky.

The very basic reason I picked Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream, is the fact that it does not contain any SPF, at least is not mentioned anywhere. My skin hardly gets away with a day cream containing SPF. Some might argue that a day cream must contain SPF, but a day cream containing SPF might clog oily skin, which generally happens with me.

The texture of the cream is fine & smooth, there is no issue while applying it. It gets easily absorbed, as soon as you apply it. Not much rubbing is required. It gives absolute matte finish.

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Skin is instantly brightened. It does not give any white cast, but there is certainly some pinkish cast/hue on skin, which looks good since it looks natural. Ponds White Beauty Day Cream too gives pinkish glow, but that looks more like white cast.

It contains Alfalfa & Saffron, which are natural ways to brighten skin. I have been using it from about a month, mostly twice a day. It claims to lighten skin tone, which didn’t stand true for my skin tone. My skin tone is same as was before using this cream. I do not expect any skin cream to lighten skin tone until it contains harsh chemicals/bleaching agents. There is little amount of brightening. Skin looks even toned. But I have not seen much improvement in my dark spots/acne spots. They seem to intensify on application of this cream, weird .. huh?. So I can say, it works as a skin brightening cream rather than a skin lightening cream.

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It moisturises skin, but gives matte finish, oily skin would love the feel while dry skin beauties might need to add another layer of moisture. My skin stays matte for 3-4 hours during current dry days. After that my face has little oily sheen.

Sometimes, my skin looks red or irritated, may be because it contains natural stuff which might be reacting with my sensitive skin. It’s nothing major just hints of redness on my cheeks.


  • Nice texture.
  • Gets easily absorbed.
  • Gives matte finish.
  • Contains goodness of Saffron and Alfalfa.
  • Control oil for 3+ hours.
  • Gives pinkish and natural glow rather than white cast.
  • Brightens face instantly.
  • No breakouts or clogged pores.
  • Suitable for oily & combination skin.
  • Travel friendly and hygienic packaging.
  • Affordable & easily available.
  • Long term usage brightening skin naturally.
  • Free of parabenes.

himalaya herbals natural glow fairness cream


  • I sometimes find that after wearing it for 2-3 hours, my skin is little red/irritated. It happens seldom.
  • For some, lack of SPF might be a con.
  • I think the smell is strong for my liking, though it does smell nice.

Summary : 3.5/5

It is parabene free, very affordable, simple day cream for oily skin with the goodness of Saffron and Alfalfa. Gives nice brightening effect and keeps skin fresh for 3-4 hours.

UPDATE: It’s full throttle summer now, & I do not like to use this cream over my face since it feels little heavy. It makes my skin feels sweaty. Normal- Dry skinned people would love this cream during summer. Also my skin has got habitual to this cream now, hence my skin does not get irritated now.

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Have you used this cream? Do you prefer you day creams with SPF?

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