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Diwali gifts for everyone

Diwali is one of the widely celebrated festival of India. Like other festivals Diwali also brings people closer. Actually it’s one of the festival which includes meeting your family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. These meetings does not happen empty handed. We exchange gifts. Special stalls for gifts & sweets are installed every where. But boxes of dry fruits & glassware are too common. Plus it does not bring that personal touch to gifting specially when it’s your family & friends you are meaning to meet & greet.

I was scrolling through Flipkart OffersFlipkart Big Diwali Sale, when I realized how important it is to choose gifts thoughtfully. It is important that you pick your gifts carefully keeping in mind the preference of your loved ones. If you are willing to go extra mile to get something special for your loved once, I am here to help you around.  I am going to share some really cool gift options that will double up the fun of the festival.

For The Home Maker

A mother or a wife loves kitchen appliances as much as she loves new clothes. She wants her kitchen and home to be tip top every time. There are multiple alliances that can aid her in kitchen and home. For example an air fryer or induction gas stove make really cool gifts. You can go further and get a chimney installed in her kitchen if she already does not has one.

Home Decor

She would love you for this. It does not matter if it’s a small showpiece or a new bed sheet, she would equally admire your pick.  For that purpose you can even get the idols of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi, a perfect pairing for the occasion. Beautiful homes can please a woman easily no matter how old she is. You can do this for your wife, mother, sister, friend or even daughter.

Plants For Life

I am sure you are aware that, every year Diwali season elevates pollution level many folds. Plants may look odd but are a genuine gift for Diwali in modern times. Some indoor plants purify air which

Jewellery & Watches

Personal items can not be replaced when it comes to gifting. Be it a birthday or Diwali celebrations, if you take out some time & choose some personal items for gifting purpose that adds special touch. Keep in mind the age, preference & occasion while choosing such gifts. It could be fine jewelry such as a delicate pendent or bracelet. Or it could be a nice watch. Such valuable items are received with utter happiness. Because they are really valuable to the receiver plus reminds him/her of your sheer intelligence & thoughtfulness.

Special Art & Craft

I am amazed to see the revolution that the art & craft section has been receiving. Yesterday only I received a newsletter from a new brand which deals in up-cycling of glass bottles. They use those glass bottles which could not be recycled and create amazing piece of art. I feel, such pieces can make very unique gifts while you are visiting someone.

Online Gift Cards

They are best bet according to me when you are not sure about the choice of the receiver but do not want to gift a chocolate box. There are verity of most preferred online shopping stores such as Amazon, Flipkart etc which offers such services. The gift cards actually comes beautifully packaged so you don’t have to worry about packing it in a box too. I have personally gifted one such gift card last year.

Books are For Everyone For Everyday

They are mostly neglected during Diwali gifting purpose, but they make nice gift. Specially for children and our old generation. Children enjoy story & comic books while some nice thought provocation books & religious literature make a really nice gift for older generation.


Hope you liked my compilation of Diwali Gifts that look some thoughtful and meaningful. I personally hate receiving numerous boxes of only sweets & chocolates. It’s really hard to resist them and it only boosts up my weighing machine scale.


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