Face Your Fears – Horizontal Stripes : Volume 1

Face Your Fear - Horizontal Striped Fitted Top (4)

Hey Girls,

Do you have fashion fears? Well, I do. Today I decided to share one of them with you. It is always advised by fashion gurus to wear what suit your body type. I don’t doubt that. When you need to look your best you should definitely hear your favorite stylist. But then, it does not mean you cannot go beyond some specific styles. You should never stop experimenting. Build up your confidence & maybe you can flaunt the latest style with ease.

 I am going to start this Face Your Fears series which is inspired by Dia&Co. They actually have this Try-Day-Friday thing every Friday where they try new things. Taking forward this on my blog, I am going to write about the styles that I never wear in public because I don’t feel that confident.

Face Your Fear - Horizontal Striped Fitted Top

Face Your Fear – Horizontal Striped Fitted Top


Horizontal Stripes are in fashion from many years now. They kind of, are rocking the fashion world from a while. I too have many striped dresses. There is this particular top that I never like to wear because, Its really fitted. I just like it very much. Even though I wear it under my jackets and shrugs, I have never really flaunted it on it’s own.


Face Your Fear - Horizontal Striped Fitted Top (3)

Face Your Fear – Horizontal Striped Fitted Top


For today’s post “Face Your Fear”, I decided to pair it with a trouser skirt. These skirts go really well with fitted top. So I could have gone with a basic solid color. Instead I decided to with fine horizontal stripes.

There is nothing wrong with horizontal stripes, you just need to know the types of stripes that will suits you. Broad and multi colored stripes might fit a slender body, but my full figure always adores monochrome fine lines.


Trouser Skirt - Full Flared

Trouser Skirt – Full Flared


I can’t stop going gaga over this royal blue trouser skirt. It has a nice flare. It has a nice tail which actually makes me feel like a queen. These skirt cum pants are really in. It’s basically a pant, upon which there is a wrap around skirt, which you can leave lose for some extra oomph factor. I am sure you guys might have hoarded some already. Make sure to wear your favorite high heels with trouser skirt.


Face Your Fear - Horizontal Striped Fitted Top (2)

Face Your Fear – Horizontal Striped Fitted Top


That was all about what my post is about. It’s not like I have not worn this horizontal stripped fitted top ever, but never this way. It’s always been layered upon. I always wear it like an under shirt. That works really well for me.

So never ever think too much about flaunting your own style. You have a stylista in yourself. Get her to work for you. Be unique, be vocal about your choices. Face Your Fears. Not just Fashion Fears but anything that concerns you. That’s how you become stronger.


So girls, here I conclude my post, promising you with a continued chapter in the series soon. Meanwhile, how about sharing your fashion fears with me? Leave your comments below.

Much Love

Nisha ❤

Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


  1. I am I love with this wrap around skirt so amazing it Looks will definitely gona buy one soon

  2. Very well said, we all must face our fears to grow stronger. I really liked the striped top, it’s looking good with that trouser skirt.

  3. Wen Eva I feel that something is beyond my style code n my body shape inner stylist in me convinces my mind to try that on…ultimately style and thirst to try new wins ovr fear

  4. I have sooooo many fears when it comes to dressing… I hope someday i’m able to let go of those inhibitions.. you are looking gorgeous and this suits you so much

  5. Im so glad you let your fear behind. You look absolutely ravishing.

  6. I love your outfit babe .. so different and one of a kind .. lovely pictures 😍

  7. Wow this new trendy trouser skirt is so much in these days. You look fab I am getting one for me now.

  8. It’s so true we should not run away but face our fears in the eye. I loved your attempt with horizontal stripes. You look very pretty in this blue outfit.

  9. Such a nice compilation of stripes with a basic tone! Like the way you’ve styled your outfit!

  10. Ahh it was so beautifully inspirational, I have many fears when it comes to dressing up. The stripes looked great when paired with this outfit.

  11. I myself in past was really afraid to wear horizontal strips 😀😀body image you know it makes you look thick but now I know with proper styling and confidence it make you look sexy

  12. OMG, someone looks 🔥 . You have styled the strips with that wrap around skirt so we’ll. Love it.

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