Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Day & Night Cream : Review

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Viamin C based skin care is a boon for oily & acne prone skin. Vitamin C helps to clear out skin to great extent. You can take it orally or via topical application. I have used numerous products containing Vitamin C & always got impressive results. Ranging form The Body Shop Vitamin C range to over the counter Vitamin C serums, I am never disappointed. I had great results with O3+ Vitamin C Serum. Always on lookout for such great products.

Garnier Vitamin C range is around from many years now. The formula has changed a bit over the years, but the efficacy has not. Let’s talk about the Day & Night combo from this range.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Day & Night Cream

Enriched with Speed White™ Serum & Lemon Extracts, Garnier White Complete Range targets dark spots revealing brighter skin.

garnier white complete day & night cream

Garnier presents White Complete Multi Action Fairness Day which gives instant whitening, sun protection & long lasting fairness. The day cream contains Speed White Serum, which is a blend of actives that address skin moisture & fairness needs. UV Filters present in the cream helps to protect skin from sun damage. While Lemon Extracts clarify & smoothen skin.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Night Cream contains pure lemon extracts & natural peeling fruit extracts to provide an intensive exfoliation over the night.

garnier white complete day cream garnier white complete night cream



Day Cream – Rs. 70 for 18gm. Rs. 160 for 40gm.  Buy here

Night Cream – Rs. 115 for 18gm. Rs. 195 for 40gm. Buy here.


garnier white complete day cream ingredients

garnier white complete night cream ingredients


The day and night creams come in almost same packaging. The outer cardbox packaging is full of product description & related information, while the creams are packed inside white plastic tubs. The packaging is unhygenic, since it can contaminate the product. The tub packaging s are almost same and you really have to look closely to find a blue label marked as Night, on the night cream & a yellow label marked as SPF 19 on the day cream to distinguish between the two tubs.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Day Cream With SPF19 PA++

The texture of the day cream is bit thicker than it’s counter part, the night cream. The reason is simple. The day cream contains SPF 19 sun protection. But the cream does not require any effort to get absorbed into the skin. It leaves behind a very light & matte finish. The cream has bit of fragrance but it is mild & does not irritate my sensitive nose.

I like the day cream despite of containing SPF, does not leave behind a white cast, but it still evens out skin. Skin feels matte & smooth. But I have oily & acne prone skin. SPF infused creams gives me zits & this cream too sometimes gives me blocked pores if I use it continuously for few days.

When I use it for few days continuously, my complexion looks clearer. Skin tone is brightened. It’s a shame that it gives me blocked pores. It’s effect & side effects are almost same as Pond’s White Beauty day Cream, except the fact that Garnier White Complete Day Cream does not give white cast.


garnier white complete day & night cream texture garnier white complete day & night cream swatch

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Night Cream

Garnier White Complete Night Cream, has a lighter & more creamy texture as compared to the Garnier Day Cream’s texture. The cream needs little massaging into the skin. Skin looks little glowy/shiny but it does not feel sticky at all. The night cream has a mild fragrance too but it’s different than the day cream from the same range. The night cream has same citrus-y bottom notes, which is more pleasant than the day cream’s fragrance.

My skin quite likes the night cream from Garnier White Complete range. The day cream gives me blocked pores, but the night cream does not have SPF hence, I do not face such issues. Regular usage of this night gives very nice results in terms of skin brightness & fading dark spots. Even if I do not use the day cream, I can rely on the night cream to fade out my acne posts to great extent.

The skin brightening effects gets lost if I stop sing the cream even for 2 nights in a row. This is bit of disadvantage, but that’s true for almost every cosmetic product.

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The Day Cream from Garnier White Complete range is a mattifying light cream suitable for normal to combination skin. Dry skin types might need more moisture. If you have acne prone skin, you might get blocked pores due to the SPF factor present in the cream.

The Night Cream is a better deal for all skin types. It suits my oily & acne prone skin. It fades acne scars & brightens skin tone.

The cream combo is very affordable & easily available. You can test the 18gm sized packs to see if they suit you or not.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Day Cream With SPF19 PA++ : 3/5

Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Night Cream : 4/5


Have you used this combo? Do you like to use Vitamin C based skin care too?

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