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Bharti Taneja Magic Box

You enter a room & you find yourself in a pool of beauty, makeup, talent & dreams. What happens next? You are mesmerized. That’s what happened when I entered Dr. Bharti Taneja’s Makeup Range Launch scheduled at her own beautiful home. All of a sudden I was in a different world full of beautiful women, successful in their respective ventures, celebrating life with colors, i.e. Bharti Tajena Makeup Range.

Dr. Bharti Taneja is a legend in the cosmetic & skin care industry. She is an epitome of beauty, talent & skills. She is in the industry for more than 30 years. My heart was pumping more blood to my veins as it could not control it’s excitement upon seeing her along with her beautiful daughters & successful business women- Ms. Gunjan Gaur & Ishika Taneja.  Ms. Gunjan also practices cosmetology. She is a pro in permanent makeup while, Ishika, has studied from London School Of Beauty & Makeup.

Bharti Taneja - Epitome Of Beauty, Talent & Grace

Bharti Taneja – Epitome Of Beauty, Talent & Grace

This Makeup Launch is a brain child of Dr. Bharti Taneja, Ms. Gunjan Gaur & Ishika Taneja. The trio had been working on the range from a long time in order to bring the high quality, beautiful shades, and wide range of products. All your makeup needs are beautifully addressed. You can start by basic kohl, to colored liners, liquid lipsticks to lip gloss,  makeup base to corrector & what to say the sleek face palettes they have introduced. Even your nails will be talking because of the shiny nail paints the range offers.

Ms. Gunjan Gaur, Model, Dr.Bharti Taneja & Ishika

From Left To Right – Ms. Gunjan Gaur, A Model, Dr.Bharti Taneja & Ishika

Dr. Taneja have launched this Bridal Makeup Range. Most of the makeup is glittery & shiny. Also the makeup is long stay & water proof so that the brides do not have to worry about their makeup and enjoy the beautiful day(night). Let’s have a look over the makeup range by Bharti Taneja.

Makeup Base & Color Corrector

Bharti Taneja Color Correcters & Makeup Base

Bharti Taneja Color Correcters & Makeup Base

a makeup base is very important to hide skin imperfections. Choosing the right shade is another most important thing. Bharti Taneja has covered all the skin tones, launching makeup base for light to deep skin tones. Similarly color correctors are very in these days. No body wants to use heavy concealers which do not even look natural. The team has come up with several color correctors such as white, peach, orange, yellow, green, beige, purple and few more to neutralize skin imperfections upon.

Lipsticks & Lip Gloss

Bharti Tabeja Liquid Lipsticks & Gloss

Bharti Tabeja Liquid Lipsticks & Gloss

Bharti Taneja Lipstick Magic

Bharti Taneja Lipstick & Gloss Swatches

The team has launched liquid lipsticks with gorgeous shades & gloss for the season. Keeping in mind the wedding season, they have formulated the lipstick & gloss. The liquid lipsticks once set can be removed only via using a nice Makeup Remover. I have tried that myself. I could not remove the liquid lipstick swatches I got on my writs yesterday with a wipe of soap-water. I literally had to use their makeup remover. Long stay on lips is guaranteed. If you are a gloss person, they have an ultimate range for you. The gloss range is very glossy and highly pigmented. One swipe would add that extra oomph factor to your looks.

Eye Pigments, Colored Liners & Mascara

Bharti Taneja Glitter Pigments For Eyes

Bharti Taneja Glitter Pigments For Eyes

The very first thing I tried my hands on was glittery pigments that can be used as eye shadows. They were insanely pigmented. Plus the shade selection was very good. You can find some unusual colors in their eye pigment range like antique gold which is a personal favorite of Gunjan, and a nice red which is really hard to find.

The team has also come up with colored liners in black, blue, green & turquoise. The pigmentation is again very deep & the color is intenese.

There is basic black mascara too.

Color Palettes For Face

Bharti Taneja Contouring & Blusher Palettes

Bharti Taneja Contouring & Blusher Palettes

Bharti Taneja Contouring & Blusher Palettes

Bharti Taneja Contouring & Blusher Palettes

It’s hard to choose what I liked the most, but the contouring palette & the blusher palettes are really something I would love to own. They are majestic. The color, shades & pigmentation is wonderful. The contouring palette has 2 shades for highlighting, a contouring matte shade & one bronzer. This palette can also be used for eye makeup as Ishika loves to do 🙂

The blusher palette has 4 shades which can cover light to deep skin tones. Ishika told us how she likes to use 2 to 3 shades of this palette to give a healthy pink glow to her face. She is such a beautiful soul & has bubbly personality. She is great fun to be with.

Nail Paints

Bharti Taneja Nail Paints

Bharti Taneja Nail Paints

The nail paint shades from Bharti Taneja Makeup range are totally apt to the wedding season. They were all shiny. Dr. Taneja told us, they would stay at least a week even if you are busy in your kitchen  every single day. The formula is anti-chip-off. The shine stays for long. The nail colors are priced only at Rs. 150. Quite affordable. What say?

I was quite fascinated by her own nail art or nail culture in her words. She has been getting nail art done from 1990’s and she has hardly gone few days without one on her nails during these years. It was great to pick up pieces in between the formal conversation.

Makeup Remover & Brush Cleanser

If we are talking about makeup, makeup remover cannot be left alone. After all, a day has to end taking your makeup off. The team has formulated a nice makeup remover which can take any tough makeup off the skin without being harsh on it. Similarly a nice makeup brush cleanser was also on the display.

Me enjoying a drink there

Me enjoying a drink there 🙂 

Summary Of  Bharti Taneja Makeup Range?

  1. Wide range of makeup products.
  2. High quality & pigmentation.
  3. Stackable Packaging – You can just stack the pots of pigments, base, corrector, kajal upon each other and carry them conveniently.
  4. Luxe packaging
  5. Affordable.
  6. Trusted brand.

It was an overwhelming experience to meet Dr. Taneja, Gunjan & Ishika. They are inspiring & full of energy. Talking about the makeup range, it’s high quality yet affordable. The range is available online and I hope to see it offline too soon.

Bharti Taneja Magic Box

Bharti Taneja Magic Box

As a token of love, the team gifted Bharti Taneja Magic Box to every blogger which is a beautiful gift box containing two liquid lipsticks, a blue eye liner, 3 eye pigments, an eye primer (I really needed one), a cleansing milk & an eye makeup remover. I am really excited to try out this new makeup range by Dr. Bharti Taneja & her team. Will be back with the review of ll the products. 

Till then, have fun with colors.

** Sorry for the dark/blurry images, it was an indoor event with lights overhead.

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