Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil : Review

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Oil (3)

Bliss Of Earth sent a nice goodies bag for me last week. The goodies bag contained essential oils, carrier oils, herbal hair oil, sanitary pads, and a hair inhibitor. I am a big fan of essential oils and I started using some of them the same day. I have been using Tea Tree Oil from Bliss Of Earth from last week twice a day (yeah I can get that crazy about products sometime), but this time, it’s the product itself, which I have been liking a lot.

I have used Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop, Aroma Magic, Khadi & many more brands in the past, out of which TBS was the most effective but the most expensive too. After a long time I used Tea Tree Oil & I realized how much I missed this in my skin & hair care.

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Bliss Of Earth presents the most versatile essential oil Tea Tree Essential Oil which has a medicinal yet fresh & herbaceous smell which proves to be calming, relaxing & restorative. The essential oil is most suitable for aromatherapy, massages and therapeutic usage such as to relive acne, eczema, insect bites, ringworm, urethiritis, dandruff, itchiness etc. The essential oil from Bliss of Earth is 100% pure & natural.


Rs. 449 for 10ml. Buy here.


100% pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)


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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Oil

Bliss of Earth Tea Tree Oil comes packaged inside a tiny 10ml bottle with a nozzle fitted at its mouth and a black cap at top to prevent accidental spill. The packaging is convenient. The nozzle pours the oil drop by drop, so you need to be bit patient while taking out the product. But then it’s quite practical too, as it’s an essential oil and all you need is few drops of this magic potion. But I still miss having a dropper when I need to pour some amount into other products.

Fragrance & Texture

It is a clear & dry oil. Dry oils are quick absorbent. Most of the essential oils are dry oils. When you apply this essential oil on any part of your skin, it just sinks into your skin leaving no oily traces behind, a sign of pure essential oil.

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil - Texture

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil – Texture

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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil – Sinks into skin in no time…

Fragrance wise, it is obviously more on medicinal & herbal side. It is also refreshing & really uplifts my mood.

How To Use

Tea Tree Oil is a skin savior I would say. Not only skin problems actually, but scalp problems can also be treated with this essential oil. It’s a boon for skin & hair. I consider this oil to be the mother of all the essential oils. Read about this oil in detail here.

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil is a concentrated essential oil and contains 100% pure tea tree oil, hence if you have never used any essential oil ever on your skin or scalp, then please do a patch test first. Any way you should not use an essential oil in concentrated form unless your skin is very much *friendly* with essential oils.

Mix few drops of tea tree essential oil with your regular moisturizer/cream/shampoo to start with and gradually if you feel like you need more dose then increase the quantity.

I use this oil without diluting it with other lotions/creams since my skin loves the cooling sensation that I receive just few seconds after the application.

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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Oil

Here is how this potent & pure essential oil form Bliss Of Earth can be used.

Acne Zipper

My skin is quite familiar with essential oils, specially tea tree oil, as this was the very first type of essential oil that I ever applied on my skin. Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil, is highly concentrated that I could tell from the very first drop that I put on my inner wrist for a patch test. It did tingle. But within few seconds of application I started feeling cooling sensation as the oil chinked into my skin beautifully.

I regularly use this oil as a spot treatment for my recurrent acne spots. If I put this oil on a newly formed bump, the oil heals the zit within the skin without leaving a dark spot. That’s a relief.

I take out some oil on a cotton pad and dab it on my active/to-be-active-soon- zits at night.

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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Redness Corrector – Anti Inflammatory

No I do not use it as a makeup corrector, but when applied on skin, it really calms down it to a great extent. It literally brings down my skin’s temperature during this hot & humid season. Which significantly helps taking away the redness. This  happens due to the anti inflammatory properties of tea tree oil. It takes down the size of the zit significantly if applied on early stage.

I take few drops of this oil in the palm of my hands, rub the palms and press it against my flaming face to help it calm down. You can mix the oil with your regular lotion/cream if you are new to using essential oils.

Light Moisturizer

For my oily skin, Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential oil provides enough moisture. That is why I use it after my shower in the morning. Leaves skin matte for hours.

Take few drops in the palm of my hands, rub the palms together and dab on my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose leaving eye area, eyes & mouth area. Again you can mix it with your regular day time moisturizer.

Anti Bacterial

I have use it to disinfect a rash I presently after my jogging session due to sweating. It healed the rash in no time without leaving any spot behind.

Anti dandruff

I do not have dandruff but my husband has. I customized his shampoo by mixing this essential oil so that his scalp stays healthy.

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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil

Get Rid Of Scalp Itchiness

Due to sweat and dirt my scalp feels itchy sometimes,  since I do not wash it every single day. But I have started taking a head wash infused with this tea tree oil and definitely I do not find my fingers on my head unless am doing my hair.

For Better Smelling Home

Like Lavender, Tee Tree oil has a unique and refreshing smell. I like to use it in a diffuser sometimes, specially when rain showers leave a wet & moist smell behind.

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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Oil

Floor & Cloth Disinfectant 

During the rainy days, it is very easy to attract infections & allergies. few drops of this oil can really help you with a cleaner home. I also make sure to dip my son’s cloth for final rinse to disinfect his clothes.

Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil offers what a true tea tree oil should. The results received prove that the oil is pure & potent.


  • 100% pure  & potent tea tree oil
  • Works great for Oily & acne prone skin.
  • Calms down skin & takes away inflammation.
  • Works as a spot healer.
  • Works as anti infectious , anti fungal & anti bacterial.
  • Treats dandruff & scalp itchiness.
  • Calming & refreshing smell.
  • Useful for aromatherapy & therapeutic usage.
  • Convenient packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • No skin irritation/allergy noticed
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Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Oil


The product does not have any cons as such. It is pure, effective & multi facet. But I would like the brand to look into some suggestions that I have.

  • The screw cap of the bottle needs bit of pressure to fit & close properly. Also it would have been a bonus to receive a dropper with the product since that way it would have been easy to mix it well with other skin & hair care products.
  • I also wish that there are bigger sizes available, since buying 10ml bottle does not last that long when you can use something in so many ways.

I would love to know more about the brand & it’s products. I hope the brand creates a nice online presence so that it’s products are easily available to us.

Overall, Oh how I loved using Bliss Of Earth Tea Tree Essential Oil. It works great for my oily & acne prone skin. It takes away new zits overnight. Takes down inflammation. Heals my itchy scalp & works great to treat even rashes & other skin infections. A great grab for problematic skin souls. 

I shall be reviewing all the products that I received from the brand. So sit back and enjoy… while pouring down your valuable comments.


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  1. I love using Tea Tree oil for my skin care and hair care. But I’ve used only TBS tea tree oil. This one from Bliss of Earth sounds good. I will give it a try soon.

  2. I never used any of oil for my skin. But this oil looks so gud and its benefits for hair and skin are too many that i think now i should give it a try.

    • Oils are actually good if chosen according to skin & used in moderation. Hope you choose the best oil for your skin & hair.

  3. I have oily acne prone skin and tea tree is apt essential oil for me. I use it as night treatment exactly like you and also use it as toner/skin mist mixing with steam distilled water.

  4. Tea tree oil is bliss for acne prone skin!! Currently I am using one by Dr. Jain. Will keep this option in mind for purchase once I am done with the former one.

  5. This is amazing I never used this but your so much well written & detailed post is making me curious to try !!

  6. Tea tree oil is best for skin. It detox and enhances the radience of skin. I am happy to know about this brand and surely gonna try it soon

  7. I am a huge fan of tea tree oil as it’s very effective for my blemishes and acne. I would definitely love to try this product. This is so informative review

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