Botanic Love Rosemary Therapeutic Facial Gel : Review

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel

Oily and acne prone skin has to be really careful while choosing skin care product. One wrong ingredient can suffocate skin and make it break out. Generally facial gels are safe bet. But personally I do not like to use gels as most of them feel really sticky. Only pure Aloe Vera gel can vanish into skin in seconds.

I took Botanic Love Rosemary Therapeutic Facial Gel as another sticky gel which are generally suggested for oily and acne prone skin. But, boy, I was so wrong. Formulated without parabenes, synthetic dyes & sulfates, the gel is something more. Botanic love is a cruelty free brand which believes in nurturing skin and hair with natural ingredients only. Rosemary has quite calming effect on acne. It really soothes down skin when my skin is all flared up. I have been using it from more than 3 months and it’s on the verge of finishing up now. Before it gets over I would like to share my views on it.

Botanic Love Rosemary Therapeutic Facial Gel

Botanic Love Rosemary Gel

Botanic Love Rosemary Gel

This gel is a non foaming, gentle yet effective toner for skin which deep cleanses skin of impurities. It does not irritate, dry out & hurt skin. It rejuvenates dull & tired skin leaving it brighter, radiant & refreshed. The gel also contains Mint which is an anti inflammatory ingredient. It also contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, pure essential oils of Lime, Germanium, Rosemary & Rose. This gel can be used as a skin food for every skin type.

♥ No Parabenes   ♥ No Sulfates    ♥ No Chemicals     ♥ No Synthetic Dye     ♥ Cruelty Free


Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Geranium, Rose, Mint, Lime.

Price & Availability

Rs. 499 for 130gm. It is available on


Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel (2)

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel

It comes in a glass jar with metal lid fitted at it’s mouth. I really love the packaging. I am quite prone to breaking glass things but still I really adore it. Also I need to make sure that my hands are clean before I take out the product out of the jar. There are labels on the transparent glass jar with all the information about the product printed over.

Fragrance & Texture

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel - Color, Texture & Consistency

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel – Color, Texture & Consistency

It smells very fresh and obviously  mostly of Rosemary essential oil. But sometimes, I can catch a hint of Aloe Vera & Mint to. The smell is quite mild and soothing, after all it’s a therapeutic gel.

How To Use

Apply it over face, neck & chest. Massage it for 5-6 minutes. Rinse off.

But I do not use it as it is directed. I like to take a pea size of the gel and apply it over my face and leave without massaging. I do not rinse it.

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My Experience

Botanic Love Rosemary Gel (2)

Botanic Love Rosemary Gel

My first experience with Botanic Love Rosemary facial gel was at Navya when Tina from Botanic Love gave me a nice face treatment. She applied this gel over my skin before applying Botanic Love Acne Mask. I liked seeing my fresh face post the facial and gave all credit to the mask. I have been using this gel at home and now I know it has something great to offer.

I generally have hard time to find a good moisturizer which can work to uproot acne on my skin. Recently I have started getting inclined towards using more natural products. I learned this hard way but natural is the best. I use Botanic Love Rosemary gel as my moisturizer. Specially during September-October I used only this gel as my morning moisturizer.

I like it is lightweight, & feels almost as light as water on my skin. It’s pleasant fragrance really uplifts my mood. My skin does not feel stretchy or sticky after using this gel. It gets completely absorbed (I anyway use just a pea size amount). Skin looks calm & bit brighter too. Complexion looks refreshing.

I wish it could do better in terms of forming new acne on my skin. Rosemary is not really a powerful ingredients in terms to act as a guard against acne bacteria, it can just give some calming effect. That explains it’s limitation.

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel

Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel


  • Lightweight non sticky gel with natural ingredients.
  • Gets absorbed into skin very easily.
  • Gives fresh feeling & pleasant fragrance to skin.
  • One jar goes for months.
  • Helps to calm down acne bringing down inflammation.
  • Tones skin.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Devoid of parabenes, chemicals & other harmful chemicals.


  • Bit pricey in one go.
  • Cannot stop new acne to form.

Do I Recommend Botanic Love Therapeutic Rosemary Gel?

  • Yes, if you are looking for a lightweight gel based toner for oily, combination & sensitive skin.
  • No if you are looking something to heal acne.
  • I will not repurchase it for few months, since winter are here, and now my skin will turn bit combination desiring bit more of moisture. But I shall repurchase it next summer for sure.


Botanic Love Rosemary Therapeutic Facial Gel is an all natural lightweight gel which gets absorbed into skin very quickly without feeling sticky or stretchy. It gives bit of hydration to oily & combination skin. It calms down acne but cannot stop from forming new ones. The gel is ofrmulated without 

Botanic Love is a new brand but really promising. I really wish that it gets available online & offline easily so that every one could easily access it’s effective products.


Hop you liked the review. I would love to use more products form the brand and share my honest review with you as I always do. I love doing this 🙂

You take care & stay tunes.


Much Love.

Nisha ❤


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  1. As a new reader of your blog posts, I love your reviews. You are so detailed with your information and most of the beauty blogs out there just review/recommend products without using it. Please “keep it coming”, your reviews.

    • Hey Sasha, thank you sweetheart for writing such lovely words. I can’t thank you enough. Such motivating & inspiring comments really shoot me sky high. Keep on coming back and inspire me more !!! XOXO

  2. You’ve done a good review. I normally prefer not rinsing off myself so a light gel toner is a safe bet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such an amazing product. Never came across it before. Thanks for sharing

  4. Color of this gel looks so eye soothing. Will check it soon.

  5. I mainly preferred lightweight based skin care products for my dry skin. Botanic Love Rosemary Therapeutic Facial Gel looks really very good but it is not for dry skin. I hope they have something else for dry skin people.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this, I have been looking for something like this. Have Oily sensitive skin this seems best answer to my woes.

  7. Calming effect is something that my skin always craves for. This one seems interesting and the fact that its all natural is tempting me a lot too 🙂

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