Comparing Ponds BB Cream, Garnier BB Cream & Lakme CC Cream

When I reviewed Lakme CC Cream, I got an email from Rashmi Chahar from Gurgaon, asking me to review Ponds BB cream too. She said, she has almost same skin as mine. Oily, acne prone & sensitive. Also she has wheatish skin tone. She said she has not tried any BB/CC cream yet, but after reading my review on Lakme CC Cream she would like to try one by herself. Her request gave me this idea to do a comparison post on all the BB CC creams that I have with me right now.

Sadly right now, I have only 3 BB creams right now from Ponds, Garnier & Lakme. I have hit the bottom of BB creams from L’Oreal, Stila & Clinique. So I can not show you any swatches of these BB creams. I am not much impressed with L’Oreal’s BB Cream hence not going to repurchase it. Stila & Clinique are costly brands, and there was nothing so extra ordinary about their BB creams, hence I do not intend to buy them again. BB creams from Ponds, Garnier & Lakme are affordable & performing too.

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Most of you might already have used all of them or at least one. But there are some beauties who are new to BB Creams and seeing a lot of options just confuse them further. I am going to compare the performance of the most commonly available BB creams & swatch them too so that you can decide what might suit you the best.

Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream

As far as I remember, Ponds’ BB cream was my first BB cream. Back then, I did not know that BB creams are specially formulated to give multi fold benefits. I just thought it’s a lighter version of foundations. Silly me. I used to use it every day while getting ready for office. Here are some quick pros & cons of this BB Cream.

ponds white beauty BB+ cream ponds white beauty BB+ cream (2)

  • This All In One BB Cream from Ponds, com GEN White formula. Ponds call it a fairness cream.
  • The BB cream contains sun cover of SPF 30 PA++.
  • There is no whitish cast rather this cream gives a very natural finish. Among all the BB creams, this BB cream matches my skin tone perfectly.
  • It doe not look cakey or patchy.
  • It blends easily.
  • It helps to hide minor imperfections. The coverage is buildable.
  • Gives matte finish.
  • Priced at Rs. 140 for 18gm while Rs. 350 for 50gm. Buy here.
  • Comes in Single Shade, but suits all skin tones.
  • Dry skin beauties need moisturiser beneath this cream since it is not that good at moisturizing.
  • Even after using it for over a year, I did not find any change in my skin tone or brightness for that matter.

Garnier BB Cream

My sister used to use this BB cream, & I tested it once & liked how beautifully it moisturized my skin. I too bought this BB cream from Garnier. This is one of the smoothest BB cream I have used. I liked Clinique’s BB cream texture very much, & it’s texture is almost same as Clinique’s. Here are some quick features of this BB cream.

  • This BB cream contains Vitamin C, Almond extracts & minerals for brightening.
  • Contains SPF 24 PA+++.
  • Does not give whitish cast.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Sheer coverage.
  • Gives subtle glow due to it’s moisturizing nature.
  • Comes in single shade.
  • It’s consistency is more like a tinted moisturizer.
  • Blends easily.
  • Gives natural finish.
  • Priced at 109 for 18g. Rs. 175 fro 30gm. Buy here.

Garnier BB cream Garnier BB Cream (3) Garnier BB Cream (2)

Lakme CC Cream

I have reviewed Lakme CC Cream New Version here which you can read for more details. Below are some quick notes about this CC Cream which stands for Color Correction.

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream - BEige (2)

  • It contains SPF 30 PA++.
  • Gives medium coverage. The coverage is buildable.
  • Gives Matte Finish but with White cast.
  • Comes in 2 shades- Beige & Bronze. Nice try from Lakme, but there should be some in between shades too.
  • Does not provide much moisture to the skin. I either mix moisturiser with this CC cream or apply a lyer beofre applying it over. Dry skinned beauties must use a lot of moisturizer before putting this on.
  • Priced at Rs. 290 for 30gm. Rs. 115 for 9 gm. Buy here.
  • Due to it’s thick texture, it takes little effort to blend. Mixing it with moisturizer works.

Swatches Of the BB Creams

ponds bb cream, garnier bb cream, lakme cc cream swatch ponds bb cream, garnier bb cream, lakme cc cream blended

Ponds Garnier Lakme
Moisture X X
SPF 30 PA++ 24 PA+++ 30 PA++
Consistency Thick Runny Thicker
Blendability Okay Very Good Can be improved
Coverage Sheer to Medium &  Buildable Sheer Sheer To Medium. Hard to build.
Finish Adapts to natural skin tone. Natural finish. Looks little dark on my wheatish skin. Does not look natural duet o white cast.
White Cast X X
Shades Single Single Two- Beige & Bronze

I hope you got an idea of which BB cream would suit your skin. You can choose any BB cream on the basis of the factors listed above. It can be from any brand just keep in mind the reason that you are going to use one for, be it moisture, coverage or SPF.

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