Eco friendly & Ethnic Home Decoration For Navaratri

Flower Rangoli

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The festival season is right ahead – the joyful days, that fill our lives with colors & happiness. The festivals start with Navaratri. The 9 days & nights, devoted to Maa Durga. The Divine power that protects us from all the evil around us. Navararti takes us to another level of worship and devotion. We can see ourselves transforming into the better us.

The first step, to welcome Maa Durga in our homes, is to make it more welcoming. Mere cleaning the home, is not enough, you know that. We actually do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to home decoration for Navratri and the following festivals. But being educated & sensitive to our environment, I believe you all would want to decorate your homes, going green. Using eco-friendly decoration is not a rocket science. Similarly, Navratri calls for ethnic, be it fashion or home decoration. Hence, I am going to write about few ways you can decorate your home – the eco friendly & ethnic way.

Flower Power

Home Decoration always starts with flowers, no matter what is the occasion. They can really enhance the beauty of our home, even with small effort. But with Navratri, you can go ahead and include them in your home decoration many ways:

Flower Rangoli

Flower Rangoli

Flower Rangoli : Rangoli is the most ethnic way to decorate your home. Flower Rangolis are very eco firendly, easy on pocket & easy to make. According to your budget & color scheme, you can choose flowers. Choose Red & Yellow flowers and also include green leaves to give it an authentic Navratri look.

Flower Toran : Be it home entrance or temple, flower toran, really pops up the look. Heavy flower torans look very appealing to visitors. You can make flower torans really easy and in different shapes according to your taste & time in hand.

Earthen Pots

What could be more ethnic & eco-friendly home decor item then earthen pots? They come in various shapes, sizes & deigns. There are various ways you can include earthen items to take your decor game to next level.

 Beautiful Diyas

Image Source – Beautiful Diyas

Traditional Earthen Diyas : Diyas have to be there in Navaratri decoration. Diyas are not limited to temples but they can light up any corner of your home. You can pick some basic diyas, color them or beautify them with studs & shiny lace.

Studded Earthen Pots : Navratri Poojan can not start without a traditional earthen pot placed in your temple. These pots can be beautified with small mirrors, shiny lace (Gota), and other studs & beads.

Studded Earthen Pot

Image Source – Studded Earthen Pot

Earthen Vases: Long, narrow, round, square, any shape you want, you can use these vases. These vases can have traditional art as well as studs to look more sophisticated.

Traditional Wall Art

You can hang big wall pictures showing off traditional art. You can also go for big portrait of Maa Durga in her famous avatar. You need to take into account the space available to you while figuring out the size of the wall art. There are also patchwork wall art available online.

Rajasthani Cutputtali & Bells

Traditional Rajasthani Bells

Image Source – Traditional Rajasthani Bells

Rajasthani Cutputtali and Traditional Camel & Elephant bells really take home decoration to another level. You can use these long chain of bells as room separators.

Bring On Some Patchwork

Traditional Art Carpet

Image Source – Traditional Art Carpet

Patchwork ottoman, carpets & sofa covers complete the ethnic look of your living room. You have enormous options when it comes to patchwork. But make sure to choose a theme for your living room beforehand, for example, can go for Rajasthani or Gujrati flavor.

Ethnic Bedsheets, Pillows & Cushions

If you can’t find a nice patchwork carpet or confused about the theme, it’s  easy to pick  ethnic pillow & cushion covers, online as well as offline.

Terracotta Lamps & pots

Terracotta Lamps

Image Source – Terracotta Lamps

Light up every corner of your home with Terracotta lamps. They really make a nice difference to your home even if you are not using much of decor items. You can also go for terracotta statues & knick-knacks.

Fragranted Candles are also a nice option to give your home a nice aroma & light.

Cane Furniture

 Living Room Cane Furniture

Image Source – Living Room Cane Furniture

Give a complete make over to your living room, replace your furniture with cane furniture. Cane furniture is on boom these days, being lightweight & stylish at the same time. It comes in various shapes & sizes. Available online as well as offline.

Also include some cane baskets in the decoration. They really top up the decor. They are multipurpose and look really classy.

Navaratri Pooja Thali

Studded Pooja Thali

Image Source – Studded Pooja Thali

This article can not complete without mentioning Navratri Pooja Thali – a thali that offers Aarti to Maa Durga. You can decorate your pooja thali with flowers & diyas. The thali should be big enough to hold your pooja items as well as food offering.


These were my few ideas that I thought about sharing with you. Pick one or more ideas to give a new look to your home. Pep up your decor game.

Let me know which decor idea you liked the most? Are you too planning some unique way to decor your home in some special way? Please share with us in the commenting section.


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