Elixir Shop – Gold Elixir With 24K Gold : Review

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir With 24K Gold

Gold infused Anti Ageing Skin Care is a hit because it literally works wonder, specially for mature skin. Today I am going to talk about a 24K Gold infused serum which also contains essential oils as well as moisture rich oils to give a radiant youthful  skin. Some of you must have seen my recent Facebook post where I talked about Elixir Shop 24K Gold Serum. The serum not only contains 24K gold but also contains essential oils such as Rosehip, Rosemary, Lavender etc along with Argan oil, Wheatgerm oil & Jojoba oil. I hope you are already impressed with the formulation. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold

Enriched with the best skincare oils, the serum is rich in vitamin A, C, and Vitamin E along with essential fatty acids that keep your skin moisturized and healthy, the serum is specially formulated to work as an effective lightweight moisturizer that not only gives you an even skin tone, but also as an anti-aging serum. While the oils heal, repair and protect your skin, the pure 24k Gold Flakes get absorbed into the skin giving you a glowing skin and a radiant look. The advantage of our serum is that you can use this serum morning or night (preferably both!) as we haven’t used any oils that make your skin photosensitive and darken over time.


24K Gold, Rosehip, Rosmary, Frankincense, Jojoba, Wheatgerm, Lavender, Argan oil.

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold - Ingredients

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold – Ingredients

How To Use

The serum can be used day or night since it does not make skin photosensitive. Apply 2-3 drops over cleansed face and massage.


It comes in a dark colored glass bottle of 15 ml with a nozzle fitted at it’s mouth. It is also shipped with a dropper hence the application becomes really easy. I can see gold flakes in the bottle which look very enchanting while floating in the lightweight serum. They really shine through the dark colored glass bottle. Ingredients & directions to use the products are mentioned on the bottle.

Fragrance & Texture

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold - The Gold Flakes

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold – The Gold Flakes

The base of the serum is essential & carrier oils hence the smell of the serum is a mix of several essential oils. Even though the serum is formulated with Argan, Wheatgerm & Jojoba oil, the texture is very lightweight. It instantly sinks into my skin. The gold flakes too gets dissolved after coming in contact with my skin. Few drops are enough to cover my face and another few to cover my neck.

My Experience

Gold based skin care is meant to be used for dry or mature skin, as I have read or heard. So I was really not sure what to expect out of it. But this really proved my perception wrong. It’s been over a week now, that I have been using the serum. It has been working beautifully over my oily, acne prone & sensitive skin.  When I started using the serum, my skin was going through a bad phase. But the serum did not aggravate the acne situation, nor did it break out my skin more. I am also using Botanic Love Acne Mask to control my acne sine then if you are not already aware.

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold - Texture & Consistency

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold – Texture & Consistency

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold - Leaves Nothing Behind But Glow

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold – Leaves Nothing Behind But Glow

I have to be really quick to apply and massage the serum into my skin since it has a tendency to sink into skin the very instant I apply it. So I spread it all over my face in quick strokes. You can imagine, how lightweight it is. The gold flakes to gets dissolved with the strokes very soon and does not stick like other gold based products I have used.

It contains a lot of essential oils, hence I need to close my eyes whenever I apply it, other wise my eyes get bit watery.

Coming to the after effects, my face is moisturized & radiant. As the serum goes in, I notice plumped skin, no oily residue as happens with other oil based serums. Now I too can use a pure gold infused serum without breaking my skin. Anti Ageing- here I come 🙂

I shall keep this post updated for the long term effects of this serum.

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir With 24K Gold

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir With 24K Gold

Price & Availability

This serum is available in limited quantity and can be bought with an invite code only. I have got 20 invite codes for my lovely readers. You can order the serum from the official website of Elixir Shop . It costs Rs. 700 for 5ml and Rs. 1400 for 15ml. It is pricey, but we are talking about 24K Gold here. You won’t be disappointed.

How to get the invite code? Just drop a ‘Hi’ to me at highongloss@gmail.com


  • Contains pure 24K Gold Flakes & essential oils.
  • Lightweight but moisturizing.
  • Provides anti ageing benefits.
  • Sinks into skin effortlessly.
  • The serum does not make skin photosensitive.
  • Leaves skin moisturized, radiant & plumed.
  • Leaves no oily residue.
  • Hygienic packaging.
  • Suitable for all skin types and seasons.
  • Does not break out my skin or aggravate existing acne.
Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold

Elixir Shop Gold Elixir Serum With 24K Gold


  • Pricey.

Summary : ❤❤❤❤❤

I am giving this gold elixir 5 stars for the fact that it actually works the way it claims to. The lightweight formulation really impressed me. It suits my acne prone sensitive & oily skin which most of the big brands mostly fail to. I am glad I found this natural care brand. It actually offers a lot more products for specific concerns which I would like to try out.

I hope I was able to write my true experience with this product. Even though the brand sent this product to me and I took it as another serum, but after using it, I was really amazed from the first use.

If you are looking for an effective anti ageing product I really recommend trying out this serum.

Take Care.

Nisha Malik

Hi, I am passionate about love, beauty & makeup. Blog writing is a new found love which made me leave behind my software profession.


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    • I am someone who has a vast experience with serums, so I can really differentiate between a nice and a dud one

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