Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin

Those 5 days. The bloody dreadful days. We plan everything keeping those days in mind. Anything that falls in those days, we are like ‘oh shit yaar’. The endless pampering we crave for, not to forget the dark chocolates that we hoard before that time of the month. But the show must go on. Those days can’t ruin all the fun right? We deserve to be carefree, funny, charming, happening & moving during those days too. So what we need? We need an assuring & comforting sanitary napkin which does not obstruct our daily activities. While we are at it, let me tell you, I got a chance to try Bliss Of Earth Cottonfresh Sanitary Napkin which contains no chemicals, synthetic or dyes. I tested the absorption & comfort level of the napkins during my recent those-5-days.  So let’s talk about these not-talked-about-much thing today.

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin (7)

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin

Free of Chemicals, Synthetics & Dyes, Bliss Of Earth presents CottonFresh sanitary Napkins which will be your companion in your hard days during every month. There are four types of napkins you can choose from based on the flow -Heavy, Normal to Heavy, Light to Normal & Daily Fresh Liner. The napkins ensures great absorption level while giving ultra comfort and easy movement throughout your menstrual period.

  • Exquisite Comfort
  • Antibacterial Protection
  • Unscented & Non Irritating
  • Super Absorbent & Breathable
  • Ultra Slim with Wings
Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin (2)

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin


Rs. 260 for 8 Napkins marked for Heavy Flow.

How To Use

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin - How To Use

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin – How To Use

My Experience

So what exactly is it that you look for into a sanitary napkin? What are the essential features that a sanitary napkin should have? A sanitary napkin should be leak proof , Ordure Proof, comfortable to wear, should stay in place & offer the best hygiene.

A synthetic pad no doubt gives nice protection against stains, but it definitely is not skin friendly. I have dumped them a long time ago. When I was a teenager, not having much experience with sanitary napkins, also did not have much choices like to choose cotton napkin over synthetic one, I would really get scared of those days. Not because of the abdominal cramps, but because, my skin would receive a harsh treatment from the synthetic pads. My skin would start getting itchy, irritated and raw. Sometimes, all rashy. Specially during hot months of summer, it was really uncomfortable to wear those synthetic pads. I imagine how I suffered in terms of comfort.

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin (6)

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin

Coming to Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkins, as the name suggests, are cotton based. As I touch the pad, I feel softness. I used these pads during my last menstrual period and I did not face any skin irritation, itchiness or rashes while the weather is relatively hot & humid. The pads really let your skin breath because not only your face needs breathing but(t) your entire body needs that. My skin feels suffocated, and I get rashes very easily. So the material of sanitary pads is very important to me.

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin (5)

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin – Long Enough To Give Maximum Protection Against Stains

Next I would like to talk about the absorption power & the shape of the pads. I used the pads since the first day of my last menstrual period. It means I tested them on the heaviest flowy days- the days when you are the most uncomfortable, down with cramps & all emotional with teary eyes. I was out for the entire day and I changed the first pad after 7-8 hours, only because, I have a habit to change them after 6+ hours. But there was still no wet or weird feeling over the pad. It was still absorbing very good. The pad is really long, and ensures complete protection during night too. The pad does not only have wings but fish like tail at both the ends with a sticking material so that you can paste it nicely on your panty and it won’t move an inch. It really stays in place all day as well as night long.

Bliss Of Earth also claims that the pads offer anti bacterial protection, which I think must be true since I did not get any rashes or itchiness. You get very sensitive during those days and you are quite prone to get bacterial infections.

The product itself is unscented, and I did not notice that weird (I-am-on-my-periods) smell while I was out travelling using public transport. Anyway, it is good idea to change your pad as frequently as you can, so you never develop that smell even on the very first day.

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin (4)

Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkin – 8 Napkins

I always carry one sanitary pad in my handbag because even though am quite far from receiving my periods any given day, but someone else might need it. Has happened with me a lot of times, and I feel great while handing out a sanitary pad to someone in distress and shock.

Bliss Of Earth offers 4 types of Sanitary Napkins which can be used from heavy to normal to light flow days. Also for those who receive a lot of daily white discharge and always feel wet & uncomfortable, your should check with your Gyno soon but in  the meantime you can try out Bliss Of Earth DailyFresh Liners.

Concluding the post, I would say, Bliss Of Earth CottonFresh Sanitary Napkins give you ultra comfort & stain protection when you need it the most. The material is skin friendly while offering anti bacterial protection. Saves your sensitive skin from rashes & itchiness without obstructing your daily activities. The price is bit high as compared to the synthetic pads. But cotton pads are bit costly, after all you have to pay little extra for a First Class ticket, don’t ya?

What you think, these cotton pads sound comfortable to you? Let me know what you think.

Lots Of Love…

  1. The price does seem to be on the higher side, but if it’s providing protection from stains then it’s a prize!!!🙂

  2. I too use cotton ones only…synthetic ones are a big let down for me..will try this one.. 🙂