Routine To Ramp Ft. Ethnic With A Twist

Ethnic attire can make anyone look more beautiful & desirable. Remember in most of the bollywood movies, the bro-zoned heroine wins the heart of the hero by adorning a saree or a patiyala. Happened in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…. happened… Continue Reading

Salon At Home : VLCC Vanity Cube

VLCC Vanity Cube

Being a mom, a home make, a working woman, how many times do you wish to get a nice pedicure, a cleanup or simply get your eyebrows done, but somehow your busy schedule, family, work & social commitments do not… Continue Reading

Top 5 Winter Fashion Essentials For Women

Winter Essentials

Winter’s here and so is the cold. Just because of the time of year it is, does not mean you have to compromise on the wardrobe, and quality of the clothing/accessories you are going to wear. For women who love… Continue Reading

Maxi Dress : A Dress That Works For Every Girl

Wear Anything But Don't Forget Your Attitude

Fashion never halts. Fashion never takes a break. Fashion does not have a statement. Fashion is for all. Fashion is for all. You don’t have to be of a specific size to fluent fashion. You can be a petite or… Continue Reading

5 Off Beat Outfits For New Year Fashion : #NYFashionTrain

offbeat outfits cover

What’s New Year Eve Fashion for you? Gold, sequins, shimmer? Right? That’s the standard after all. That’s general guidelines for what to wear for a new year party. But you want to look different on every occasion, don’t you? You… Continue Reading

How To Keep Your Gut & Immune System Healthy?

Zenith Nutrition Ultra Probiotic Dietary Supplement Packaging

Probiotic is not a new term. It’s in been around us for more than a decade now. But how many of you really know what is a probiotic, and what are the benefits associated with Probitoics. Before you navigate away… Continue Reading

Face Your Fears – Horizontal Stripes : Volume 1

Face Your Fear - Horizontal Striped Fitted Top (4)

Hey Girls, Do you have fashion fears? Well, I do. Today I decided to share one of them with you. It is always advised by fashion gurus to wear what suit your body type. I don’t doubt that. When you… Continue Reading