Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin During Winter – Nivea Creme : Review

Winter brings dry skin issues. Oily skin changes to combination, normal skin changes to dry and wonder what happens to dry skin? Dry skin becomes extra dry, broken & cracked during winter. It is important to listen to your skin change as the season changes from hot to cold. Skin my feel bit flaky. Even my oily skin receives some dry-rough patches & flakiness during cold days. I wish I could slather some heavy moisturizing creams but my oily skin can not bear such heavy moisture.

My husband has dry skin and it gets bit irritated too during cold days. He has a nice complexion which looks all red and flaky with the start of November every year. I have a habit to switch to different skin care products and hence I make him try a lot of them. But I always see him coming back to Nivea Creme, the basic blue tub. It’s what his skin desires.

He have had nice experience with The Body Shop Vitamin E Creme too, but he does not like to pay that much for a moisturizer. Nivea Creme is his cult favorite for that matter.

Nivea Creme

Nivea Cream - Heal That Skin

Nivea Cream – Heal That Skin

Nivea Creme is as old as a century but is new like yesterday. Nivea Creme is rich creme for all seasons. It’s not just for face but it can be used by any one in many ways. This is relatively a heavy creme, but do not apply it in hurry and rough manner. Nivea wants you to enjoy the moment while you apply it with love, even strokes & give it time to absorb by itself. It’s the time that you should have in your life everyday.

Price & Availability

This rich in moisture creme is available in different packaging. Get a 200ml tub of this creme only for Rs. 240, 100ml only for Rs. 135 while 60ml travel size pack comes only for Rs. 75. Available at Amazon and other online shopping websites, you can spot it every where offline too.


I love the packaging of this creme. Even though it comes in a tub, which might be unhygienic to some. A tube would have been better. But tub packaging kind of looks cute and beautiful. Specially the color of this tub is very attractive – Rich Royal Blue, The packaging is simple, only describing the ingredients at the bottom of the tub.


Nivea Cream - Ingredients

Nivea Cream – Ingredients

Fragrance & Texture

It smells mild and nice. According to Nivea, the smell is a unique mix of bergamot & orange. You can find hints of lavender, rose, lilac & lily-of-the-valley. I am not that good at catching fragrances, but I can sure say it’s pleasant.


Texture is really thick. It’s like a snow white body butter which is not runny. Yes, it’s that thick. But still we are in love with this creme because, applied once, it takes care of all the dry spots & flakiness of skin.  No reapplication is needed.

My Experience

Nivea Cream - For Every Dry Skin Issue.

Nivea Cream – For Every Dry Skin Issue.

Honestly, I started used it because my hubby was already using it from many years before we met. I used to think this cream is useless for me since I cannot use it over my face.

But except face, I can use it & love to use it every where on my body. It mainly contains glycerin, water & bit of citric acid. It is highly nourishing to skin. How we use it every winter?

For Face Care

My husband loves to slather Nivea Creme over his face every morning after shower before leaving for his office. 3 years back, I made him scrub his face with some new product and he developed some flakes around his nose which would never go away. Nivea Creme really took care of that cracked skin. The creme healed it. His trust over Nivea strengthened.

As A Night Cream

Since he has utterly dry cream, I sometimes forcefully slather some Nivea cream over his face at night while I am using a light serum over my face so that he does not develop wrinkles 🙂

As A Body Lotion

I cannot use it over my face since it’s really thick and would be an ideal breeding ground for my acne bacteria. I rather use it over my arms & legs  specially during the really cold days when the normal

As A Hand & Feet Cream

Let me admit, I do not use as such a hand or feet cream. Even if I receive one, I would never realize using it. But winter can really take toll on hands & feet. That’s when Nivea helps me. Just one application and it takes care of every single dry and rough patch on my hands & feet. The creme also helps to soften my cuticles.

Anywhere I feel Dry 

So it’s a multipurpose creme and I can use it any where I feel a dry patch is coming up. It helps to keep elbows & knees soft. Soft & moisturized skin always have a healthy glow. Don’t you agree?

Do I Recommend Nivea Creme?

Nivea Cream - Rich In Moisture & Texture

Nivea Cream – Rich In Moisture & Texture

YES. You must get one tub for those really dry skin emergencies when nothing else helps.


Nivea Creme is rich in moisture & texture, address your dry skin issues in just first application. It’s not just a face cream but a multi purpose creme which can come handy at any time of the year for any one. It is affordable & easily available too.


I am sure most of you must have already been using this fabulous creme from Nivea. Nivea is a wonderful brand. It has made it’s place in our hearts with it’s effective product range. Tell me is there a special way you use this cream?

Take Care.

Nisha ❤

  1. Hi dear, what night cream/moisturizer would you recommend for an oily skin and adult acne prone skin like mine especially for winter?

    • Hi, Thank you for writing to me. For acne prone skin, look out for VItamin C based creams such as Garnier Multi Action night cream, it suits my oily & acne prone skin. It brightens skin tone & dark spots as well, without breaking my skin(reviewed over my blog as well). If you want to use something more, try finding something green tea based night cream or serum.

  2. We used nivea from my childhood days i think. Its best cream for moisturise the skin during winters. Its my husband’s favoruite winters cream too. Its packing is also very attractive. Like your review.

  3. You are so much on the point Nisha, Nivea no one can ever replace it for skin care. I cannot think my seasonal days without Nivea.