7 Shopping Tips to Save Big on Makeup & Beauty

how to save big on skincare and makeup

In the last five years, I have discovered my love for shopping about which I have been a complete ignorant for a considerable amount of time in the past. I like to shop clothes, jhumkis, shoes upto a controlled extent, but,… Continue Reading

A-to-Z of Face Baking

Everything About Face Baking

♥ Coming from a Combination Skin Girl’s Perspective ♥ Chiseled face is being the ‘Talk-of-the-Town’ these days. Contouring, Non-touring, Strobing, Baking… every one of these currently on trend facial makeup techniques revolve around sculpting the facial features to bring sharpness to… Continue Reading

6 Ways To Eliminate Ingrown Hairs that work

6 ways to get rid of ingrown hair 5

When we see an ingrown hair the first thing we want to do is remove it, but before making any decision it is better to know a little about the skin. Find out some important facts about ingrown hairs. The Ingrown hairs are… Continue Reading

Unmasking the Secrets of Multimasking : #basicsseries

Multimasking Secrets Revealed

There is something common in every skin care regimen of the world; and that is weekly deep cleansing and rejuvenation the skin through various facial packs and masks. Previously we chose a suitable mask for our facial skin type and… Continue Reading

Decoding Korean Skincare Routine

Decoding Korean Skincare _ cover

Hi Guys! Among all the Asian skincare habits Korean skincare has always held an important place. In the past few years, globalization of beauty brands has caused a tremendous hype on beauty-conscious people. Previously there was only the western style… Continue Reading

Top 6 Effective Ways to Fight Wrinkling

superfood for flawless skin

Guest Post By Clara Smart Fighting against wrinkles is not that easy and simple. One way of fighting against wrinkles is using the best night cream for wrinkles. People usually use many hacks and tips to get rid of wrinkles… Continue Reading

Summer Detox Drinks : For Beauty & Health

detox drink - cover page

Instead of detox drinks I call them fruit water to make them sound less technical and heavy. Detox drinks are nothing more than Vitamin & Mineral Enriched Water. Summer is the perfect season to start taking fruit drinks to maintain… Continue Reading