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Your feet are precious. Your feet are as important as your face or hands. I am sure you know that already, but do you find it hard to give them the intensive care that they deserve? Are you fed up with your cracked heels? I know the struggle is real. I have been there. Post delivery, I could not take proper care of my feet and my heels cracked like hell. It took a lot of efforts to get them back to normal. Wish I had used Himalaya FootCare Cream back then. It would have been so much easier to treat my dry & cracked heels if I had known about this foot cream. Being a working woman, a homemaker, a mother, a superwoman, you still might miss caring for your feet. Himalaya Wellness bring FootCare Cream which is all you need to have soft feet & crack free heels. You don’t have to get regular pedicures to keep your feet but regular application of this turmeric & honey enriched foot cream can keep your foot worries away.

Himalaya FootCare Cream

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Himalaya FootCare Cream

Our feet carries our body weight which make them work extra hard. Skin at feet gets dry & rough. Heels crack giving the worst sight. Himalaya Wellness FootCare Cream, is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients to heel the feet. Within one week it soothes, moisturizes & softens feet & heels. Replenish lost moisture via daily application of Himalaya FootCare Cream which is gentle yet effective to deeply moisturize skin. Use this foot cream daily to get soft & smooth feet.

Sal Tree : Antimicrobial & anti – inflammatory

Turmeric & Honey : Antiseptic & Germicide action

Fenugreek : Heals crack & relieve inflammation

Price & Availability

Himalaya FootCare Cream comes in two sizes. 20g packaging is available at Rs. 49 while 50g is available at Rs. 110. The cream is available online & offline. Buy it here.


Himalaya FootCare Cream Ingredients

Himalaya FootCare Cream Ingredients


Himalaya FootCare Cream in the signature tube packaging of the brand, white opaque tube with green screw-in cap at the mouth of the tube. The tube describes the product very well giving out the ingredients & directions to use. The tube comes packed in a white card box with all the information printed over the pack. The cream is available in two sizes, 20g & 50g.

Fragrance & Texture

Himalaya FootCare Cream - Texture, Color & Consistency

Himalaya FootCare Cream – Texture, Color & Consistency

The fragrance of the cream is a nice of of herbal & flowery smell. It is mild and pleasant. It vanishes pretty quick.

Similarly the cream vanishes into my feet very quickly because of it’s light weight and non oily texture. This is a big relief. I don’t have to rub it vigorously to get it absorbed. Gone are the days when foot creams would leave behind your foot prints.

How To Use Himalaya FootCare Cream?

Wash your feet with gentle cleanser and water. Pat dry. Apply a nice amount of Himalaya FootCream Cream all over your feet and heels. Massage gently and let the cream absorb. Use it twice daily. Once in the morning after shower & then again at night before going to bed.

My Experience

Apparently, I never considered foot creams to be an essential part of my daily routine. But constant negligence is not a good thing. When motherhood takes over, feet are the last thing you can think about or care for. That’s what happens with me too. I don’t have the luxury of time and getting regular pedicure is not my thing. So apparently cracked heels is inevitable specially during winter.

As the cold days started I could see my feet were getting dull day by day. They were not tanned, but they lost moisture and started looking really dull. Also I started noticing some cracks in my heels. I got really distressed. That’s the time when I received Himalaya FootCare Cream.

I liked the light weight texture of the cream. It absorbs very quickly. There is no stickiness in the texture of the cream. It does not stain my bed sheets or make my feet slippery. It also smells very nice.

Himalaya FootCare Cream worked pretty well for my dry feet. It moisturizes skin from the very first use. Without making my feet sticky, it works deeply to repair damage. When skin is nourished it has a healthy glow, be it your face or your feet. So moisture is the first step to get soft feet. The cream has very impressive ingredient list. Honey is known to be great moisturizer along with being an antiseptic. Turmeric is anti bacterial and germicide to bring down inflammation. Sal Tree & Fenugreek works to heal deep cracks making heels soft & supple.

Soft & Supple Feet With Himalaya FootCare Cream

Soft & Supple Feet With Himalaya FootCare Cream

Regular usage of this foot care cream can keep feet happy. The foot cream is also pocket friendly & available in two sizes. So now you can toss away your feet worries and continue your amazing-woman-job.

I just wish it had been parabene free too. Because that’s the last thing I would want in my products.

Himalaya FootCare Cream, is a lightweight feet cream which contains turmeric, honey , Sal tree & fenugreek as it’s main ingredients to moisturize & heel cracked creams. The cream absorbs quickly and has very mild and pleasant smell. It works beautifully to heal and repair dry & dull skin of feet which requires more moisture than our body. The cream comes in fuss free packaging as well as is very affordable. The only negative point of the cream is the parabenes that it contains.

So ladies now don’t you worry about dry and cracked heels. Himalaya FootCare Cream, is going to be your one stop solution. You have more important duties rather than to worry about your feet. what you say?

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