My Empties : June 2017

Empties June 2017 - Cover

Happy July People. Beauty & makeup products attracted a rate of 28% under GST.  That’s kind of sad, but at least daily essential stuff is cheaper. That’s a good news. No, I am not going to bore you with GST… Continue Reading

My Empties- May 2017

Empties Post - May 2017-cover

May is over and I missed my monthly empties post. So I am awake right now at 1.30 a.m. to prepare the list and share it with you. It’s important for me, to keep a journal of my empty stuff.… Continue Reading

My Empties : December 2016

empties december 2016

I didn’t manage to hit the bottom of many products this month, but there are still some products, that made to this list today. I feel good, whenever I manage to finish a product completely, it makes space in my stash… Continue Reading

My Empties : November 2016


Today is month end, and it’s time for the empties post of the month. Have a look at what I managed to finish by November 2016 end. I totally heart Vaseline Cocoa Body Lotion & Joy Body Lotion. They are fabulous… Continue Reading

Empties: October 2016


Hi, guys. How was your Diwali? Did you care about the digital circulars that were insisting on boycotting Chinese lights? Did you go for Green Diwali? Did you support Indian Diya Makers by purchasing their products? I know, you will… Continue Reading