Hibiscus – Curd Hair Mask For Strong Hair & Roots : DIY

(Optional )Step - Add & Mix Essential Oils


I have been trying to pen down this amazing hair mask from a long time & finally I am doing it. Hibiscus Curd hair mask is a natural , homemade , hair root strengthening hair mask with 0% side effects. In it inexpensive, easy to prepare & effective in long term. If you regularly face hair fall problems than this hair mask is for you as this hair mask works to strengthen your hair roots. During monsoon, I do face hair fall problem, hence I try to use this mask as much as I can. You won’t believe it but I am wearing this hair mask on my hair right now while writing this DIY post. I had to get some pictures for you, so I prepared this fresh hibiscus- curd hair mask, which I applied on my hair.

Hibiscus Curd Hair Mask Benefits

  • This is mainly a two ingredient hair mask but you can add as many ingredients as you want. Hibiscus powderΒ is a magic dust to poof away all your hair problems like immature graying, hair fall or even hair loss. It is a herbal ingredient and you can find it easily on any departmental store or can prepare your own powder by grounding hibiscus flower& leaves.
  • Curd on the other hand works to moisturize/condition your hair deeply leaving them soft & manageable.
  • If you use essential oils in this hair mask, it will boost the potency of this hair mask because essential oils are power packed drops of oil.

Hibiscus Curd Hair Mask – Ingredients

You mainly require only 2 ingredients for this hair mask to work on your hair & roots. But if you want you can add lemons, carrier oils & essential oils to the mask. I am also using essential & carrier oils as they increase the potency of the mask to a great level.

Hibiscus - Curd Hair Mask - Ingredients

Hibiscus – Curd Hair Mask – Ingredients

Hibiscus- Curd Hair Mask

Curd For Lustrous & Moisturized Hair

Hibiscus Powder For Hair

Hibiscus Powder- Magic Dust For Hair

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

I am using Lavender oil & Grapeseed Oil. Lavender oil is my most favorite essential oil. First because of the unique smell. Secondly because it is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and what not.

Grapeseed oil is moisturizing in nature & adds shine to my hair. Also it is full of anti oxidants, vitamins & amino acids. It is like hair food.

You can use tea tree oil /rosemary oil if you are suffering from dandruff or any fungal infection.

How To Prepare Hibiscus Curd Hair Mask?

It’s as simple as it sounds.

Step 1

Step 1 – Add Hibiscus Powder to Curd

Step 2

Step 2 – Mix Hibiscus Powder & Curd Very Well

(Optional )Step - Add & Mix Essential Oils

(Optional )Step 3 – Add & Mix Essential Oils

You just need to mix the 2 main ingredients well & then the optional ones. Mix all of them very well. You can use a hand blender if you want the paste to be really smooth.

How To Use Hibiscus Curd Hair Mask

Hibiscus- Curd Hair Pack For Strong Hair & Roots

Hibiscus- Curd Hair Pack For Strong Hair & Roots

Apply the mask on your hair concentrating more on the roots section by section. Allow a time frame from 30 minutes to 2 hours before using a mild shampoo to rinse out the mask out of your hair. Be gentle & loving. You would not require to use a conditioner after this mask. But if you still want to you can apply your favorite conditioner to your hair ends.

Air dry your hair & then detangle them gently. I am sure you would love the after effect. There will be definitely increased level of moisture and shine. If you continue using this mask weekly, your hair fall will reduce in a short time.

Let me know if you have used this mask. Does this hair mask sound appealing to you? Leave your comments below.

Take care…

Nisha Malik

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  1. The Mask looks promosing, the benefits of hibiscus we all know since ages. Thanks for sharing

  2. I can see the effort gone into this post! Step by step pics and lot of help with that too!
    I need something for premature greying or greying in general!
    Thx for sharing!

  3. Which brand’s hibiscus powder did you opt for, Nisha? It looks too coarsely ground to me. Must’ve taken time while removal.

  4. This is for sure a hair mask to try. I wanted to know whether it’s suitable for people who get cold soon. Will it be very cold ?

  5. Have you tried this mask with fresh ground hibiscus leaves? It is even more nourishing and hydrating for the hair and adds amazing shine.

  6. I am facing this problm of hair fall. Really want somthing great for my hair. I really like your review. This mask looks really effective. But need to buy these oils first. Then i will try this mask. Hope my problm can solve a little

    • You can add your existing hair oils to the mix or may entirely skip adding any other. The main ingredients are very potent to give naturally beautiful hair..

  7. Have been applying curd for the longest time now on my hair!! Will try adding hibiscus as well!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. πŸ€—

  8. Hibiscus is really good for hair, both in firm of oil and mask… I didn’t know that hibiscus powder is available… The mask is looking very effective… Will try the mask for sure… First let me search hibiscus powder in market…

  9. Hibiscus a staple ingredient for healthy hair. I will soon try this recipe and let you know.

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