Hayat’s Makeup Breakdown

Hi girls, how is your Sunday going on? You know what, since I posted my fellowship for Ask Laftan Anlamaz, I have been getting lots of queries about Hayat’s makeup. I will try to put up a #LOTD based on Hayat’s makeup someday, but right now, I am just going to breakdown Hayat’s makeup.


Hande Ercel aka Hayat, has naturally glowing skin, thanks to her eating habits and water intake, according to her. She has pearly white complexion with a little tanned body, which makes her very exotic even with out makeup.



To achieve the particular look of Hayat, a foundation is required to hide all the imperfections of the skin while giving dewy finish to the skin. Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation or L’Oreal True Match Foundation among the affordable dewy foundations. If you do not have much imperfections to hide, Geri G is quite a natural finish dewy foundation.


Highlighter is your best friend if you do not want to use/have an illuminating foundation. Even if you use a dewy foundation, Highlighter is a must have to achieve Hayat’s look. Her cheekbones, brow bone & cupid bone are perfectly highlighted, which makes her so irresistible. You have lot of affordable highlighter such as


Hayat wears a very subtle blush, that too sometimes. It is a very light pink blush just giving subtle hints of color to the apples of her cheeks. Go Light handed on your cheeks. I think Makeup Revolutions Vivid Blush O’h boy is just the perfect blush, to go with. Also you have more options, such as, Maybelline Color Show Blush, City Color Blush etc.


Hande has full face, still she hardly flaunts perfectly sculpted face. She wears little bronzer sometimes.


Hande has beautiful eyes and lashes. Ofcourse, there is a lot of mascara and little eye liner involved too.



For perfectly natural look, I would suggest Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara. Or You can go for

Eye Liner

She wears a thin liner, because she has naturally beautiful wide eyes. Sometimes, it’s just tightlining, sometimes a little smudged look. Go for Maybelline The Colossal Eye Liner, Maybelline Matte Eyeliner, Lakme Eyeconic Eyeliner.

Eye Shadow

Hayat flaunts very subtle eye shadow. She goes for very natural and neutral shades. I highly recommend the Makeup Revolution Day & Night Palette. Besides this, you can go for Maybelline or L’Oreal Nude palettes.


The perfectly sculpted lips she has. They are so seductive, ain’t they? She generally flaunts red family in matte, but sometimes I have seen her in natural browns/pink shades.


You have a lot of options for lips. Choose any bright red, form Maybelline Super Stay Range, Lakme, Rimmel etc.


Update: I am getting a lot of hits regarding what hair color does Hayat wear. I am clueless, but I found this video very close.

Not sure how much would it help you. Will try to do more research about her hair color and update this post.


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